: Janna main stuck in plat V - advice please
1. Find an adc duo partner that is about your level, or preferably better. You will secure an adc main which will highly increase your chance to win. 2. Buy the right items. Your recent build and stats looks fine, but I personally like the ancient coin on Janna as she is not a poke support and can't proc spelltheif reliably mid and lategame. Janna has a pretty much standard build, but knowing what items to go for first depending on the state of game can also change the outcome. I like to go mejais if ahead to snowball even further for example. 3. You need to increase your champion pool, and start to counterpick in champion select. Janna is a support that is good with most adcs, but she has her weaknesses and strengths. You will meet a wall at some point if you keep picking janna blindly. If the enemy has full poke team, then soraka is probably better. If you need to harass to keep the enemy vayne from getting to lategame then sona or nami is better. Counterpicking is extremely important, even at top elo. 4. You should actively start to shotcall and guide the team everygame from now on. Ping ally from danger, tell them to do baron, tell them to recall, tell them to do drake. Even if you are unsure on what to do, it is better to do it as a team rather than not doing anything. 5. Playing support, especially janna, makes you depend very much on your team to carry you. It doesn't matter if you are the best support player in the world. If your team is bad you will lose. This happens in pretty much all elo, but less the higher you go. This is why it is recommended to play aggresive supports in lower elos so you can kill the enemy and directly carry yourself. Plat 5 is not too bad, but it is not great either. Try to spam nami or sona if you don't play zyra/brand etc.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: See all you do is attack others(can't even correctly loling others). Using rank or"experience "as an argument is jsut the lowest level of discussion, it's just throwing a towel.
I am not using rank or experience as an argument. I never once mentioned my rank until I won my argument, but rank does reflect on the amount of games played and game knowledge. It's quite obvious that you listen to a challenger rather than a bronze when it comes to league of legends. The same way you listen to your doctor, and not your mom. This is the power of knowledge. You don't know the knowledge of people on the boards, but ranked is a very good indicator. I am not the one who agrees with everything Riot does like you mate. I don't even build botrk on supports so it doesn't concern me, but I knew something was off with the intended change, that is why I decided to log in and comment. Anyways I'm off.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Im not silver. But i do see you start going on personal accusation instead of coming up with arguments.
I did come up with arguments, but since you and the other guy named Perilum refuse to listen to a veteran player on something this obvious and start to downwote because of YOUR lack of knowledge strongly pissed me off. And after checking your stats I realised I just wasted my time lecturing some stubborn silver players that are still refusing to listen. I doesn't feel good to win the argument at all. But it's all good now, glad to know some someone somewhere in the world aren't that incompetence, to let botrk's passive go from 8% to 4% and be ok with it.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: no
Either that or you have completely 0 clue on how items work. You would probably be fine if they removed the passive altogether and nerfed it to the ground. Doesn't surprise me that you and the other guy are silver.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You're missing the main point. Botrk is not a situational item anymoe, it's a core item like {{item:3165}} , {{item:3071}} or {{item:3142}} Botrk as health shreading item sucks, it always was just a nice extra, not it's main feature. Adc simply already have tons of damage to get throuth that health with theyr crits and all they need is armor pen. it's a huge overexageration to call this nerf cutting items power by 50%.
Unique Passive's target's current health on hit increased from 4% to 6% http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/05/518-pbe-update.html You are the type of guy who will accept any of Riots decision and think is it for the better sake aren't you?
Perilum (EUW)
: Math is something which is independant from your LoL performance. But as you made clear, you're not solid in that field. So yes, let us end this discussion. You're welcome.
