Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I'm pretty sure it's because people have already claimed the champion names It's not riot's doing People just always want the realest names, like if you have a legit 'Zed' name for example, it's cool
Riot did lvl 6 accounts with the name of every single champion in the game some accounts are lvl 6 and some are 30 only new champion names can be purchased old ones are claimed by Riot, not players the question WHY would riot do that
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Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Rito lie?
from personal experience, i can agree with u more reports = insta ban 1 report = 0 reports
: Yeah, buy loot boxes.
are u sure? i don't think loot boxes give Limited skins
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: Make sure that you set up your account for Rewards, you do this on the website ON the Rewards Tab, Click on where it says Opt Into Rewards or something similar. It should now say opt out of Rewards and each time you visit the site it will tell you Rewards are set up correctly. Hope this works for you. Take a Look at the picture in the Link and look at top right corner you will see my button saying opt out of rewards
i have it done still wont give me any rewards
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