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: Well, what was doesnt have to be the way it was in the now, isnt it?
Lets say there is support main who plays supports only And riot removes supp >Supp main stop playing game >Supp champs are useless Lets say riot removes jng >Junglers stop playing game >Jungle champions are useless
: What does afk even mean anymore
AFK means im away from keyboard, in base not being there U get leaver buster for that and thats it
DrPacheco (EUW)
: its worng to beg for rp here?
Why in absolute fck would u beg for skins lmao Dude, just think a little "Do i really need skin just so my character inside of a video game looks a little different" And "Do i really gotta degrade myself in community just so someone donates me skin for champion that i will play 3 times"
Nalion2 (EUNE)
: Why are star guardian missions so easy?
U mean why are rewards so cool Like 250 BE Or 250 BE ?
: If the game ends while you're standing in Jhin's trap it can do damage/kill you while nexus explodes
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: stupid Moo Cow Alistar
Dont be butthurt Mute champion voices if u really dont like it.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: Because its a fact This community is garbage, this is a proven fact, proven inside tft, rank games, aram and normal games, and any other modes that come or had come, every person that have logic and sanity and it's not a hypocrite can clearly see this. Majority of players are stupid, and jerks, having low intelligence are acting brainwashed by streams and guides and memes. the are selected, and narcissist, and play spoiled brats that thing everything revolve around them so they deserve anything. The mod how they act in the game, and we can all see that, don't tell me your games are so nice and surrounded by amazing people and some time as an exception there's a jerk, reality is all games you majority jerks and exception are nice people. To not be able to speak about LEC which is a sport on the game they supposedly like, and every topic on that subject no matter about what has 0-1 comments, to have 1-2 comments in any art thread related to Lague, beautiful art talented people, but to gather like flies on a shit to downvote people that show they got honor level 5 or that they got a skin in a chest, this is an act of immaturity and stupidity that can be simple resume as garbage individuals.
> [{quoted}](name=HitYourHead,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Tg6le6Ts,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-18T19:51:18.428+0000) > and play spoiled brats that thing everything revolve around them so they deserve anything. So u said that someone downvoted ur post and u got mad? U just described urself here
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: Is there really not 10 silver-gold players qing at same time ?
Im still getting matched against diamonds lmao
: Will stop playing as of today extremely dissatisfied long term player
Yea very nice Im trash silver player who tries to have fun But then i get matched against diamond player at midlane While my jng aint helping bcs he plays karthus jng and has no idea what to do Then i die 3 times in close fight and whole team is like u suck akali, Karthus literally said i suck cocks for breakfast lmao And that my parents gave me poor education and shit like that... it goes Silver/Gold/platinum/diamond A whole 2 divisions apart get matched against each other If i really wanted to play on diamond level i would play ranked to diamond, but i just want to have fun which is impossible Like 2 games ago i got matched against two D2 players.... Also played against Diamond in midlane who shittalked me whole game while he played Zed which he has 950k mastery points on him... We somehow won that game tho And its like that almost every game I either get silver against me, win lane and lose bcs of other lane,i dont blame anyone just saying Or i get matched against diamond and lose lane, while gold players with complexes flame me until we lose If only mm was normal and people stop freaking out about game and other players and start working towards winning Like when enemy player insult me and i fight back, my own teammates start insulting me in allchat instead of telling enemy to fck off If we cant agree in chat why would we even play in same team Really sad community
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Why do people downvote this It's legit true There is alot of smaller developers who manage to keep their servers stable And here u got company worth of billions dollars who can't keep 2 servers for only game they ever made
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Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Wait so you are saying that it is more fun to play a broken champ like Morde rather than a good champ with skillful mechanics
literally what u talking about U played 5 games with her and u had positive kda in one single game
: she requires skill. Get good.
Did u even try champion urself ?
