Predederp (EUW)
: How the flying F*** do I get out of Bronze V
: The new Rengar Rework is a faliure.
I actually agree on this. Another example a Rengar OTP on euw challenger named Silphi, more like Señor Silphi quit league completly. He played rengsr into anything, even picking him into Riven or Jax which shit on him in lane pretty hard, even against OTP's like Rüven and he won his lane and snowballed almost every single game. I for myself played Rengsr a lot, to a point you could say I mained him, since his release I played a lot of Rengar, even back in the day his E was point and click. Today I just feel like not playing him anymore, I tried but the new mechanics on him just disappoint me.
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Hirrurg (EUW)
: Twisted fate W
TF ult reveals
Yaveinn33 (EUNE)
: Where did idea for garen's spin on his E came from?
: > [{quoted}](name=Ârzo,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=uHTfchOJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-27T09:43:09.583+0000) > > you aren't the first with this and thre is no black chroma, also I don't think it will ever be made one ikr but why dont they make one?
his default skin is pretty dark and stuff etc etc and Riot propably wants to have a spectrum of possibilities with Zed's appearence. His Default is Red-black-grayish, his SKT skin is gold-red, his Project is black-red and his championship skin is dark-blueish. His chroma skins are White, Yellow, green, red, purple, pink and blue. Riot uses the same collors for most chroma skins. The reason why they didn't make it is clear, if they made a black one many people would just get the black one and play that to get the right "ninja feeling", by not adding a black one they make more money because players tend to buy more than 1 chroma if not all :) And comon black shockblade is kinda booring.
: I play Naut quite a bit and to be fair the W is alright good shield and gives you the dmg + some AoE dmg, not as like the anchor when it once was (s1,s2) when you could anchor them from half a map away but :)
The problem with his W is only the shield part, since it lasts 10 whole seconds, it's just overpowered like that. Clicking W and gaining a 500 - 800 big shield that lasts 10 seconds is just.. to much, it gives you no counterplay. Many other defensive like abilities can be counterplayed by not attacking into them and simply waiting until it runs out, against naut, you either have to kill him with the shield or you can forget engaging him completly. One thing that would help balancing it out would be simply to change the Cooldown, so the Cooldown starts when the shield falls off, would make it more balanced that way
Edoleth (EUW)
: bloodlust over fervor
Ofc the classic line will come up, so i will say it, what you feel like you should play. Fervor is better, but Bloodlust is not wrong. Fervor gives you a huge damage spike which works well with lucians whole kit. Mayn people go {{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3046}} on him, from this item build however he gains only 80 ad, not that much, so fervor helps him. The reason why Fervor is the meta on ADC's right now is because Bloodlust got nerfed and the {{item:3153}} is just really strong since it got changed. {{item:3153}} gives adc's a good early-midgame with also good lategame with the %age damage it provides, you get lifesteal from the Blade and you have it's active which slows the enemy and gives you a movementspeed buff. Blade is already a pretty safe item you can kite well with and fervor makes it just stronger, this is why Fervor is taken on lucian
: Zed chroma pack.
you aren't the first with this and thre is no black chroma, also I don't think it will ever be made one
Fajerk (EUW)
: First would Riot have to fix the game balance...
there are only 3 heavily unbalanced currently {{champion:111}} {{champion:427}} and {{champion:117}} Everyone agrees with Ivern and Lulu, so far so good, Ivern on 57% winratio which is broken af Lulu is also just overloaded But what with nautilus? He is a tanky cc monster, alright he has no problem cc-chaining someone alone for 5 seconds without any help. And the real broken thing is his W Alright it gives empowered AoE attacks on hit, which do quiet a lot of damage to be fair. Also there is the HUGE shield he gains which scales ridicoulusly with his health, and it lasts way to long. Alright {{champion:92}} can get a 1 second shield which isn't even THAT much and naut can have a 10 seconds shield? 10 seconds is way to much to be fair. that are the only balance issues, Naut going to be more busted with the tank meta of the upcoming patch. However, I think fixing the community should be 1st priority, I'd rather get stomped by broken stuff where then I deserve to lose instead of loosing cuz of inting trolls
Okuma (EUNE)
: If all 5 team members agree to opening mid, it should not be punishable. But if one or two people "opens mid" you can report them for refusing to communicate
it's not only refusion of communication, it's giving up before the game is played out to a certain point and griefing at some point. In SoloQ, the case that the WHOLE team says open mid is really rare, in MY case impossible, I don't surrender until the game is clearly over with not the smallest chance of comeback. As long as there is a chance to win the game, I don't surrend
Doomley (EUW)
: I also agree that it needs to be punished more severely. I think that if you ever write something like "open mid" in all chat, you should instantly get a 2 week ban or simply a ranked ban but ranked bans are not riot's thing anymore because they don't like the prisoners island -thing. There are just simply some things that should never be forgiven and opening mid is one of those things.
