: [AQUA] AquaNation Looking for a Support Main P1+ [AQUA]
: [AQUA] Looking For SUB Support [AQUA]
IGN: Äpostle II Role: Support Rank: D3 Age: 23 Location: UK Hobbies: Gaming is currently my hobby, I'm in the military so don't have more time for any other hobbies, as gaming is my passion Champion Pool: Literally anything, though renowned for champs like Poppy, Janna, Nami, Alistar & Soraka Team experience: Played on teams for a long time, primarily is Season 4 & 5, which is when I met one of your current members, Aqua Hydrollancer What you bring to the team: Good coms, team calls, game knowledge, (including wave control, objective control, vision control and awareness) as well as much more. As a side note, Hydrollancer can vouch for me about who I am, how I play and what I can bring to the team, thanks for your consideration <3
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Äpostle II

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