: Why wouldn't you enjoy playing the champ who has to press 2 abilites to get a kill instead of a champ that has mechanics and is hard to play. Also lets not adress the fact that her w is not only a dash but also gives her bonus attack speed, move speed and resets the cooldown of her passive (oh wait i just adressed it oh well)
what mechanics, its not rewarding at all to play her she deals 600 dmg at most with full combo
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Wait so you are saying that it is more fun to play a broken champ like Morde rather than a good champ with skillful mechanics
Skillful mechanics OMEGALUL I would rather bash people with huge mace than die 10 times to %%%%%% who plays tahm kench on top
Cypherous (EUW)
: They will leave it disabled until they are happy that the server won't fall over from the added load, and instant queues for TFT means there is a lot of people still playing it, just not enough to kill the server :P
There is something wrong with server every 2 weeks anyways, something is always disabled and there is always something that doesn't work
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Because had you read the post in the news section of the client you would have known that when they released TFT they disabled the practice tool and made it so custom matches needed 10 players in order to reduce needless server load while they test the new mode
Do they really still need that, qs for tft are instant, its not overloaded with players bcs everyone realized mode sucks
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: "testing" its %%%%ing *release* there is a special server dedicated for testing. PBE. Where all patches including 9.13 have their tEsTiNg period
Riot literally said in patch notes that game mode is still in beta(testing) phase, so it is normal for bugs to occure
: Unfair 10 games chat restriction
Just disable cross chat And u will be ok If someone is ignorant and tries to tilt u, just say cry and muted and u mute that person and u make them tilted and u are ok Just dont bother its really easy, u will be cool person if u ignore all the toxic waste u get in ur games U are disabling all chat so u dont see random "ez" every few minutes in chat And so u dont bother explaining anything U spent half of the game typing, Go start a stopwatch and start typing everything u said that game and see how much time u lost typing
: Emabo i need help I'm stuck in Spectator mode
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: Wish we could swap keys for chests and chests for keys. Sitting with +20 keys with no chests.
Difference between keys and chests is that u are getting key randomly, while getting chests depends on ur gameplay Like just go and get S with any fcking champion and booom, u get a chest Whats so hard about it
KokOnBush (EUW)
: New to this game, got camped by smurfs and got reported by my smuf team, now banned
Honestly if someone really has no idea about game he can be this bad i was 0/28 first time i played pvp with jinx... I had no idea wtf are lanes But playing 3 decent games and then going 0/18 with mobis that u got by selling longsword...on champ that never builds mobis And managing to die both at mid and top in the same minute Its kinda making us all %%%%%%s And ur accout is lvl 15 The time u wasted making this post was enough to level up new account to level 10 So dont bother waiting 2 weeks U can just make new account and u wont be missing much...
Phazôn (EUW)
: flex matchmaking wtf
What do u mean finally ? Parties of 4 are disabled for like more than year now already.
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Ezreal cleptomancy
It just lets u upgrade one of ur basic abilities Giving u whole level would be broken
Zéqq (EUW)
: Placed in Iron 4 despite going 5-5 in placements against High Silver - Low Gold players. What??
Its impossible honestly How the fck u gained only 64 lp with 5 wins I gain like 50 lp per win in placements
VrmnQ (EUW)
: I was "quoting" the guy, calling us all "reatards". Is calling to report bannable? Since when?
Also i just saw that u actually won that game... And in ur chat log i see u are telling ur teammates to surrender bcs its "impossible to win" 4v5... That might be griefing,giving up if u ask me.
VrmnQ (EUW)
: I was "quoting" the guy, calling us all "reatards". Is calling to report bannable? Since when?
Since u *cking spammed it whole game instead of focusing on winning. Ur job was to give ur best and be humble, don't flame anyone,and at the end of the game just report them. If someone deserves ban,one report is enough for them to get banned, besides maybe he doesn't know how to show ping, i didn't see u in chat trying to explain it to him,maybe he really lags. U said "report fizz" 8 times in single game. Thats getting annoying to others u know... And btw,ofc u will deal more dmg than afk fizz ...
: Can you report a player in champion select if they dodge?
Why would u do that Even if they wished u cancer or something, they can't affect ur game,bcs there isn't any
: Watch and Earn mission bugged - AGAIN
Bruh i just run 3 random streams in background at 144p and it works for me I complete mission without even watching matches Literally run 3 streams at the same time and still completed whole mission So it works
Jaxson1 (EUW)
: mate your honor lvl probably got reset, I get like 2 keys a month level 2
Didn't reset at all bcs i was below honor 2 Last month i got like 7 key graments And i get that much almost every month I got one at the start of the month and one for reaching honor checkpoint So i got 2 key fragments Which means that in 15 days i still dont have enough fragments to open one chest And u can get one chest every 6 days... Thats 5 chests a month and almost 2 keys a months...