> Math is something which is independant from your LoL performance. And did you know that I am a support main that is actually playing supports like sona, soraka and janna? Do you think you can get to challenger with performance on those champions alone? The biggest reason I got there is my shotcalls and general game knowledge + item knowledge. Support need to spend their money effective because they generally don't get a lot of money. You simply can't afford to waste any gold as support, especially in higher elo. > Bonus points for thinking a 30% armor and 70% armor target with different health pools are the same and can't be compared. The term of effective health appears to not exist for most people here I never said 30% armor and 70% armor target are the same. When you measure botrk's strenght there is one one factor you need to consider, and that is the enemies HP. The armor is a completely different and unrelated factor that is still there even if you have botrk or any other item. And please don't talk about effective hp. I knew that shit since season 3. Its just armor times HP. It has nothing to do with anything we said so you are the one who clearly don't know what you are talking about. I'll say it again. Dealing percantage is more effective on a tank than a squishy target because it is based on their max hp. Let it sink it. You will probably understand after a while. And by the way, they are already planning to increase the damage from 4% to 6%. http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/05/518-pbe-update.html
Perilum (EUW)
: I guess it's absolute impossible for you two smarties to understand what current health damage is. Beside that you're both not able to follow a simple scenario. Bonus points for thinking a 30% armor and 70% armor target with different health pools are the same and can't be compared. The term of effective health appears to not exist for most people here. Oh and please reconsider your stated "facts". Because your "fact" that a 4000 HP, 70% Armor targets takes more damage per hit than an 2000 HP, 30% Armor target, is mathematical wrong. I mean I even calculated it for you guys in the first place and combined it with a simple mathematical scenario which included all basic factors. But feel free to buy BotrK against tanks. You play the game for some time and obviously know your stuff. That is a lead indicator for knowing stuff. We all know that. I'm amazed every day on these boards. And sorry for linking you to the LoL wiki. Here is a better one: [Click](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematics)
First of all, there has only been one person arguing with you, and that's me. Second, I already pointed out what's wrong with your math in my last post and there is absolutely no need for me to argue anymore since you either re-read it again and understand it or ignore it and stay silver like you are now. Surely someone who peaked challenger in the last 3 seasons and master in season 4 knows better than you. http://www.lolking.net/summoner/eune/33789574/xMaster%20L%C3%A6ng
Perilum (EUW)
: You should include in your basic math that an tank has massive more armor than an Teemo. Also Poppy has massive more defensive stats when she is low. And the lower the health of the target is, the lower is the damage of BotrK. Current % health physical damage is not good to go with against any kind of tanks. Please consider to think your argument through, before you make one. Here is what BotrK does: >Basic attacks deal 8% of the target's current health (min 15) bonus on-hit physical damage (max 60 against minions and monsters). Basic Attacks = Only AA's 8% of the target's CURRENT health = the lower the enemies health, the lower the damage Physical damage = Damage reduced by armor And here is the basic math: 2000 HP target with 30% armor reduction (regular ADC) 8% are 160 damage on 30% armor. Result: 112 Damage Any AD item: 80 Damage on 30% armor. Result: 56 Damage base. If you've 100% crit you deal 140 damage (full late game build). 4000 HP target with 70% armor reduction (regular tank) 8% are 320 damage on 70% armor. Result: 96 Damage Any AD item: 80 Damage on 70% armor. Result: 24 Damage base. If you've 100% crit you deal 60 damage (full late game build with IE). Difference: BotrK gives you that scaling damage over the whole game and loses power over the fight. AD + Crit items are only stronger in the late game, when everyone has a full build. That means that you deal more damage when you start the fight and fall off massive the lower the targets health gets. So if you want to steamroll over squishies, you pick BotrK against soft targets. Because it deals more damage than Armor Penetration items in the same situation. Simply because the current health damage is not as problematic, because you only need 4-5 AA's anyway. If you want to fight tanks, you skip BotrK and take a last whisper into your build, because it deals way more damage. And you're basically only getting a bit of on hit damage with BotrK which isn't a deal breaker. Conclusion after the basic math you stated wrong: BotrK against tanks = Not smart BotrK against Softies = Smart So when you want to pick BotrK? You pick it for it's stats. It has ATS, LL, AD and Burst. You pick it situational. You want to burst soft targets? Then BotrK is a good choice. You want to sustain against targets like tanks? Then LL in combination with Armor Pen is your choice to go. Feel free to consult the league wiki, if you're interested into the actual effects of the items.
> You should include in your basic math that an tank has massive more armor than an Teemo. Also Poppy has massive more defensive stats when she is low. And the lower the health of the target is, the lower is the damage of BotrK. Current % health physical damage is not good to go with against any kind of tanks. You say that botrk is bad vs tanks but that is competely untrue. Your argument is botrk doesn't deal damage to tanks, but so do other items? Do you know how percentage damage works? a 400 armor poppy is just as tanky even if you have botrk or bt. Your "tanky" argument doesn't hold at all. Me doing 8% of mundos max hp is more efficient than teemos 8% hp, because he has more hp than teemo which directly makes botrk's passive stronger vs mundo(fact). How much armor he has is complelely irrelevant because that armor also reduces other physically damage just as much as botrk's dmg(fact). This is your argument Scenario 1: You have a dull knife(botrk) made to cut wood and you cut wood(mundo). It will not cut completely, and you say it's bad knife, but it is in fact a good knife. It's just the wood is so hard that you think its a bad knife. Scenario 2: You have the same knife(botrk) and you cut tomato(teemo) and it will cut, so you think it's good to use that knife on tomatoes, but in fact there are better knifes for tomatoes out there(bloodthirstier). If you wanna test if a knife(item) is sharp you need to test it on the same object, not 2 completely different objects. Botrk and bt on a tank, and botrk and bt on a squishy, seperately. > And here is the basic math: 2000 HP target with 30% armor reduction (regular ADC) 8% are 160 damage on 30% armor. Result: 112 Damage 112 on the FIRST autoattack. What about the rest? It will get lower and lower every autoattack untill the target has 1 hp. Only this much is proof that you have no knowledge of the item and you lost your argument. Don't forget that after this nerf it will be half of 112 on the FIRST autoattack. You simply can't make up situations like that because it all depends on so many factors like champions, enemy champions, what items you have and so on. I don't need you to direct me to the wiki. I have played this game long enough to know this basic stuff. I hope you learned something.
