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: Actually that was the single best update they ever did and likely will last forever in the game. It used to be that it stayed at 300 but the gold for a 'losing player who isn't gaining kills' lowered. They finally made it fair and enable comebacks to genuinely be viable when the leading team get too arrogant and the losing team get enough shutdowns. You really don't understand how 'stomp or surrender' the game was in older seasons if you speak ill of shutdown gold. You may have been around for a while and tell me 'no, I know how it used to be' but I don't believe you truly paid attention to how unfair the game was to a good player on the 'behind team' in the older seasons pre shutdown.
That is a stupid mechanic, where you are punished for playing good I don't understand how you can see it as a good thing. I was around for older seasons and it actually felt more fair back then. What's different if you had bad team then and now? They will still hold you back. Even more so with the current state of the game, where no matter how ahead you are(because you played well), 2 random people from enemy team can melt you in 2 seconds(support included). Unfair you say? Unfair is how jungler walking out from jungle can 1v1 you with no items. Unfair is how every new champion have 2 dashes and hard cc on top of some other stupid mechanic, where champions like Garen or Darius for example get kited into oblivion and have no literal means of outplaying, with their kit. Unfair is how now after playing really well in lane - getting fed, while the rest of your team is bad, you get killed once by enemy team and all that lead you've had now went to them for a single good play they did whole game. Please don't speak about game being better now for solo good player, because it's a total bullshit.
: A game mechanic that i will never understand
I will never understand why you are punished for playing good, by having bounty on your head, when people are rewarded for losing with catch-up exp.
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: Returning player looking for mature people to play with (leveling new account)
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