: Why I can't comment?
Hi, SpecNazzLTÜ ! You need to post something on the board ! relog and you will be fine ^..^
AsherUA (EUW)
: Not ban, but, at least 14-day restriction deserved.
+1 this is not the highest level of flame and toxicity, i guess the should gave him 14Days ban
N o (EUW)
: Does somebody else experience having no Emotes in ARAM?
: Need help of the Community! :)
I did a like ! You are welcome ^..^
Varvicis (EUNE)
: Can't access my email for verification
you should delete this post! first of all .. sharing or selling accounts is not supported by riot game ;)
lAAvery (EUW)
you to delete this post! you should be punished for beeing smurfing by @riot games
: Hey looking for ppl to play with
: Why i got banned
apes is the only exact reason to be banned .. unfortunetely :/
Ökami (EUNE)
: UFO Corki
skins like PAX Tf, UFO CORKI, BLACK ALISTAR exc cannot be crafted in the hextech..
: can't perchase rp. error
You may have to contact Riot games support : https://support.riotgames.com/ :)
jOhNyP (EUW)
: a msg to my mid laner aatrox
making billions with these flames lmao
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: Question about demotion
ur fine .. i guess u till need about 10loss stricke to get demoted
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01drago01 (EUW)
: Who is all just sitting there reloading constantly to see all the threads about lol not working
: %%%%ing indie company
you don't have to say that
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Totyika (EUW)
: Main Supp Silver/Gold looking for LF (Clash)Team
Rayquorz (EUW)
: How to get a lower rank?
Hello Rayquorz ! here's some quick tips to improve your skill and get better at the game! -Stop Blaming Your Team -Watch Your Replays -Play With Good Players(premade) -Practice Flashing Over Walls -Practice Last Hitting -Learn One Champion Inside Out -Keep Up To Date With The Meta -Get a Good Setup you are welcome ^..^
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Malleifu (EUW)
: lf friend
I'M Ashley I can be a friend ^.^
: ***
Nice mf stats mate ;)
SireoJ (EUW)
: Holy shit ive actually been hacked.. multiple skins gifted... wtf?? is there any way they would refund me? and see who these people are?
They will ask you a couple of questions about your account informations
: ***
Man , I recently noticed that your behavior is so bad .. you should help not being toxic .
SireoJ (EUW)
: Lost some RP??
Check your gifting center! You may be hacked.. I recommend to change your password And send a ticket to support
Eyey chill dude! You have no right to say that !
Åshë (EUW)
: Riot , you have no choice now!
Most of banned accounts are a good worthy accounts ! If they unban it players will feel like they have given a secound chance and they will start to be serious this time and the hype will be back!
Hydnoras (EUW)
: The streamers aren't quitting league because of league. They are changing games to give their channels longer lives. So they aren't dependent on league to get viewers and if league happens to lose popularity someday, they won't be left in the dust. Also some of them (like dyrus) have played the game for a really long time and changing the game for a while will help them detach from league so they can return to it later and be excited about the game again. EDIT: a streamer is one person. Just because one person quits, it doesn't mean the game is losing popularity. One leaves, another one takes its place.
Nightblue , trick2g , froggen inc
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: Was breached and recovered.
Guldberg (EUW)
: Loose 18LP/20LP when someone leave doing mid game?
i agree with that mate! it's a waste of time and lp for such a stupid behave ! hope they will do it in the future
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Coreil (EUW)
: i've played @ g5 only when drunk for like 2 months(all preseazon and more i think)....so u tell me. after the rewards, i sayd who cares lets have fun , hard drop below g5 tho,u gotta rly try.
yes yes :D goodjob
: you went from bronze 3 to plat 5 in 2 months after stagnating in silver for the previous 4 years seems legit
lmao i sweer
Coreil (EUW)
: i wasn't refering 2 u, the cream p...
i'm just playing verybad nowdays ! idk why
Coreil (EUW)
: and then u whine because people flame. stay positive,everyone has bad days, he could get offended.
i aint flaming nobudy !
: am i the only one who looks at this and sees the words "elo boosted" in bright red all over the place? https://imgur.com/Jai3pGj there's also the fact that the discrepency in kda for those ashe games is off the charts example: https://imgur.com/XkMdhTz
i'm not boosted ! i'm 1trick ashe
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: I wish you all a Happy New year :P


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