I don't care if riot likes the prisoerns island -thing or not, it is the only way those people learn, either that or they need simply a 2 week ban, after 2-3 times they get perma banned, that simple. The League community has some serious problems and riot does **NOTHING** about it
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: Yasuo
What has autofill to do with the balancing of a champion?
: Am i bad now?
You did it right, I mean it's even a nornal game. If it was Ranked and that akali was a fresh lvl 30, no mercy, ranked is for tryharding. In your case, you were doing the right thing. Everyone started off as a newbie, giving that player a chance to enhoy the game, can add a new person to the community with maybe a good attitude. Doing what Gragas did, either that akali would quit league or go the hard way, fighting his way through those a-holes and become a player with just a negative attitude. I'm a nice guy and when an enemy loses hard against me, I add them afterwards abd have a talk with them, trying to help them. If an enemy is being a douche and BM's trolls me, I'm gonna make him.spend most of his time dead ingame.
Suriv92 (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol weaker than a minion?
You seem to be pretty wong my friend. Korean challengers stated that Aurelion Sol is busted with his kit. He has a waveclear lvl 1 and can clear the entire wave pretty fast. Apdo stated: People who play Sol are monkeys, a bronze player can outlane a challenger with sol.
: > im in elo hell.. yes it do exist, No it doesn't
It does exist in one way. If you are in the elo you belong or even to high for your skill lvlv and you are unable to carry the games and have a big impact on your own. That's what the term of elohell should be used for
: How wood u fell about this
Elo hell is a term if you are in the elo you belong, or maybe even placed to high. Means you are unable to carry the games. You are bronze 4, the bottom of the ladder, ofc you get the worst players in Ranked when you are one of the worst yourself
Keatch (EUNE)
: riot...
I don't have issues at all, it has to do smth with either your connection or your PC
: Lane Bullies
It's important to know the matchups Telling me what champ you enjoy playing and what you have problems against in lane wpuld help. Know what your oppenent is able to do, Especially cooldowns are important, if you know how big the cooldown of Darius Q and E are, you are gonna have a much easier time. Know the weaknesses andder strengths of your champion. Think about how you can punish your enemy for using certain abilities, or try to bait them out smartly. Again, telling me which champions you like and which tend to bully you helps me giving xou a guide
: My post toxic? Do you know what happens when Platinums team up with unranked/smurfs and their MMR gets lowered to Silver? You get teamed up vs a silver premade, which is going to get stomped in a one-sided game. Here's what you really enjoy.
Your post is toxic because you want to remove, or more like remove the possobility, for friends of different elos to have fun toghether, you said the “health of normal games“ is more important. If you are whining about normal MM, there is SoloQ abd Flex Q for a reason. This problem you are going to face on every game you can play online that gas a ranked system. Unranked playmode means the rank doesn't matter, and noone is going full tryhard in normals anyways
: Free attack speed, passive works on towers. Can't duel her 1v1. But how is she good in 5v5's? One CC shuts her down and with assasin build you'll just end up dying anyway.
Ofc one cc shuts her down uf she rushes in right away into 5 people. One positive thing: Ap assasins have zhonyas which helps her survive even wenn getting cced, as long as you aren't cc chained perfectly. She does better in team than in Splitpushingx she has constant burst damage and if your team gets an engage or smthing similar, Diana can do a lot
: Diana not a splitpusher? What game are you playing?