: If i'm part of a winning lane i'm thinking spell and relic is fine as you can engage and get your tribute off and you're more able to get relic stacks. But if its a lane where you get pushed... they all suck..... I'm thinking maybe... you can even go coin but also look to getting doran shield in there somewhere but i don't know.
Dorans shield is too much of a luxury item for supports. We just don't have the money to afford such an item :P
: I agree too. Just feels like a nerf with no health gains and nothing in return. Comparing to the other 2 gold items they have useful rewards. Ancient coin seems pathetic. Also Rakan doesn't really suit any of the gold items most of the time. Relic on 300 range sucks and also doesn't gain the execute. Coin far to squishy on a champion that needs sustain/ survival and spellthief i don't see him getting use out of the tribute
I agree. Right now I'm switching between ancient coin and spelltheif on Rakan(can't decide which one is better). After the removal of the healing on ancient coin I'm thinking spelltheif might actually be the superior choice, but the only problem is you have a really hard time stacking the spelltheif with his shortranged autoattack and Q. Thankfully they are giving him a small increase in Q range next patch.
: If they make it so activating it gives you a full level rather than just a skill upgrade it would be great. Then you could save it for the late game levels for example when u reach lvl 15 automatically activate it to 16 since supports always struggle on getting experience in late game.
The only problem with that is every level requires different amount of XP. By getting the quest done early and activating it early, lets say level 9 to 10, you will gain less XP than from 13-14. People will also not use the "level up" for as long as possible to get the most XP, which really makes the item unfun. You should actually be rewarded for getting the quest done early and not the opposite. They could give us a fixed amount of xp, but that would be boring. The same with getting 1 level like you suggested. It is mechanically boring and feels unrewarding.
Teejoon (EUW)
: They can have 6 lvl ups. Jayce has it. I don't think it would be hard to do. They could bind the lvl up to the item, so if you sell it you loose the level up. and to the thread creator: Ancient coin is probably might be more useful in higher lvl play, where games usually end before players hit lvl 18. In low level, yes. I could agree it not that very usefull.
I've been playing support since season 3 and got masters in season 4, peaked to challenger in season 5,6 and 7. As a support main the quest reward wasn't very appealing or useful to me. Riot stated that their goal is to make support more impactful(?) and appealing to other players. If this doesn't appeal to a support main, how can it appeal someone else. You don't feel the "YES! I've completed my quest" excitement, because as stated, it really feels weak, like nothing has happened at all.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Legacy Client Deprecation - what's holding you back?
Why I don't use the new client (keep in mind that I haven't used the latest versions of the new client): 1.** It does not mute the sound when I minimize the client**. (VERY IMPORTANT) 2. **Visually harder to see** things like friend list, chat, match history, roles + names in champion select, and ranked ladder. 3. **Doesn't show stats** like normal games played, aram and other stuff like in the old client. 4. **Doesn't have the list of items** (I don't use the item sets, but it is so nice to check the price, component and stats of items from the client). 5. **Doesn't have the "recently played" list** so I can quickly check the stats of other players or name. 6. **Can't start a new chat with someone on your friendlist when you are in champion select**(I might not know how).
meroboth (EUNE)
: teemo builds
{{item:3115}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} Usually in that order, but depends on enemy
Rismosch (EUW)
: The best way to deal with such behaviour is not to bother. People always say that toxicity is such a big problem, even though it isn't. You can always ignore players, even mute them. You cannot mute pings, but the are by far the least offensive tools for toxic people. Deal with it.
That is your opinion, and good for you that you are not affected, but it is a fact that toxicity is and has always been the biggest problem with league of legends. You cannot deny it.My experience ingame in these last 4 years is enough proof, I don't need somebody to tell me it is not a problem when I face it nearly everyday. This discussion is over.
