: Nexus blitz feedback and suggestions
lol said they deleted old champs ,it's not like they keep em somewhere, so they would have to make them all over again which is pointless since they believe there current version are improved versions of them and not changes,so 99.99% wouldnt happen, dun think bans is also a good idea, the main idea of this game mode is speed, game in game out, cut out all possible time, so picking in turns and bans are just nah, and this game mode is for fun, agree on your first point except it mostly zooms in on towers of the losing team so its not that bad
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Why wouldn't it be? You're insulting someone.
What if i said in a passive aggressive way like:"i think your home is missing an idiot",is it still bad?
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: So, by your logic beating someone up is excusable because murder is worse and the wound will heal in time? What you are presenting is a logical fallacy of false dilemma. It is not an either/or situation where one should be excusable just because otherwise the other will inevitably happen. As an aside - if you want to get some point across, learn how to format and order your post. A rambling block of text that is barely comprehensible does not serve your purpose well. Because I did read your first post whole and the only thing that you managed to communicate with it is that flaming is ok because it allows to blow off some steam and some rambling anecdote about how there was a bad player in your game.
In ur example , yes beating someone is not the equivalent of killing someone, so they shouldn't get the same judgment, same with toxicity vs trolling, having a far worse unsolved problem, but still focusing on the small one and blaming everything on it, that is the issue i am trying to represent.
: So basically people shouldn't need to control their emotions and reacting in destructive, unhelpful ways should be allowed. Ok.
Proof that u didn't read anything, anyways gonna explain again, i didn't say it was right i said it was excusable and better because u can do something on your end, while trolling is smth u can't deal with on ur end and has no excuse, my point is trolling is far worse than flaming but people act otherwise, flaming is wrong but excusable because that is how some people let off steam and if anyone can't handle it they can mute and will get 0 effect from flame, anything else?
: Id also rather have 100 flamers(that are trying to win) over 1 troll. However flaming is still against the rules so i would report all of them most likely.
> [{quoted}](name=Korean Fanb0y,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EJPGEEyX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-24T14:04:53.897+0000) > > Id also rather have 100 flamers(that are trying to win) over 1 troll. However flaming is still against the rules so i would report all of them most likely. Totally agree
: Same, as long as you dont blatantly int(over 1 death per minute) and avoid chat youre pretty much an invincible silent troll.
Solash (EUW)
: > but i would prefer 100 cursing player in my upcoming games over one troll Yes and i'd prefer having a cold over having a brain tumor. But that doesn't mean I want a cold
I didn't say flaming is correct , I said it is justified in cases,and over all overrated,people should chill way more than this
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Léø (EUNE)
: you are a bunch of pussies I can't stand to watch you complain about streamers... like you haven't eaten something and you accidentally just died... pussies...
Right here is a prime example, of kids copying curses and defending their streamers no matter who's in the wrong, and not admiting that the streamer made a mistake.
SwaMe23 (EUNE)
Release ekko was fine, pretty fun,more fun w and shorter cd on passive, the only issue was tank ekko that abused his high ratios and high mobility so hard, that he got to the current state, i am not gonna lie ,tank ekko was my ticket out of bronze but still full ap ekko back then was more playable and fun.
Knocaut (EUNE)
: Hey, The story is good, better than what I have to learn at school, LuL. I enjoyed it.
Really appreciate your comment, thanks, you made my day.
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zixus (EUNE)
: Why isn't every champion like kai'sa
Guys look ,imagine if something like yasuo at 500 ap gets his e buffed where it's cooldown on the same target would be reduced to 1 or 2 secs or gets affecrrd by cdr , turning yasuo from a close ranged adc that has cc into a whole new champ with the closest thing to him being ekko i guess, that's a whole 180 him being able to buy and use lich bane amd nashor tooth, and all manaless ap items, maybe if he gets 1200+ hp,his tornado stays longer and he could move with it and it would knock up longer, offering tank and juggernaught builds to emerge creating a alistar like or ornn feel, that buff alone created a whole new champ that would be still fun without elimnating the old one and offering yasuo mains a ap choice, this small buff if applied to all champs but each in it's unique and fitting ad most game changing way, it could multiply the champ pool 3 times, such a huge change should occur in my opinion after all tge champs have cool looking abilities and models(#reworkFighters), it would be such a huge mess sor a month or two, im sure some will be bad shit crazy, so save it for a time like pre season but it's gonna pay off tremendously
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Kayle Kog Varus Mf Teemo Surely someone else , they can be playedxwith different styles, first two and teemo ad or ap. Unique features are unique as long as,they are....unique. If all champs,are this way it s no more unique and balance become a mess.