Diana is an assassin type champion yes, but her kit is not good for Splitpushing. She has great 1v1 potential, but that doesn't make someone to splitpush imidiatly. She has 0 escape tools if getting caught. As said, Diana does fairly well in a 5v5 scenario. She has damage, she has mobility and eveb a bit of cc. AoE as well as single target oneshot, constant damage and her Shield gives her a little bit of tankyness
Ahridk (EUW)
: Recipe to win ranked
That “receipe“ won't work that easily. First Quality over Quantity, look at how you feel, are you feeling fit? No tilt? Play. Are you exhausted? Starting to tilt, mad or something? Don't play. For other things, learn to build a lead up every game and utilize this lead correctly.
Kaliikl (EUNE)
: still no skin
skins get released like chanpions with patches. You propably have to wait till patch 7.9
Maazinea (EUNE)
: again matchmaking (AGAIN!)
Your case seems fine. The last season Rank is unimportant and the current aswell, the MMR, matchaking rank, decides who gets ingame with who. your mmr was either high, or the enemies low do you got queued up with them. When I was Silver 1 and in my promo to gold, I was winning many games and my mmr increased, making me face high platin and low diamond players
: Matchmaker must be changed.
Bad idea, bad arguments. This can't and will not happen, what if friends of different elos want to play? I as example enjoy playing with some friends that are bronze or unranked, while I am a tryharding Ranked player, I only play normals with them toghether. So you wanna forbidd myself to play with my friends? You say it's toxic for the health if the game, you throw the word “toxic“ to fast around. How is it toxic when friends want to socialize ingame? If you open your eyes, you are the one who deserved the term toxic on his forehead
: Boosting player in Platinum Division.
He might be boosting, might not. I for myself have to say, your argument.means nothing. When I started to climb I was winning.more than 70% of my games, should I now get banned for üeople assuming I was getting boosted? Pretty unfair if I focused to improve so I win a lot of games
: A Mage Splitpush item
You sure you play the same game? Mages are no Splitpushers {{champion:131}} {{champion:127}} do reaöly well in 5v5 scenarios
The Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ârzo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=E4148YlE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-04-26T14:13:15.465+0000) > > I can't believe that 1 loosing strike drops me on gaining 17 lp per win while I had 2-3 strikes with a HUGE amount of wins, while the rest being constantly winning more than half of my games That's definitely unsual. Because we can't see the actual MMR numbers, we can never be sure about that. How much LP you win/lose usually tells where your MMR is at, compared to your rating. However, I doubt 1 lose-streak would drop your MMR so much. Give it time, maybe it goes up again.
When I was Silver 5 I got 23 per win and lost 17/18 per lose Right before my loosing strike I had 25 - 26 LP per win and -16/17 Per lose Right now I gain 17 LP per win
The Febos (EUW)
: I didn't even read that wall of text. I'm just going to answer the question in the title: No. Wins and Losses are worth the same. *** For a more detailed explanation I can tell you this: - If you lose games against less skilled (lower MMR) players than you, then you'll lose more MMR than you would if they were equal or more skilled. - If you win games against more skilled (higher MMR) players than you, then you'll win more MMR than you would otherwise. That's just MMR and not League ratings (Bronze, Silver, etc). MMR stands for "Match Making Rating".
According to that, I should be **always** the person with the highest MMR in my team, while in the enemy team it is balanced out so everyone of them has less mmr than me I'm clearly winning way more games as I lose, I can't believe that 1 loosing strike drops me on gaining 17 lp per win while I had 2-3 strikes with a HUGE amount of wins, while the rest being constantly winning more than half of my games
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The Febos (EUW)
: That's a thing with Supports as a whole. "True" supports, or champions that focus solely on "supporting", tend to have higher win-rates. About Ivern, I don't know what can be done with him. His ratios aren't the problem, since he doesn't build damage. Ivern's strength is in his utility. Increasing his cooldowns may be the way to go. Only someone who plays Ivern consistently can tell you exactly what could be changed. I don't want to see another Shaco'like nerf.
