: I do have fond memories of abyssal scepter as well, it was good times for non-mana-using mages and mana-using mages alike. But with abyssal scepter gone as an AP item and it being turned into a tank item while still retaining its passive, the way it currently works is the most effective.
I'm talking about the Abyssal Scepter before the change that made it have the passive now Abyssal Mask has. :P It would reduce 20 MR to nearby enemies, then they changed it to 15-25 MR reduced scaling by level. (I didn't realized you were the one who answered to my Ornn's post when answering you, I suppose this is why you checked on that, coincidences!)
: I'm not sure if this independent comment is supposed to be a reply to mine, but it looks like it. In that case, let me explain what it has to do with what you're talking about. It'd be better to play something better suited for the jungle than a champion that (according to you) doesn't even cooperate with the jungle properly. If he's not primarily coded to interact with jungle camps, then that leads me to believe his kit wasn't designed to be used in the jungle. If this individual comment was by any chance not meant as a reply to mine, then my bad. If it was, there's an option ''reply'', which will also notify me directly of your comment, instead of me accidentally checking back and barely even noticing this reply. It'd allow for an easier, more understandable discussion, instead replies being placed all over the comment section. :3
You are totally right, I didn't use the reply button but I was replying to you, I'm not very used to these boards, my bad. I agree with you on the point that Ornn might not be intended to interact with jungle, but it doesn't matter to the real point of this. You can go in the position you want, even the intended one, and you will end finding yourself hitting Nashor or Drakes at some point in your games, and damage is not applying properly (or, as I said, I'm not finding where it says it does fewer damage than it now does). Imagine marksmen not doing the damage they should to jungle monsters. I only want to know if I'm misunderstanding something, if I'm not reading something or if it's bugged.
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: Ornn's damage on W and Brittle'd autoattacks in jungle
Well, then take off "jungle" of this question. I tried Ornn's W on Practice Tool and I don't see the damage done is correct anyway. I'm close to be crazy, not for the fact it happens, but the fact I don't find anything about this happening.
: Quick question about magic pen
As a matter of curiosity, it was the other way around some time ago, and they changed it to be like it is now and made us mage users happier! I still cry in my corner looking at Abyssal Scepter memories, you could do true damage to targets with up to 107 magic resistance!
Ártilas (EUW)
: Ornn's damage on W and Brittle'd autoattacks in jungle
It's an opinion, but what does that have to do with what I'm talking about?
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