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: How about we disable ARAM completely so you don't qq about a BALANCED champion on the boards? How about that? And don't even try to tell me that Soraka isn't balanced. I mean, she sacrifices her own health to heal another ally.. Before the rework she was completely broken, but now, she's balanced.
Do you even ARAM? I do ! I do it for fun ! It's not fun when she just stays back and just keeps healing whole team. I can tell you that it's not fun when 5 man go dive for Soraka and she just walks away. If they had the audacity to disable Teemo in 5v5 thingy they can disable Soraka. Requires 0 skill to play it and you can go troll build .{{champion:44}} Compared to Sona, Riven etc. as mentioned here.
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