I mean they did a small change on his bushes, which wasn't doing that much. The problem is, as you said, the utility. He has kinda to much, he basicly prevents allies from dying and that better than other supports. Shields abd heals should be treated the same way as damage. If iverns shields are to strong, they need to be nerved. It needs to be taken a good look on Ivern, his lategame is clearly to strong
: You're right, he's a fat american that eats KFC everyday. We demand a health care!
good one, gave me a laugh
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Ârzo (EUW)
: I rarely play without {{summoner:12}} on kassadin, simply because it's way more valuable than {{summoner:14}} and kassadin doesn't need ignite. I have fairly a 62% winrate on 50 games so far. The only problems I face are {{champion:61}} and {{champion:8}}
Well I hit Gold V on thursday 13th april Since then a huge loosing strike, my overall winratio dropped for 5% Kassadin dropped from 78% to 62% My mmr got so fked up by that that instead of getting +30 lp as before I get now {{champion:38}} {{item:3070}}
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: learn him midlane, or roam to midlane and/or bring tp for botlane/drake and capture objectives like herald with ur jungler, all of this would help your chances of winning. {{champion:498}}
I rarely play without {{summoner:12}} on kassadin, simply because it's way more valuable than {{summoner:14}} and kassadin doesn't need ignite. I have fairly a 62% winrate on 50 games so far. The only problems I face are {{champion:61}} and {{champion:8}}
: Nice idea, but I think it's fine how it is right now. It gives the laning phases more flavor, for example, imagine Zed being ganked mid while he just hit lvl 6, it requires some speed to quickly take the ability and use it. Maybe it's just me tho..
yes lvling up an ability is a micromechanic as all other mechanics of your champion. Being able to hit that ability with almost automatic function is something people must learn. If you aren't that great, you can end up either lvling your ult up to late ending in your death. Or you go through a whole teamfight with an ability on lvl up and you don't click it because you are to "busy" A trained player does it almost instantly with ctrl+(ability) or shitf+(ability which ever you have set
fakyourmeta (EUNE)
: Leveling abilities
there are champions with different possibility do max their skills in a certain order. Some champs even have match up related skilling. {{champion:38}} is a good exapmle. Against magic damage, I take Q lvl 1, then W and then on lvl 3 Q again, and in the end I max Q out first and then E
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: Diamond EUNE and Plat V EUW, 4000h+ on this game combined with many other smurf/troll accounts. i have the experience you seem to lack, it'd be good for you to take some advice and accept that you are not correct in every statment you make.{{champion:498}}
I'd fairly like to know how I can roam as kassasdin pre 6 on toplane where there is a 5/1 fiora
mmrghost7 (EUNE)
: stop autofill
There are multiple ways of improving that. First of all, Riot created the selective roles since many players wished for it. This resulted in Queue times 3 times higher than usual. 1. You can improve playing adc, your choice, if you are disgusted by it, then hell dont. 2. You can aks friendly if someone would like to swap because you will perform really bad as adc, communication does a lot. If noone swaps, your support will know **taht guy isn't good at adc so I have to play around that** your team will know **our adc is mechanic related weak, so we need to do something to get over his weakness** 3. Next chance is you simply dodge the queue. This costs you only 5 minutes waiting (you even said 10) and 3 -4 lp by first dodged game of the day. There are very good reasons autofill is not disabled. If there are many players online, the chance of having to wait 10 - 20 minutes for a game, no problem, noone gets autofilled If the system realizes, O-oh there are to many of one position and a huge lack of another position, it enables autofil. Also you can see in the lobby if autofil is active or not Remember, when you get support or autofilled once, you get a guarantee for getting one of your selected roles by 100% even if there are position shortages. Also with promo games, if you get into a promotion series, you get 100% one of your 2 selected roles to basicly give you the chance to carry the game, instead of getting autofilled and having to hope your team does something
DinaMit361 (EUNE)
: Youre not any better than that lee sin lul
any facts? I can show you the replay to see what total nonsence this guy played Also even if I rarely play jungle and even rarer play lee sin, I'm confident in my mechanics, I don't need to focus on my micro since they are by musclememmory. This lee sin struggled so hard with his micro mechanics that he had 0 chance pulling of macro mechanics If you need an explanation about it Micro are the mechanics of the champ itself, so with a bad micro you focus on that to not make a mistake and become blind for the overall game state, meaning your decition making will be very very bad Having a good micro means you can focus on macro, which lets you actually see most states of the game, one of the benefits is map awereness Someone with good micro doesn't need much focus on his "plays" but instead can drag his attention to the map which does a lot
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: last comment im putting on you. you called his/him gameplay braindamaged, sucking at the game and being boosted. learn to accept defeat, biggest lesson out there.