mpky (EUNE)
: Me dont gets Just plei not mein in norms Naw go and crie And plai some rankd already. xxxXepicgamerXxxx
The fck is ur problem xd Ok ok Dont cry because other people have their personal opinion too If u think they said something wrong just report them Making fun of me while crying about other people being able to see ur mastery with a certain champion... Yikes
: > [{quoted}](name=mpky,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=w1Mtgtv0,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-14T12:45:41.009+0000) > > This is such an unnecessary addition. I dont want every single player to tell me - rofl, lvl 220 ! or rofl- playing 600k mastery in a normal game. > What was the point of this loading screen refresh? Its this plus hard to see summoners and keystones. > > Also it adds this dumb logic like if someone has a million points on a champ its an autowin, meanwhile a challenger smurf has 5k points on their champ. Its dumb for million reasons and i want an option to set it private. > Also, didnt Riot remove individual ping meter and overall wins from your profile cause it was just there to cause toxic behaviour? What in the hell is the benefit of people seeing my lvl and mastery except calling me a nolife and a tryhard? How about you guys dont put persons level and mastery literally everywhere? IN LOADING SCREEN, IN GAME LOBBY, AND ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE PROFILE with loading screen being the worst. > > Its literally the two most boring stats too. Imagine enjoying world of warcraft and your new mount, and above your head you wear the - NOLIFER, PLAYED SO MUCH, WHO CARES sign I'm Kassadin in this game. They insulted me throughout the game because my level was 237. I sent pictures to the Riot they told me "Bravo for not responding to insults" they were not forbidden. After two days I met the same players, they were from one club, the insults continued with full force even worse. Riot did not forbid these players, and I felt pretty bad that two games I met the same players I reported and did not even ban for chatting. Now they continue to play and have no bans. To play a lot, but I never look at the foreign accounts and their information. But they saw before the game my account level insults were just because I was 237 level. Riot did not protect me for playing their game all day and for other players allowing themselves to insult without reason. Riot showed me he did not care about my development. These players play freely without bans. Riot I have to be insulted by players because I was level 237? Should not you protect me for playing your poor game so long? Or at least forbid these players?
Wait poor soul People made fun of his level wow U really want other people to get ban because they are having fun with premades ? Were they toxic ? No Were they feeding? No Were they homophobic? No Were they griefing? No Do they have offensive name? No U can't get banned just for pointing out someone's level...
: How to Reduce lag even more (under 50ms)?
They are probably closer to Game's server For example u are from Portugal,but eune server is located in Netherlands, which is kinda big distance Since NA has its own server in USA, and most streamers are from USA,they will have 20ms or some
: Evelynns Ultimate deals no damage when using it while about to die
Its not bug Sound effect and animation play while she is in animation of it Every ability has it cast animation,which means if u cast if right before u die,it will not be cast but u will hear sound effect and see animation
Mártir (EUW)
: Chat banned for first time, wow - I thought the System worked, but no /// + Proof
Honestly,if this is ranked, u chat too much This will help u focus on game.
mpky (EUNE)
: I dont want my summoner level and champion mastery to be displayed in the loading screen
? I dont get Just dont play ur main in normal games. Problem solved Now go and cry And play some ranked already.
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Unknowndog (EUNE)
: It's useless then.
U are %%%%%%ed now already Just accept the fact U are ignorant af rn
Unknowndog (EUNE)
: Here we go again. Wondering what's going on inside the brain of someone who prefers mechanism that annoys people over the mechanism that actually solves the problem.
0megon (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Unknowndog,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=hVizWJcJ,comment-id=000000000000000000000000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2019-02-09T15:20:13.152+0000) > > As I have already said four times, enjoy having leavers in your games then. > > This is some next level schizophrenia. > > -"Boooooooo, I don't want leavers in my games!" > -"What about a queue for leavers, so you won't be matched with them?" > -"Nope, I want them in my games!" Hmm, maybe you are right. We should keep the current system AND make leaver only queu... Unless the relocation is permanent it does not actually solve leavers, it just hides it somewhere until they can come back to our games...
U are against this LPQ Bcs "u dont have time for it" U just spent like 1 hour talking nonsense on boards and u telling me u dont have time to start game in background while u doing something else?? Buddy if u really didnt have free time u would just quit league after getting first leaver Obviously no one agrees with u And u are proving urself wrong With each new reply Now stop this nonsense And work ur leaver.
Unknowndog (EUNE)
: The problem is the system. Because permabanning for leaving is nonsense. Every other game in the universe uses actual low priority queue, leavers are matched with another leavers and everyone is happy. What's the point of punishing someone just for the sake of punishment, if there's a way to make things comfortable for everyone? There must be something really wrong with you if you think this is the proper way to handle the situation.
Its not actually permaban Ur %%%%%%ed brain makes u think it is Just q up and watch some tv show or browse internet I sometimes like to get leaver just bcs of that Also imagine pro players They wait like 10 mins for one game and its not even punishment...
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: New type of death recap
Once,ekko killed me with "game_spell_displayname_MasterYiB" ...
Neyfthys (EUW)
: New Champion idea / concept (Damara)
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