I get what you're saying, but naming 6 out of 140 is still few, my point was, yes we would have a big mess to balance, but it's worth it for the fun and versitility, and adaptability shouldn't be unique, because as a player you should learn to adapt to the game and having champs that don't offer you that is just wrong, what if i main darius but my team instalocked 4 ad and you got no ap champs you can play, so based on your point then everyone should maim teemo and kayle, having a right answer to everything is wrong, but having your answer to everything is fun, hope you get what I'm saying, thanks for commenting
: the thing is it would be very hard to balance, ranged/melee, but if that worked we would only have to worry about picking melee into ranged champs and rarely based on a champions kit which would bring some new high skill curve to the game, however im high atm so take my words with a grain of salt
Fair point, but for me the higher the skill curve the more fun it is, balance ain't my game tho but i am sure riot team can do it, in my opinion counterplaying is fun and smart while counterpicking is the opposite, i think if we actually apply all these changes being ranged or melee would be less significant, thanks really for commenting, hope you get down soon
kriegnes (EUW)
: pls dont.... i want to know whats coming after champ select. i love that at champ select the fight already started. every pick changes the game drasticly
Having an idea from the champ select on how the game will go, and selecting champs having significance, is one thing, and knowing which team will win based only on picks is another, which happens 80% of the time, thanks for commenting anyways
: Well probably because some champs were made 8years ago, and some champs have been only released for a few hours.
I didn't write a whole article explaining my opinion, so that people would come in respond to the title only without having context and try to look cool while infact they look... Lame , but you're probably right, riot never reworks, reworked or will rework any champ, so your also showing your intellect on this point
zixus (EUNE)
: Why isn't every champion like kai'sa
If kai'sa's kit is made just so she would build hyprid items to get all three, then it's not that good
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Yoram555 (EUW)
: New Support Items and Raka
1. I like how in the tldr he also mispronounces to for too, so that even if people go fpr the tldr they can still see it, pretty good article but ruined by cringy too s
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: Overlooked that, was insta-triggered ;)
Iz cool, happens all the time
: Umm - one second. You come up with a thread in which you don't explain anything properly and just blurt out stuff that is incomprehensible, at least to me. So I tell you to maybe rephrase it because it's hard to get what you mean - and you are like "read what I wrote". Well - if I understood what you wrote the first time I wouldn't tell you to rephrase it, right? Then someone else tells you the obvious: I didn't get it when I read your thread. But he thinks he knows what you mean. And I'm like: Ah, one of those issues. And it reminded me of a thread where we joked about Cassiopeia's incapability of buying boots. So I was referring to that and your reaction towards it which is similiar to your issue with something being illogical about items and champs. And... none of that was toxic. The only thing toxic here is your unwillingness to properly articulate your problem.
Jk=just kidding
: what part of my post was toxic?
Man i see yo passive aggressive micro-aggresions, dun fool me wid all dat "rant about" and" i wonder" baloonie, ain't noone be foolin me,.. Jk
: I never noticed a visual effect or cared about it to be fair. I wonder what happens when he figures that he can't buy 3 pairs of boots on Urgot.... or that Cass can't buy boots because she has no legs... but Vel'Koz can... like every other champ with no feet. But thanks - I think I get the idea of what OP was trying to rant about.
Man, toxicity in and out of game, ieeech
Rismosch (EUW)
: Corkis Hands also Glow when Sheen is active, even though he shoots with a gun. Same goes for any ADC.
They operate their weapons with their hands
: You may wanna rephrase that - I guess it's obvious to someone knowing of an issue with Camille and Sheen but you didn't explain what the issue is.