was it this one time? no Accepting a lose is no problem, but accepting 10 loses is, when game after game you actually go into a snowballing state cuz you played really well, then one enemy has equal if not bigger feed than you have and you lose multiple games like that because your team surrenders early and starts to troll while the enemy team continues playing in team for the Victory This Lee was just an example what I get queued with through a whole week
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: you deserve some sort of restriction yourself tbh, also this post should be shut down soon couse "namecalling" people like you currently are is not permitted on the boards i believe.
where is the name calling? I wrote something his name has **like**, I haven't mentioned a full name at all, all I did was saying his name contains a big pen*s joke
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Make smurfs legal and close down soloQ for smurf-accounts.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ârzo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=trBRNjHA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-04-24T07:55:03.833+0000) > > There's a difference between a unique playstyle and that. Ehm,not really.As long as you do some things right in most games you can climb to at least gold. It's like bumping certain character stat in rpg while leaving all the rest medicore/bad. > > Not only did he play a tottally unviable build, he missed smites, didn't know what to do all game long. He didn't have neccessarily good game this time. > > Most of the time he was standing afk hesitating, should he gank or not, should he go in or not, and he **always** did the wrong decition. Certainly he did have bad game and was unsure how to play from behind. Tilts are thing no matter what elo. > > Situations he clearly should've just went all in, he backed off farming the jungle, before you say anything about greed and stuff. One enemy was caught in our jungle, we had wards and seen all other 4 enemys in their own jungle, not a single chance this could've gone wrong if we killed that 1 overextending enemy, but he prefered farming. Same as previous. > > 2nd he goes in when he should not. If he hits like one Q after 20 times on a champion, he gets straight up the "Lee syndrome" which means **Hit Q followQ** into 5 enemies blowing up instantly same as previous here too > > This person, had no valuable skills which would've made him reach gold without someone to boost him It's not good idea to judge basing on one game. With over 800 gp games played in ranked I myself have sometimes games where I struggle to get combos of(yes,even the very basic ones) and play like idiot overall as a:I'm really hard tilted from my own unskilleness b:As I'm tilted I struggle to make optimal decisions and c:As such I seem like 1st time gp which makes me feel even worse leading to bump up points a and b even more.
Having a constant winrate over 45 games with 44% on that champion, you need to know nothing more than that, it's not only cuz of that one game, but cuz of research I judge
: He has played 281 games and he is still in silver 1 with 50% win ratio. He has nice % playing adc, but i guess Lee sin is fun to play:) So i guess he tries to jungle but suck at playing it? Dunno.
Why play something on Ranked if you know you suck at it? This alone should make him receiving a ranked game restriction so he has to play normal draft to unlock ranked again, this is behaviour which draggs down people who actually try to climb
: Was this a solo queue? (You mentioned you normally do, but in this case?) If you happened to be a 5 man premade this can happen, as it's not super critical to have 1 in each role. In a 5 man premade you can go 5 man ADC if you wish. If solo queue though, that's pretty odd...
Yes it was SoloQ and I was completly Solo, not even Duoqing {{champion:104}} decided he is going to take {{summoner:14}} and go to play mid against {{champion:103}} Unluckily, he was not comfortable playing midlane at all. As if he got autofilled and got a not so strong pick in one, which caused a lot of trouble and frustration in the game
: It's sounds just like me, when i got autofilled as a jungler.
Most played game with {{champion:64}} this Season 45 games with a 44% winratio So not autofilled Also most likely I'm assuming it's a very immature kid since his name is a Big D joke
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