Ahdistelija (EUNE)
: Muting Pings Helps to Improve Quality of Play
I so agree with this. Nothing in this game tilts me more than being pinged on. You have an intentional feeder? No problem, he will get banned soon, definitely worth the lost. You have a toxic kid who pings you all day? You get tilted for the rest of the game, and he gets away with it. Either punish people for spam pinging or make us mute the pings.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't care about player ranks and you shouldn't too. If someone asks ignore it. It's quite easy to tell if someone is asking to mock you instead of interest.
Read my reply and my original post again. I am well aware that people are trying to mock me, but I can't avoid it. It is the same as telling kids at school to stop being bullied. You get bullied, and the only one who should stop is the bully, not the victim, if you know what I mean.
: im plat 3 with tier 2 runes, also, aren't you challenger? shouldn't be hard then
As you climb higher the smallest thing can make a difference. Me not having the proper runes will really set me back when I do trades. I don't have any champions either so I have to start to grind in normal games, and that's something I don't have the time or motivation to do. I do not play this game to grind lp for champions and I've never done it, it just comes naturally by playing games. You can't simply climb in high elo without a champion pool, unless you are a hardcore one trick pony, which I am not.
: With a challenger MMR ofc you got to plat 1, you should make a Whole new account and see if you can go over plat tbh if you want to prove your points
I do have a smurf account that is lvl 30 that I use to play some aram games with old friends occasionally, but I don't have champions or runes on that account so I can't really play ranked on it.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why do you even tell them that you are from a different rank/server? People judge you depending on what you are saying, and something like that is almost never taken seriously.
Because when they ask "why do I have a platinum player in my team?", a normal person would just straight out telling them the actual reason. I don't start randomly shouting "I'm challenger in eune and better than you" or something like that when I join a game. The thing is, if I muted them the whole game they would just pick on me if they lose. I can tell when the team starts pinging on me, and that is enough to tilt me. I've experienced players wasting their summoner spells or ulties just to get a respond from a player that have muted them. League players are just like that.
karolmo (EUW)
: Why do you claim you were challenger xd that's opening a window for them to flame you unless you hardcarry the game
And why exactly can't I say I'm challenger when they are mistakenly thinking im diamond 5, and blaming me for losing the game? I've spent hours on this game and forced myself through the ranked ladder, so I can what, be treated like thrash by some random people? You are right about that stating that I'm challenger will make them use it against me, that's why I stopped doing that, but whatever I say will only be denied and they will used against me regardless.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=xMaster Læng,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=scBTGLG8,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2017-04-03T08:37:18.550+0000) > > Sorry for not being clear. You were clear, don't worry. As a support player, muting won't do the trick, like you said. On the other hand, you can't argue with those people. If someone is vocal about how "lower rank" you are, even though they were matched with you, you simply won't "win" an argument; you can't argue with stones. But with that MMR, you should be winning more LP than you lose, so you'll get to your MMR in due time. Until then, you can only "suck it up"; there's not much else you can do. > especially when the team is CONSTANTLY pinging you. If you don't reply to their pings they will just keep pinging or find another way make you respond. One thing that may work is to just do what they ask, even though it probably isn't the correct play. There really isn't another way around this. *** Side-note: why is your account showing as EUNE here on the boards?
I'm not sure why my account on the boards haven't changed to west either, but I like it this way better.
: > [{quoted}](name=xMaster Læng,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=scBTGLG8,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-03T08:17:14.961+0000) > > That's exactly what I'm thinking. Just got to climb >.>, You can do it and i am curious about your result so if you want, feel free to add me on friend list :-) But be aware, i am a low elo scrub xD I am a true believer that until master it doesn't matter from where you come.
Thanks for your support, I will add you when I'm online ;)
Febos (EUW)
: Well, first things first. If a Diamond 5 insults a Platinum 1 for being "lower rank", you can just ignore whatever that human says aftewards. Gold 1..Diamond 3 is all the same thing. Only a small variance in skill. That being said, you don't need to justify yourself. You play the game as you normally would and let your actions speak for yourself. *** It's true that some of us in West have a "negative" view towards Nordic/East. But it happens within our server too. So many times I see trash talk between nations; usually towards French and Spanish people. If I'm matched with a French or Spanish players, I instantly assume they'll be playing badly, even though they were matched with me, so they should be on the same skill level. This doesn't go just for those cases. When someone talks too much during champion select, I assume the match will be less enjoyable (that's also how I can spot French/Spanish/German/...). Like I said above, you should let their actions speak for themselves. I don't say anything in chat though and sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised. *** What you should take from what I said is this: no matter who you are, or where you're from, there'll be players that will judge you upfront. Some are silent, like me; others not so much. I've played with and against Bronze who were as good as Gold (maybe smurfs, but probably not); I've also played with and against Diamond who were as good as Bronze (maybe boosted, but probably not). If someone talks shit BEFORE you have a chance to "prove" yourself, then those people aren't worth your consideration. Just proceed like you normally would: mute/ignore, play and report. *** ######Just to clarify. I don't mean to offend EUNE players, nor any rank or nationallity. Those are my personal stereotypes, but I don't say anything until I see what they are capable of. Even then, I don't insult anyone based on that.
