: Did somebody mention squirrels?
Stick to your Badgers. Leave Squirrels alone, you perv ;3
: I have been flamed so many times and never left. If it gets too bad I mute. Leaving is hurting EVERYONE not just the flamer. Why attack 4 people because of 1 or 2? Mute. If you leave when you get flamed you deserve a punishment imo.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke. There was a better one, but i cant find it atm.
Stell (EUNE)
: You flame someone, he leaves, so you flame more and demand justice
Some games ago got called a 0. So I granted their wish, i was in base, and told them that if you want me to be 0, i will. ALso told them thrice that just simple apology would do... Guess what, they spewed all kinds on random autism but were too damn tough to say 2 words. Im sorry. All i have to say is: be careful what you wish for.
Doyler (EUW)
: You're complaining about the flamers as a cause of people quitting... You should not quit a game just because somebody flames you, that is pathetic.
Maybe stop being a dick and not insult someones dignity to boost your Ego out of bronze? Calling naming and shaming is a sign of weakness, kind of very pathetic way to prove your worth over some game. Nobody owes you anything, so if youre not telling them something useful, you might as well stfu. Those who leave know their worth. And your shit spewing surely is not valuable enough.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: One thing I'll never understand regarding co-op games : aren't you guys making any friends !? People have hundreds ( some, thousands ) of games under the belt -- haven't you met a bunch of others that are online at the same time and share the same goals and add them to the list -- and slowly weed out the chances of meeting idiots !?
friends list had probably somethig like 30 entries.... Block list is estimated to be something like 550 and that is conservative estimation...Im here from Fiora release
: "WTF why morde botlane gg"...do people even read patchnotes?
Pick skarner... Half a team WTF ARE THOSE THINGS ON THE MAP????!
: Skarner 65.05% Win Rate in Platinum +
Y know i think its justified that he has this winrate, Considering that rito took a huge dump on him with previous reworks....
: Perfectly fine to be frustrated. And if you can mute a person without feeling the need to defend yourself because he is simply not on your radar or under your skin then that shows strong caracter. But you being toxic due to a provocation is you simply reacting to a provocation wich is natural. Its the guy provoking you that i am talking about
I think the emogirl has a strong point. You have to have your filters straight and evaluate the BS that comes from harasser from impartial point of view. If under very offesnive and negative shittalk there is actually a message, then you at least have to consider it. Maybe you even muster enough courage apologize for the mistake. That also develops caracter. Imo that is the display of strion If this provoking shittalk is shallow and does not carry any message that could improve the game situation, then disregard it, prevent it from happening again (mute) and give your best in your game. Ultimately giving best yields best results while defending your honor over internet does not give any results... what are we some Webknights in medieval web age, that want do have a verbal shittalk duel over some web chat service in a game with restricted message count? Does not matter in what form the message was relayed, if it had a point listen to it, at least consider it. If its pointless then cut your losses youre not obligated to lower yourself on his level and answer in same manner. Actions matter. You do not own this frustrated guy anything, moreover you can do anything you like but you will never prove to him your worth by writing. This game is not about writing, thus by writing you will not accomplish anything apart from soothing your ego. This shittalk may very well be the best way of coping with hard situations the guy has come up with. Maybe callin other guys names gives this guy the feel of importance that he needs, but that is solely his problem not yours. Be humble. In being humble you a) dont do this shittalk yourself no matter the case. b) let other guy have his shittalk, because you know your worth and will not let his words budge you. c) can view even most dire "motherfucking" and cancer cases from impartial and cold perspective. You will judge the content, seek for the point. If it has one listen to it. if it hasnt cut you distractions and devote more attention towards winning. In the end i would like to thank you for the content you have provided in your posts. Thank you for serious topic from a different perspective. I wish you luck in raising your kids. If you want to teach them real courtesy and being humble i wold suggest that you would hook up with the gents club, if its still in tact, on EUW.
Emillie (EUW)
: "bg"
You dispute over so subjective thing as abbreviation of Bad Game, yet everyone uses NOOB as a cursing word and everyone does not give a fork....funny guys....
: Just a note to every player.
