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: This all can be solved in two sentences: Each player has their own style, and will perform better and learn more if they use it. Being an OTP is the faster way to climb, but it can also be a lot riskier. I'm with both of you in this one in a way. In LoL, i can perform at my best level with around 80-90 champions and while i have periodic picks i prefer due to meta changes, i like to not play the same champion twice a day. Still, i had a lot of time and a lot of matches to learn. My strength is game knowledge and analyzing, so playing lots of different match ups is more beneficial for me than to just keep playing the same champion over and over again. From this point of view, i can tell you two things: 1. Since the beginning of S8, counter picks are stronger than ever. 2. There are some _Hard_ counters in the game. In certain match ups a decent gold player can beat a diamond main without too much problem if he knows what to do. On the other hand, when i tried out other games like HotS, i also preferred to main heroes that i got to like early on, since it was easier to focus on the flow of the game and learn intricate details if i didn't have to also focus on the basics with my own hero. Your choice for OTP, Katarina is also quite a good one. She rarely has big balance changes, her power was consistent ever since her rework, and she, like most assassins specializes in finding the weakest link of the enemy team, so even if you end up in a bad match up, if you can find someone to hunt, you are not out of the game. Then again, OTP players have a drastically lower win % if their main gets banned or if they get auto filled and nobody wants to trade with them. So just pick what you like, know your strengths and how to use them best. And don't forget to have fun.
thank you for taking the time to write this, It is nice to see other views that i haven't thought of. I decided to go with katarina because i find her enjoyable which i think is a very important reason and also im quite a mechanical player so her kit fits in well with my playstyle and last she is a high risk high reward champ
: Dude I started playing in April 2017 and I went from bronze 2 to bronze 5,been stuck in there for a while,got into G3,and you cant get out of gold for like 4+ seasons your case,no offense but it there is no counter picking XDDD
my highest rank is gold, didnt say i was stuck their for 4 seasons :P
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