Sorry for not being clear. When I changed from challenger EUNE to west I got placed in platinum 1, and quickly climbed to diamond 5. The people I played with and against were mostly diamond 1-2, and sometimes low master. In short I am a diamond 5 player with the mmr of diamond 1. I know I can't win any argument with these guys, so I tend to mute and play my game, but as a support player that is 100% dependent on the team and adc, you can't really keep playing like that, especially when the team is CONSTANTLY pinging you. If you don't reply to their pings they will just keep pinging or find another way make you respond. You just have to tell them to shut up one way or another.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Tbh you just described exactly how EUW works, not-limited to any particular rank, though plat+ tends to be more extreme than lower ranks. But little experience that I got with EUNE players last year (I say little because I got tired after a week, and EUNE used to be my home server back in the days) they act pretty much the same, if you are basically lower tier than them they will not accept anything, no reasoning, nothing, they will just blame you for everything, I do believe this is not related to particular server at all. From my long year experience tho, things regarding this are getting worse lately, as it is now people just tend to spit out salt after every minor setback, it did not use to be that bad, alas that's how it is now. Actually I wonder, did you receive "friend invite" with long story how your entire family should slowly die? They are quite popular lately. Regarding the skill difference, I used to see friends who earned Dia rank EUNE being unable to get past Plat EUW, but that might not be necessary related to skill rather than EUW Plat being _wild west_, literal definition of elohell. For very high rank tho, it is assumed that since EUW has way higher player pool there will be more competition and better players at the top, that would be true for Master and Challenger but I can hardly see that work beyond that, pretty sure any master/challenger from any server would just be better than any diamond, maybe exception would be KR but even then I would not give that much credit their Dia players. Adding to this meme right now, current meta really shifts from patch to patch, people are getting out of their comfort zone because unseen champs happen to be very strong and strong champs tend to be way weaker, unfamiliar things make people looking for excuses, which often leads them to just blaming someone else for their very own mistakes. All this just makes people so more likely to find excuses and any are quite welcome. As a side-note, I played a lot of rankeds last few years around gold to dia elo and kind of studied how people behave in these elos, the recent trend is higher they elo, easier they are to trigger. I thing it is kind of related to promos and maybe their vision of "success" since around first division things are getting really messy, kudos to gold players who usually keep things civil unlike their higher counterparts. The thing is no matter what, nowadays "Tilt" is the new must have popular thing, present almost everywhere and people are really easily triggered. As all thing in LoL ecosystem are connected, it really happens that gameplay issues translate into behaviour and vice versa, surely nobody expects person who "gave up and give no %%%%s" to do or play with any sense. People really need to take a break and take for granted a lose is an option at times. The most thing that I'm afraid of however is that this trend will continue and it will get worse, not just for EUW.
Yeah, I know that the percentage of toxic people on euw and eune is about the same(it should be). What really annoys me in this case is they are being nasty to me for no reason. People have their reasons to tilt and rage, but these guys were just bullies. You could tell they enjoyed to harass me, just because I was of a lower ranked and from eune.
: > [{quoted}](name=xMaster Læng,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=scBTGLG8,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-04-03T07:54:39.438+0000) > > Usually people don't switch their mains from a server to another. They almost always make a smurf(another account). It is really easy to tell a smurf from a main account. If a game consist of 9 challengers and 1 platinum with about 100 normal games and 50 ranked games you know it's a smurf. In my case it's different. I do really look like a hardstuck diamond 5(which is what people call me now). I know this is a rare case that doesn't happen often, but it really shows peoples true nature. Yeah, thats the problem here. People just see you have hundreds of games on dia 5. And all are narcisstic so no way someone would believe you because what you say, says every real hardstuck one, too. Once you reached your true elo again i think it will work out.
That's exactly what I'm thinking. Just got to climb >.>,
: I remember a post made from a guy that stated the opposite. Personal experience is not something that can be used to build statistics.
The title is a little bit misleading maybe. This post is not made to get "yes, euw player are more toxic" kind of answer. I'm just here to tell you guys that despite having played this game for such a long time while being exposed to the same kind of toxicity all the time still doesn't make me immune when I face another "type" of toxicity. Making this post is just a way to release some of my tilt.