: League of Lifesteal (Coming Soon)
The best part will be that lest say in season 6 or 7 they will reinvent something similar to grevious wounds, saying something like "our monitoring systems detected that this is tooo strong of a hidden power, so we will tune that down"
Xavieen (EUNE)
: Report for anything?
Mute them. Lols community is a literal turdfest. Ive been here for some years now and no community as a whole is gone worse, not better..... My advice is that 1) Move to EUW and there find from chatrooms The Gents Club. They are gentlemen, play good and do not keep assholes in their community. 2) First signs of hostility... mute. They dont provide any valuable input and drag your mood and resolve down. Thus they are a burden, and you do not need that. You owe them nothing, and you are eligible to have mistakes. Over the years ive become narsissistic asshole myself in this community, so either preserve your humanity or perish....
Arsene (EUNE)
: Best jungler to peel with?
Looking 4 peel, take naut.-
Eveninn (EUW)
: Dominion... 'meta'?
meta is 4-1, 4top 1 bot. Imo best champs are guys like Poppy and Teemo. But anything with mobility goes. Guys like leblanc and Shaco are super annoying since they can split capture.
: devourer pls
Agree that sated devourer is among most retarded items i have ever seen in this game. There are plenty of champions that have some kind of on hit effect, thus taking a champ that does not require sated only means that you have to face some beast at 20-30 mins that can probably just sh*t on everyone cause of that item, and you dont have the opportunity to give them their own medicine. Shyvana, Yi, Jax, Vi, Aarth,Ww.... Have you seen Vayne that sits in jungle for 20-30 mins and then just rapes everyone because her true damage procs with every second AA? Or Aarth that just heals to the skies, and has that passive, which makes him just go ham everytime he has it up. (GG rito with Grevious wounds on this one...) Furthermore most of these champs benefit from attackspeed too, which sated coincidentally gives... I like the concept though, but imo at this point its too strong and too simple to aquire this damage spike. Maybe make attackspeeboost an active property for instance, or make that double on hit effect an active, it would give some playground with this item. Now its buy-farm-gg. At the moment in fairly average game there is no problem or whatsoever to get that thing sated and then just start wrecking everyone with little to no effort. Heck only thing you have to do is jump in their faces and have some basics off. If you have lifesteal in the time youre alive you dish out so much damage that enemy has no way to give as much. This in turn means that if the team are fairly same strength team with the sated guy wins just because he has the pooportunity to proc his on hit effects more just shitting on everything else.
Kinslet (EUNE)
: Seriously RIOT, make aram with 2 maps
Aram should have a feature that it would pick same champ to random people randomly. Like 3 Luxes in a same team every once in a while. And mix that up wit nemesis draft and urf. You will go to Aram not knowing that this may be: One 4 all, Urf, Nemesis on whatever, that would be fun and really ALL RANDOM.
Wny jannas ult cancels while in zhonya?
cutiematch (EUNE)
: I get sick of getting complaints about how I should play as a supp!!!!
I hate that support has very little impact in low elo. I mean it is much more likely to get players: 1) without runes/masteries 2) flat out feeders from first 5 minutes. 3) afk-ers or laggers. 4) guys who counter themselves and in this situation you can be as good as you like, but if you play someone like Taric, who imo is really good support, what can you do? What do you bring in to the game if your team is lacking a vital position, that brings Damage and utility? And you just sittin a role that is quite boring tbh, since you can not be sure in your bot teammate (you cant have a near 100% synergy with a stranger - that means you take less risks which in turn gives you less reward), and in addition watching the game crumble knowing that you in this situation are helpless and have almost no impact and can do nothing to save that game. But you could have been someone who does better in a more significant and impactful role that this guy who is failing That brings me to the next point. Dont play support in low elo, it just is not worth it because you cant get that satisfaction. I estimate that 30% - 40% of gems are lost in laning phase yet you shine in mid to late game when having some serious items. And if your ADC is ok-ish, he can manage without a support. Yes its harder, but its manageable. Buy generally you cant manage without a top mid adc or a jungler.
Pïnapple (EUW)
: if you hover over the champion picture in the score (tab) you should get a speaker icon, click it and the guy is muted
Thank you very much! Have nice games too!
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