King Lego (EUNE)
: Well said. Though i'm way ahead of you on all this. hahahaha My main focus is Lego, since i'm a Lego Builder (hence my username of course, and i'm 22 if you're curious to know), and it's my main hobby that i would even sacrifice League for it any time. Though i like League, i might do something as a reminder like a Vel'Koz Tattoo (my favorite champion) or something, that when i eventually quit (depends on how my life goes) the thing i did will be a reminder of the good days i had with League. Rank didn't mean anything to me. It didn't make me feel any different, even if i was Challenger it wouldn't matter. No different with being Silver either, even though i can climb easily. The thing is, none of us can change League. Not even those with "names" like Hashinshin, Tyler1, Pants are Dragon, etc. to change the game. This is a game we will all eventually abandon, though the chances are good, i'd stick to a 50/50 depending on what we are doing with our lives. So League isn't even worth our energy to try to change it. It doesn't deserve it one bit.
Nice reply, and you speak truthfully, and i like your point of view.
: Which champion do you want to see nerfed next and why?
{{champion:131}} {{champion:16}} Diana with lead is almost impossible to deal with. Soraka just removes all the mistakes an adc etc has in botlane, and her poke is pretty powerfull played the correct way. {{champion:36}} Should have sideeffects from his sterioids he has used them far too long. Bench the {{champion:223}} Turn this sparrow into a Mockingbird {{champion:50}} I really think these champs does need to get some buffs. {{champion:103}} She was ment to be mobile and "light footed" now she is just a mage with the longest dash CD in the game. Except Noc, but his ult aint a dash xD {{champion:81}} Why did they touch ezreal? He is not anything special atm {{champion:222}} When was the last time she was meta, She is really powerfull from ahead, but you have to play her flawless, which wont work unless you can calculate everything {{champion:421}} So many champs can do what he does, but wayyy better. This guy is not good even though he has been touched {{champion:112}} {{champion:254}} Punch first, and get oneshot by almost everyone. She is def not a tank, not a good bruiser, and her dammage is low. Best part is clear speed. Good in certain matchups where lockdown is the most importiant. Whait this guy exists? {{champion:83}} The adcs should get better health per lvl TANK {{champion:22}} toplane With CD is so fun.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Right now league is very much like season 3, only modernized.
S3 i felt way fewer champs could oneshot people, but way more champs had insane amount of sustain. + dia elo back then is absolutley gold elo right now.
: Things i wanna do. 1. Find the red button that can destroy the whole Planet Earth and click it with the most big and real smile that i will ever make in my life.
I think you should reconsider that xD
: > [{quoted}](name=Til Salgs,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=z7UBjHjE,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-06-19T08:45:36.372+0000) > > I am 20, and i realize i have played league since i was 13. Then you have plenty of time to change, whatever you want to go fast about it or not. I'm 36, and at the end of my rope. Still not quite the end however.
To be honest my life style is quite good, but it can become even better. My BMI is 20.5 so its pretty good, i am also very muscular. At the same time i could eat even more healthy stuff, and do other stuff way more ofthen. The passed years i have mostly played 3-4 Ranked games per day, and probably watched too many hours of videos, guides and streamers.
Sarokh (EUW)
: We all wait for Riot Games to come out with an announcement that they will revert League of legends back to Season 3. That's why we're here on boards/forum :)
If that happend, it would still probably not be as fun tje second time. Btw the best thing with LoL atm is Summoners rift.
: How old are you?
I am 20, and i realize i have played league since i was 13.
Kian987 (EUW)
: I said it already in more than 3 threads. At the moment I: * Finished Z a game from 1996 * Play Populous: The Beginning a game from 1998 * Read tons of books * Run 80 km per week instead of 40 Of course I no longer play LoL since it has become a disgusting game. I loved it since season 3 but it no longer deserves my time and patience. I don't even care about inactivity. Probably in this precise moment I'm already dropped from diamond. Who cares.
Well said! Intresting that you are on the forum though, but i guess i am doing the same.
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Ärtorias (EUW)
: Haha no %%%%ing way. Jeg kjører også Windows på norsk!