: I am pretty sure the same would happen if a euw challenger switch to eune and is plat while having an mmr of dia 1 but i agree, it sucks.
Usually people don't switch their mains from a server to another. They almost always make a smurf(another account). It is really easy to tell a smurf from a main account. If a game consist of 9 challengers and 1 platinum with about 100 normal games and 50 ranked games you know it's a smurf. In my case it's different. I do really look like a hardstuck diamond 5(which is what people call me now). I know this is a rare case that doesn't happen often, but it really shows peoples true nature.
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AzzBrah (EUW)
: Guy on ranked wasting all players time
People casually report people for "int" when they get mad at someone for losing legitimately , so it will be harder for Riot to actually find and punish the real intentional players like you are describing. This is a problem the community created. But yes, I don't disagree with the fact that the punishing system is slow and non-responsive.
Metharius (EUW)
: why do you censor the name of everyone when we can easely see them in your match history ?
For privacy reasons. I probably didn't need to though. I don't use the boards a lot so I wanted to be safe and censored the names. The names are irrelevant anyway.
znojus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=xMaster Læng,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RnEGB8EP,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-03-17T16:33:40.836+0000) > > Abuse for what exactly? Your premade going afk when the match is not favorable, so he gets tagged by leaverbuster and loses LP at the same time? If there is any reason for you to actually do that when you can do that in champion select without any punishment other than queue time? You need arguments, not just "prevent abuse" excuse. I am pretty sure that if this ever happens to any of you, you wouldn't sit there and not care about it. Abuse is you being forced to play 1v2 as support in 20minute or even longer, just to end up losing in the end. Abuse from team spamming one guy to go afk so they can remake Abuse from premades going afk so their pre can remake and not lose promo etc
I've seen people say that before. The damage from playing 4v5 or 3v5 or 2v5 because of a dc is so much bigger than the reasons you stated. Do I even need to explain why? If somebody ever bullies you to go afk for whatever reason, regardless if it's in the start of the game or later ingame, then the problem LIES IN THE BULLY. You simply ignore them and report them after game(this is what you normally do, duh!). People spam ping and bully all the time in this game. I am not saying it is ok to do so, but don't act like this is something that rarely happens. Just remove the chat, it prevents abuse(which happens quite frequently, to put it mildly). Oh wait, that would punish the innocent people so we can't!, but punishing hundreds of players because of a dc is ok, just to prevent "abuse" that already happens nearly everygame? Let me remind you that people start to flame because of one ultimate reason, and that is because they think they will lose(or atleast heavily based on the fact that the team is not doing well). The team with the afk doesn't even get a chance, unless the matchmaking is heavily unbalanced. What is the chance that you realize that you will lose just 3 minute ingame(and not in champion select?) What is the chance that you happen to be in premade team, and dodging + getting punished by leaverbuster and lose a game, outvalues your teammate's promotion game? Do you even know that nothing is lost when a promotion game is dodged? That is another story, and I won't even start to argue about that. Do your research about promotional games before you use them as your argument.
: It limits abuse
Abuse for what exactly? Your premade going afk when the match is not favorable, so he gets tagged by leaverbuster and loses LP at the same time? If you absolutely have to "remake" because you somehow know that you will lose the game then you should have done that in the champion select, where you don't even get any real punshment. You need arguments, not just "prevent abuse" excuse. I am pretty sure that if this ever happens to any of you, you wouldn't sit there and not care about it. Abuse is you being forced to play 1v2 as support in 20minute or even longer, just to end up losing in the end. This could be easily prevented.
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: Has to be dced/afk for 90 consecutive seconds before the 3 minutes mark
> [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=VeyrEyIe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-04T03:39:12.214+0000) > > Has to be dced/afk for 90 consecutive seconds before the 3 minutes mark thanks for the answer. That rule is so lame. He was legit afk and we should have been able to remake. Riot fix please
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Medusa (EUNE)
: i was never punished for inting ever, nor was i ever chat suspended, my account history is really clean, all i get banned for is leaverbuster sometimes.
Alright. You will get one upvote from me. Just keep sending tickets and hope for someone to investigate the case.
Medusa (EUNE)
: I got wrongfully banned for 14 days.