Just read what i wrote
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zixus (EUNE)
: Other than making the e proc more significant and helping in jungling, it will make it so that the longer you fight the more danage per sec u deal if u manage to keep the e on an enemy champ without it fading u can stack w endlessly and i had in mind that it wouldn't be immediately spawn but more like the current one leaving the opponent some time to react making him worry about the crab and the q that follows in a few sec. And make u try to avoid his q to let the e fade and lose way more damage
His passive is to compensate for his lack of cc or mobility or healing and if they do remove it it should be repaced by a way go heal him or as such
: While i like the changes to his"E" i really think his passiv needs to go ( it just eats up too much of his powerbudget and i think the concept of having a passive that counters your ult's counter is kinda backwards )and i don,t really get what the changes to the "W" should accomplish. I mean sure putting them right behind the enemy will pretty much guarantee that they will deal dmg but at this point u might as well scrap the "W" entirely buff the dmg to his "E" because that is all the "W" passive would be.( well except that they could tank creeps and jgl mobs)
Other than making the e proc more significant and helping in jungling, it will make it so that the longer you fight the more danage per sec u deal if u manage to keep the e on an enemy champ without it fading u can stack w endlessly and i had in mind that it wouldn't be immediately spawn but more like the current one leaving the opponent some time to react making him worry about the crab and the q that follows in a few sec. And make u try to avoid his q to let the e fade and lose way more damage
IzzŸ (EUW)
: Exactly, he just needs to do less damage.
the idea of the rework of giving both players whoever is playing malzahar and against him to have a chance, this malzahar needs to time his abilities more than 2 sec apart and land all of them to deal full damage,leaving opportunities for the enemy to have counterplay ,and spamming his abilities won't reset his e thrice making himi deal less damage than any nerf rito is gonna put on him, the whole idea of my rework is putting all his damage on reseting his e for it's initial damage,which can't be procced except once ever X seconds,so pro malzas can shine and noob malzas wont be as effective at all,and still having for the enemy a way out or a warning atleast
Zanador (EUNE)
: Sorry for the sarcastic tone, but when you talk about "a champion who only needs to land one ability and spamming buttons to deal more than 1000 dmg and a percentage of your health while u literally can't do anything about it", which champion are you talking about exactly? Annie's point and click stun sets you up for an aoe damage that can take you down from max in less than 1.5 seconds, while the stun lasts. Azir can deal 2k damage within half a second, in a small aoe during the time his ult has you knocked up. Cho Gath has a targeted ult that can deal 2k true damage instantly with certain builds. Draven can deal up to 2k damage with a single auto attack, which he can repeat 3 times in a row without catching his axe again. Fizz can still kill people with 2 targeted skills from max hp in 2 seconds, during which he will be untargetable. Jarvan with the full assassin build can kill any squishy champion instantly with 2 skills and an auto attack. Kassadin can deal 1k damage instantly with just his R which is an aoe spell combined with a flash. Katarina can repeatedly deal 1500+ damage bursts instantly, several times in a fight while flashing around. Lee Sin's R-Q combo has 380% AD ratio, and 800 base damage _and_ 8% missing HP damage execution, and only an instant cleanse+flash can save you from it. Nasus can Q most champions for 1000+ damage with 2.4 sec CD. Syndra has a point and click ult that can easily deal 2k damage. So does Veigar. Talon can press E+R to instantly kill squishies in a small aoe. Vayne's first AA after R+Q usually takes at least 80% of a squishy champion, and her third hit is hp% true damage. Wukong can kill not tanky champions within 0.1 sec. And Zoe has a spamable skill that is essentially a death sentence from the first minute to the last. I didn't even list everyone here. My question is simple: how is Malzahar's kit any worse than the others' or do you also want a rework for the rest of them too?