Ärtorias (EUW)
: All right, thanks. Why aren’t everyone running League on Windows experiencing the same tho? What’s causing it?
For some reason not everyone has not been getting the final update from windows, but you can either look for an update or go back to the older version. It is really easy!
Ärtorias (EUW)
: Yeah it could seem that way, but I really doubt it. The computer is no more than a year old, it’s rarely been moved, and no other games have this issue. As a matter of fact everything else runs like silk. It’s just League that acts up. If I were to put my money on anything I’d say it’s the screen.
It is not your GPU. It is Windows ---> Type Recovery in windows --> then there should be a place where you can undo the last "patch from windows" it is really easy to find, but i run Windows in Norweagian so i dont know exactly how it is in english.
Ärtorias (EUW)
: My computer freezes on loading screen, forcing me to hard reset the entire computer
Happend to me earlier aswell, but seemed to be fix, the last windows 10 update might have affected it so i disabled some functions from it, but i have other issues in league now aswell. {{sticker:vayne-pose}} Tímé
: Play Zoe like Perkz
Play Perkz like Zoe {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Effaenrys (EUW)
: Cloud9 Sneaky | Challenger SoloQ ADC Montage
Nice work again! Loved the part where you synced the shots with the sound!
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ChefSauce (EUW)
: Since Preseason has hit; more toxicity/trolls/afks/ppl who neither listen nor care
I know how you feel! This preseason has been really heavy. I am patient though and report the people who ruin my games, but i must say. We gain a slight amount of justice when the people we report gets a warning or a temp ban. I could acctually wish riot removed chat. I mostly go /all mute every game. Still this happens: This has been my day of league... One of my worst in a while:
Tímé (EUW)
: I need advice!
I made this when i was plat 2, and i must say that i have become better on trinkets and lower amounts of deaths allready, but i got demoted to plat 3 again after a really rough day with teams and afks. Which is too bad considering it weakens my mmr alot. I will not give up though, but this game kind of ruines alot of my motivation: * *
: > **My weaknesses are:** > > * Map Awearness > You gotta teach yourself to watch the map. In low elo it doesn't really matter though because there's not any wards in the enemy jungle most of the time. Just play some normals and watch on the map every 5 seconds or after a few minions. You watch the map to know where the laners are, if you know this then you can apply pressure if your lane is able to. > * Using the f2-f5 keys > Do this first when walking to lane. Imo this tool is more for top laners and junglers as adc's dont roam usually. But at the beginning of the game you can check which F key your jungler is and when your jungler might be in trouble soon walk back a bit in lane and check if he's alright, if not then go towards him to help. > * Abusing lvl 2 > This is something that depends on what lane you're playing and against what lane you're playing. Not every lv2 will be great. The point of lv2 is that you have 1 extra ability which will help you take the advantage in the 2v2 with cc or base damage. For example: when you play Janna Ezreal against a Cait Sona and you hit level 2 as Janna Ezreal then you dont have a lot of extra damage or cc. When you are playing Cait Alistar against MF Taric and you hit level 2 as Cait Alistar then you have a lot of damage and cc over your lane opponents. What's also important to mention is that you shouldn't take too much damage from minions as 3 caster autos are equivalent to 1 champion auto attack when you are this low level. > * Rotations and when they are efficient > Rotations are good when you are winning lane. If you have Cait Sona bot against MF Leona and you have Renekton top against Maokai. Cait Sona should win lane over MF Leona, when you took tower bot you can swap. Reasons for this: your top laner will be 1v2 aswell as their top. Renekton has good fast wave clear and sustain, meaning he can defend his tower and sustain long enough to get time for you to take top tower. The reason why you will be able to take tower is because you are against a Maokai which doesn't have any good wave clear except for Q and a bit of sustain. Now if the enemy laner is Jayce then he can wave clear and even kill both of you. You can still lane swap in these situations but then your jungler has to rotate with you so you can dive and kill Jayce. > * changing the trinket... :( > Set a trinket when you make your item build in the client. Whenever you open the shop it will be at the top, I would also recommend you to put pink wards there. > * Lane pressure > Look at what I said at map awareness. You can only apply it if you know where everyone is or you might get punished. If you know your champion amd you know matchups then you know what you gotta watch out for and how you can punish the enemy laner. > * I do not watch my own games frequently, but i do rewatch them in my head in a way. > > * When i am behind i die alot > Find out the reason why you are dying when you are behind. Are you over extending? Are you going for minions that you cant go for and does the enemy laner punish you for thaf with half of your health? If you found the reason then you can practice this in normala by setting a goal for yourself like not dying more then 3 times when I lost lane early. Try to reach this goal and even if your team is fighting, dont join or play very safe. As long as you reach your goal.