I just watched the video of your deaths. To be honest, if this were diamond-challenger(my elo) then this would definitely look like intentionally feeding or just "I don't care about the game anymore" attitude(but I will still play). Since you are silver and it does look like you are actually still playing and trying(even though you are still dying quite a lot, but that has happened to everyone that has accidently overfed the enemy to the point of no return). Other than your actual KDA your others stats looks fine to me. I have witnesses plenty of real intentionally feeders(that sells all their items and just goes straight into the enemy to feed). In your case it is much more difficult for us "spectators" to say anything(because we lack chat logs and the longer version of the game). We also don't know your punishment history. Personally, I think getting a straight 14 days ban for this one particular game is harsh(even if you DID really intentionally feed). Did you have any other punishment prior to this? If you did not then you definitely don't deserve a 14 day ban for one game(legit int or not). In short, we don't have enough information to tell if this is a worthy ban or not(KDA alone is not a good enough indicator). Riot will obviously not share any information so you need to tell us more. Did you get any warnings/chat restriction/bans in the past?(if yes for what reason?). If you truly are innocent and did not intentionally feed, then keep sending them tickets. They have messed up many times in the past and their support is not known for being very responsive or helpful.
: Another Teemo Rework - The basics
His ulti should be one big and toxic shroom that will detonate and poison everyone in a big area. Everyone poisoned will lose hp slowly untill they die. Only way to cure is to use cleanse or going back to base. This shroom is not invinsible so he have to throw it similar to ziggs ulti. {{champion:17}}
: hi. support main. i play 2 different types of supports tank and enchanter. for enchanter i always run armor marks , flat hp, ap glyphs and ap quins. so the question is.. is it better for enchanter support run 9 cdr flat glyphs , 1 cdr quint and 10 ap for early 10% or just stick with ap? running cdr glyphs for 10% early + 5 from mastery sounds better than early ap for early game , but with items i usualy build i always have 40% cdr at end of game so a lil waste here? but runes are mostly for early game as i know so which one glyphs better for ench supp? ty
I would go for 15 ap quint and ap/mr glyphs(per level works too). You don't really need cdr early as it will only cause you to lose mana faster + cdr is capped like you mentioned.
: So as an ADC main, I wonder, when's a good time to try and end the laning phase and start grouping. The way I like to do it now is to get to my first few items, like bf sword and zeal or recurve bow and then go for the tower, since this feels like enough items to kill the tower 100 to 0 in time it takes for enemy laners to walk back to lane. after that, i might try getting turrets in other lanes, but usually I try not to group before I have at least 2 items and feel like I actually have an impact in team fights. I know every game is different etc, but just speaking in general.
In my opinion it is good to end laning phase when you are "losing" the laning phase. Losing doesn't necessarily mean a kda of 0/3/1 and 50cs behind. If you pick an early game champion and have a hard time keeping up the farm against a lategame champion, it usually means delaying the game will only let the enemy scale into late game which will make you lose even harder in teamfights.
PauIo (EUW)
: Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it ^^ About the turret: what do you think about killing the turret as quickly as possible _when ahead_? Because then you can roam mid and try to end the game more quickly. The turret first blood also pushes your lead even more.
> what do you think about killing the turret as quickly as possible when ahead? You can do that aswell, but you need to know what to do next. I see a lot of people rushing to take the first turret without knowing much what to do after the turret has fallen. It gives the enemy a chance to recover by getting free farm. But then again, getting early tower and grouping early to take mid is another strategy that can work if the enemy lacks waveclear.
PauIo (EUW)
: Thanks for the reply. My question may have been a bit vague, but I wanted to know whether there are any guide lines I can follow. Just like you don't have to build the same every game, there are specific factors you can look at so you can decide what to build. I know for decision making there are a lot more factors you have to look at, but some 'general' guide lines would be nice.
It gets a little difficult for me to give you a general guide because like I said every game is different and every elo is different aswell. I will make this short and very general: **Laning phase:** _Tower_ Your first focus should be to outfarm/kill your opponent. Attack the tower, but if it helps you to deny the opponents CS then it is better to keep it alive to keep pressure(usually when you dominate bot). If you are behind then kill the tower as quickly as possible when you have the chance. _Dragon_ Only take dragon when you are 100% sure it is safe and free. The only dragon that is good early is cloud drake. It is worth to give 1 or maybe even 2 deaths for dragons, but the enemy will be stronger early with the kill-money. _Roam or push?_ After you get the first tower you can start to roam and get deeper wards while still keeping pressure in your lane. Being invisible to the enemy team will cause pressure so you don't want to be in your lane 24/7. **Mid game: ** _Wards_ Mid game is the part where people start to roam. It is extra important to keep the map warded. _Dragon vs tower_ Mid game is probably the best phase to get a few dragons. Gather your team and burst down the dragon. Remember all the dragons are different and you do not need all the dragons that spawns. In my opinion dragons are a bit overrated. Having dragons is a good thing if you can utilize it well, but most of the time the buff is just there and it's wasted. Don't give more than 2 kill for a dragon and only do dragon when you cannot get towers. **Lategame:** _Inhibitor vs baron _ If you have the choice between baron or inhibitor then it is usually best to go for inhibitor. If you are fast you could always do a baron after inhibitor. The pressure from superminion will also make it easier for you to fetch a baron later on. _Elder dragon vs baron_ In my opinion baron is always better as the buff and gold you get is more useful and lasts longer. Elder dragon is very situational. Do elder dragon if you have a lot of dragons or when your team have good engage or longranged poke. _Recall or take nexus?_ This is a problem that happens quite frequently in higher elos. Should you take the chance to push and risk getting aced when the enemy spawn, or should you recall and lose a good chance to win? If you have a team that is uncoordinated and you have a hard time making the team work together, then I would say take the chance to end the game. Recall only if you know you have a chance to win a 5v5. This is the part where working as a team is crucial like I mention in my previous post. This is of course very general and all game differs from another. This is what makes league so fun. If this is not what you are looking for then you can always ask me for specific. I am sure there are plenty of guides out there that is helpful, so you should look at those aswell.