rome wasn't build in a day, lol isn't perfect but malza is one of my mains i knew how to fix him and still keeping his core idea so i just said it out and i encourage people who main who each and every one of those champs to try and do the same,thanks for your effort anyways totally appreciate u taking this seriously
IzzŸ (EUW)
: Malazhar doesn't need a rework, just numbers shifting
You're ok with someone who's only skill needed is landing one ability and spamming all his buttons to deal more than a 1000 dmg and a percentage of your health while u literally can't do anything about it? Counter champs and counter spells shouldn't be the answer, counter play should, and as i said in his 1v1s he doesnt not need to press e more than once cuz he can just keep reseting it with his q making him unable to stack w or if he chooses to spam e he is just wasting mana for nothing, as a malza main i am not enjoying this at all, it's like a good gun with extra 5 buttons that do nothing and one of the wsstes bullet ,this rework)'s idea is to decrease his damage for unskilled players and rewarding skilled players while giving the opponent a chance to react in both situations
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: > ut i have a solution just remove his ult damage and just keep the percentage This was kind of already a thing (except it had base damage) before it was altered to have an AP ratio to shift him away from the support role after his voidlings were nerfed to spawn after a delay. If Malz's ult had *all* of its damage removed and just had the % health damage he would probably be quite weak unless his % health damage was buffed. > and nerf his q dmg its already a silence His Q damage is fine for its unreliability, it's not really out of line at all. If I would change anything about Malzs Q it would be to reduce the silence duration slightly as the uptime on it is quite high, but at least the damage potential of that ability is gated based on Malzs location > and give his e initial damage so that reseting his e with q or ult would proc that dmg and in my 1v1 example spamming e would be useful in fights, This would be a realllly nice change as a Malz player as it would make last hitting earlier a lot easier. Malz right now has the problem that he is really safe and the new runes have made his weak early game not as noticeable. Between Comet/Aery and Scorch he does a lot more damage in the early levels than he used to and his void shell is actually a pretty powerful trading tool. His biggest weakness is he can get pushed in by certain matchups like Ahri early game but he can completely dumpster Ahri specifically later on and most other mages only start to be able to push against him once he has Lost Chapter (at which point he can AFK farm with little risk using EW). He's been strong since his mini rework a while ago that put a high AP ratio on his R and cut the base damage since it pushed him back towards mid where he could scale really well with items. He's sorta been sleeper OP since then and meta shifts have just made him stronger and stronger Disclaimer: I am not on the balance team, but I play a lot of Malzahar on my alt account
His ult won't lose any damage it would just deal its current base dmg by ulting someone who already has malefic vision on him so at least u have a x time warning that he is gonna ult, the q would be nerfed also so i would get its dmg back by hitting it on someone with malefic vision too, the proc's dmg would differ from one another, and as i said he cant proc it except once every few sec, to give a delay time to react either choose to run without getting chain cced one shot, like Leblancs passive he still has his dmg but only a good player can deal it ,and from what I've noticed that everyone sees he sux at teamfights the only idea i have is that his q would a mark on every one it hits and if atleast on of them has malefic vision on him they all get it, maybe make it unappliable on minnions or smth, but if this idea does happen he's e will need to be changed totally it's unique and all but it has to go Edit:maybe w would be a passive that a voidling would spawn everytime a e is procced on a champ or epic monster , and i rest my case Last edit: the voidling will follow only the e that summoned it and won't dissapear untill that e fades away
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: wall of text crying about malzahar when in fact he is broderline op oh...and suggesting a "buff" that would nerf malzxahar to oblivion in teamfights
thtas not the point, its like having a really good gun but with 5 buttons that do nothin u want them removed ,and malza as never a teamfight mage,and i had no buffs in what i said its a total new playstyle, where u have to leave a gap between every spel and the other for more dmg
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: i have a few friends talking like that so i sometimes vaguely get what such people write. no pronounciation means definetly either a rage post or a childs post
or a lazy post
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: [Champion Concept] A melee control mage with a fire theme (inspired from the halloween contest)
give him an aoe heal and make him more tanky and make him the next ap juggernaut other than morde(morde really sux) so it would be the first successful ap juggernaut
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: Tbh i don't think these are the 100% Finished runes. Also 1 runes is missing in one tree so yeah. Not 100% Finished and some will probably change. They put them out so people make their own builds,make 'op' stuff in case riot slipped and didn't notice and op combo with a certain build path and some champions,so some stuff will probably be changed once it comes out in pre season and then maybe again slightly before it comes out in the actual start of the season. These runes are new and different and gives you new ways to change playstyles,forget about death fire touch,it will no longer exist. Adapt and learn how to play with something different.^^ There is some sort of replacement for almost everything. I wouldn't worry too much about it until we get to try it out in a month ish soon,but yeah. As usual if the feedback is major on something and people dislike it or say something majorly important is missing they will most likely add it in time. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
But i dunn wanna get thunderlord on all my mages now, i want something for all my consistent ap damage dealers,l :(((, and i don't care much about healers's rune, they are this meta's cancee
: No, would be stupid to do that.
Keep in mind they released yasuo, so the crazy barrier is already broken
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