Wow that was in depth! Thank you! these will be noted, and used! I believe i should make item sets right after dinner! Lets goo! GL in your games, and have a nice day!
Kami Aqua (EUNE)
: This is not a "solution" but more of a suggestion, whenever you have moments in a game that you are like " how the h*** did that happen? " Assume that the next time you will be in the lane the same thing will happen and try to not make the same moves. Also, Afterwards, watch the replay to see how your enemies moved and how they made that wtf moment happen. Watching how the pros play is not actually a way to improve yourself because your playstyle should be unique and because your team/enemies are not of the same caliber as the one the pro you are watching. And believe me, when I say, it is not a good way to replay the games in your head, because of how memories are stored in our brain. ( I won't go into details about that). Furthermore, place the map on left or right, whatever suits you and watch it from time to time, if not your lane to check if the jungler is near you, then to see where the enemies are positioned, is everyone at their lane, is the enemy jungler ganging any other lane is he gone for too long which is safe to assume he is plotting to gang soon and you should play a bit safer for the next couple of seconds. The reason anyone would buy wards and even the reason for trinkets that have "free" wards is exactly that, so use it.
Thank you so much i will put that to mind! BTW i know that my memory isn't trust worthy, but at the same time in those cases i would make my brain think more off a solution.
Tímé (EUW)
: I need advice!
I need to improve my weaknesess but how do i do that most efficient?
Saibbo (EUW)
: I mean... what we could possibly do to help? if you already know your weakness improve on them..
You got a point!
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: MY BOY I LOVE HIM {{sticker:sg-lux}} {{sticker:sg-lux}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
evol (EUW)
: League edit :o
It is probably difficult to create this, but then again it dosen't make much sence. It is because the play gets edited so much that it is difficult to see what you acctually did. I think theese kinds of edits fits better for COD or BF, but they still lack flow. Here is an example This on the other hand is a good edit: I am not saying that i would be able to create what you did, and i don't acctually like that style. Still no harsh feelings continue your work the way you want to :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: A nice video, glad you made it :)
I am glad you watched it :)
: It was in many ways good! A time consuming watch, but it gave me chills! The "simple edit" fits pretty well. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Thank you, and yeah i know that it is long.
ShovelSuo (EUW)
: It wasn't anything special. Still there was some feels in it! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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: Going live now! Silver adventures letsgo!
To be honest a really small amount of silver players get noticed on stream. Get good at the game or be funny. If you do it for fun like me then its cool :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Thanks for these informations man, I wanna talk more to u and understand some other things can u add me on my acc and have a bit of chat? ID: "Mafia Jhin" as u can see it
I will add you when i got time. I have to study for some subjects this week, but i can add you as fast as i get online tonight! I appreciate you asking and would like to help!
: > [{quoted}](name=Tímé,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=jErtOfUh,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-04-02T11:08:47.949+0000) > > Agreed! I remember i laughed my ass off when i did this haha. Thank you for reply glad you enjoyed it :) Hope I see more of these in the future :D
I will try my best!
: > [{quoted}](name=SenpaiiNoticeme,realm=EUNE,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=jErtOfUh,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-04-02T09:54:21.347+0000) > > OMG THAT LUX ESCAPE WAS THE BEST BIT XDDDD DAVID CAMERON FACE THO
Agreed! I remember i laughed my ass off when i did this haha. Thank you for reply glad you enjoyed it :)
: Best Pentakill Montage 2017 (ft. Kog'maw, Galio, Renekton, Kennen, Draven )
The jinx one was so satisfying i just love resets! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Nice job boi, subbed and liked, but I wanna ask u something man, how can u use songs and not get "striked" by youtube or get ur video deleted? can u explain to me plz, thanks
The thing is Youtube has a very strict policy with songs, and such. Right now its all about giving credits to the song owners. They have changed their policy abit though. If some songs are copyrighted then they might add ads to the video. These ads are about the song or artist. I dont think i can earn money on youtube if i keep using copyrighted songs, but that was never my intrest either. I recommend you to use songs from NoCopyrightsounds: Or just find remixes they are almost never copyrighted.