PauIo (EUW)
: Do you have any tips for decision making? I'm a Thresh main and I generally do pretty well in laning phase, but I don't really know when to leave lane and when / how to rotate. I know it's important to go for objectives, but I don't really know when to go for which. Thanks in advance :)
Hello. Obviously there are no "what to do list" when it comes to playing league, as every game is different and unique. You will eventually know what is best to do by playing a lot of games. Just be aware of your decision and learn from them. Many times it is better to make a bad decision and learn from them, rather than making no decision at all. Even in the high elo there are people that still struggle with decision making. In your next games try to actively use pings and communicate with your team by using chat. Example : "Let's go mid and take the first tower, then recall as 5 and go straight for dragon". People tend to do their own "stuff" when there is no leader in the team. Be the leader, and if there is someone that is already making calls, respect that and follow his calls, even if you think it is a bad call. You can always try to explain why it is a bad call, but don't start to argue or put the blame on him if it fails. The worst thing that can happen is the team to be split up. If 3 of your teammates wants to do baron, and you + another guy wants to take inhibitor, just stop going for the inhibitor and help the others do baron, because the chances that all of you will get wiped out is high when you splitfocus. As a support main you need to lead your team to victory. You need to keep your teammates away from danger, but more importantly you need to keep yourself alive. Do that by being one step ahead of the enemy and have vision where you need it.
Praes (EUNE)
: Hey! I'm not exactly what you call a new player but I'll be trying to get to master tier next season and well I need to improve my game play etc, but as far as I know Master tier is way different from diamond, could you explain me the difference with them? I would also love to catch a few games with you (Main adc) just to improve since you're most likely better than I am.
Hi. To be honest, there is not a huge difference between a diamond player and master tier player. The thing that can separate them both can something as small as being better at last-hitting. It is really difficult to make a list about what separates a master and diamond, since every player is different and people have their own weaknesses and strengths. Since I lack the mechanical skills to play high skilled champion, I just stick to the "easy to play champions". One of the disadvantage with the "easy to play champ" is they are very item dependent and they lack the ability to make "plays". This is the part where I can use my strength, which is itemization. Stuff like champion countering and champion synergy in champion select is often overlooked, but that will often win games. Decision making, communication, general game knowledge and positivity plays a huge part too. In higher elo everything matters. In short, you need to focus on your strength and minimize your weakness.You are one of the many fishes(diamonds) in the sea, and you need to find your own unique way to separate yourself from the others, unless you are top challenger tier player that mains adc/mid with supergood mechanical skills. Only then you can win by stomping your opponent and hard carry that way. We could take a few games, but I'm studying for exam right now so I don't have much time atm. I do recommend you to play with people in your own elo though. Having the support as the best player is not the best for the team. Next time you queue up as adc try to communicate with your support. Ask him what he mains and try to find a adc-supp combo that is good. Good luck with your climbing.
ledenica (EUW)
: Well we dont go around and walk with it. We play from home and Riot knows it. We did inform them in past. No, I havent got a single ban, like ever...
The Rioter that read your message could have overlooked the fact that you share account with your brother, but it doesn't mean that you are safe from getting banned from other Rioter. Another reason you should not account share is you don't have 100% control of your account. Your brother could have done something that caused your account to be permanently banned. I'm interested in why you got banned so if you get any answers from Riot please update it here.
ledenica (EUW)
: Got permaban without explanation or email???
You are not allowed to share account with anyone. Could that be a reason? Have you gotten any bans before perma?
: key fragment :'(
No, this is not a bug. You can only get a total of 12 key fragment a month. You need to wait for your reset day(the day you got your first key fragment) which is different from player to player.
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