: song at 2:05? :d and a pretty nice edited video, you got yourself a sub! ;)
Wow thank you! Maybe i will upload some more soon! I appreciate it! This is the song btw: It is crossfire part 2 I acctually forgot to write it down xD
: Respect for playing adc, swag on em tanks! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Thank you, Adc this season has been rough! :)
: Montage 1: Lee sin | A New Era Has begun
I commented on youtube :) It was pretty nice!
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Kartagia (EUNE)
: I think main problem with META: Most players following it has no idea how it works, and they take only small subset of meta. META have always had all players of team warding. This major detail of meta has always been ignored by those who are loudest opponents of warding and playing anything outside meta. My simple suggestion is main support zyra or brand player: if you do feel META does not work for you, you are quite likely correct. Do not follow it. Think. Make your own tactics and builds. Learn to play the way you can play - the way suitable for you, not LCS pros.
> [{quoted}](name=Kartagia,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nkhulXhr,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-04T19:46:08.821+0000) > > I think main problem with META: Most players following it has no idea how it works, and they take only small subset of meta. META have always had all players of team warding. This major detail of meta has always been ignored by those who are loudest opponents of warding and playing anything outside meta. > > My simple suggestion is main support zyra or brand player: if you do feel META does not work for you, you are quite likely correct. Do not follow it. Think. Make your own tactics and builds. Learn to play the way you can play - the way suitable for you, not LCS pros. You got some points, but i am allready kind of past that part xD. I have been playing alot Vayne, akali, and jayce top. Not when these champs are meta top at all. My builds where weird, but i mostly won those games. At the same time if i lost top the entire game fell apart, and we would in the end, loose.
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D1nzu (EUW)
: First I carry early game by ganking every lane and taking first 2 drakes
Just mentioning one more thing. Do not stop to play jungle! It is one of the best places to carry games due to the potential of carrying your teammates. Therfore you should continue to play it if you want to climb! I recomend you to find champions who fit your playstyle, but remember that early game junglers are the ones you can get your team quickly ahead with. Xin Zhao, Volibear, Amummu, are 3 great junglers. They are pretty easy to gank with early and they are strong gankers. Late game they also shine! a 5 man Amummu ult can change the entire game. A Xin Zhao is really strong at the moment especially if you get in the teamfight a short while after it has begun so the enemies big cc spells are gone! Voli is also great, but he is the champ you have to stand in the middle of the fight with R activated and just basic attack constantly. For a Voli it is easy to take out an adc or some midlaners, but sidestep CC! Honorable mention = Lee Sin if you want to aim high play 500 games as him in ranked i bet you get in plat 1- dia 3. He is so strong if the right player plays him. I am ADC Vayne main. This champ reflects my personality and it is what i believe is the biggest adc to learn to play. Due to her power of outplays and 1vs2's . If you love champs who always can win a 1vs2 situation then i would recomend you to play lee a hole lot :P GL out there and never give up Summoner! PS this community has some kind players! Who acctually wants to help! By the way does someone has signatures on this board? Sig pictures?
D1nzu (EUW)
: First I carry early game by ganking every lane and taking first 2 drakes
Okey here is the truth. Whenever someone lose a game. Your teammates will always blame everyone else than themselves. It isn't much you can do about it, but i would recomend you to always keep a cheerful tone, and do not bother about whatever they say. Another thing you can do is to analyze your own plays an see if you acctually did misplay. The final tip is to always mute your entire team the second the match begins. In elo's such as Bronze, silver, gold the players wont that ofthen have too much smart things to say. I dont really bother about mean comentaries i take them more as a joke. Anyways i am a gold player who aims for plat. In a short duration of time. Just focus on yourself and your mistakes, and everything will work out.


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