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: Remove Conqueror?
Ah yes, i would like to see you kite with yasuo or riven. Play mages if you are annoyed by these champs. You are triggered and thats why you are spilling dumb shit on the boards. Imagine a champion like riven to get the same amount of lifesteal as adc's.
MssFortune (EUNE)
: Selling champions!
There currently is such a system, called the refund system. You have 3 refund tokens by default. You can use these to refund ANY purchase made, except for bundles and consumables such as chests. If you use your 3 tokens, you are done refunding for good. If they were to consider this idea, you have to keep in mind that the selling price will be way less than the purchase price.
Kalviras (EUW)
: Can you hurry up and release Wukong rework or delete him?
I feel like Wukong is pretty good at the moment. Not that i play him a lot. I have tried him in both mid and top and both worked fine with me. Maybe he currently is not good for jungle.
: Anivia is op and needs nerfs
There are these things called punctuation marks. You should try use them. Anivia can be overpowered, yes. However if you just play an assassin you will see it doesn't have to be hard. Mobility counters her, so play a champion with a lot of dashes, such as LeBlanc, Fizz or Zed if you like AD better.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ðouble B,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=jEaVPzHb,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-28T18:23:47.178+0000) > > Also i am pretty sure that its the 4th drake that changes the map, but correct me if i am wrong. It's the 3rd one You need to kill 2 drakes and then the map changes to match the element of the 3rd drake
alright thanks! I wasnt too sure
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: I disagree, beacuse you wont get your passive of with only ulting in a teamfight! You would need to stun a target or make E + R to proc it on 1 champion. And people mostly know how to play versus him so it's easy to f#ck up his ultimate.
fact stays he dealt way too much damage in teamfights. and if its so hard to proc it, why do i see it in every single teamfight?
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Δ Illuminati Δ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PE08q3P0,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-03T14:50:24.650+0000) > champion lock-on abilities. It's called point click :)
aight thanks for pointing that out
Troll IRL (EUNE)
: Magic penetration is useless
Lethality items are supposed to deal damage to champions who have no armor. to shred armor you need armor penetration and as far as i know only {{item:3036}} and {{item:3033}} really shred armor. i think your list is a little big there buddy.
Svinjex (EUW)
: How
and what are we supposed to do with this information
: Why did you nurf Brand?
brand was overpowered in every single way lmao. his ult destroys entire teams, and he has the fire circle passive thingy aswell, which makes the damage incredibly high. and dont start with the ''skillshots'' his q moves fast as fk and both his ult and E are champion lock-on abilities. This dude needed a nerf hard. admit it.
: Nurf Yasuo!
Yasuo main here! Yasuo is a skill-based champ. this means that, of you are good with him, you can basically kill anyone, but if you are new to him, you will pretty much int whole game. Now i understand why you think his passive and wall are overpowered. But these abilities are easily baitable. just autoattack once and you destroy his shield, and you can bait the windwall by, for an example, throwing 1 ability out. alot of yasuo mains or yasuo players will want to block the damage by windwalling. due to the high cooldown on the ability, you can do an all-in after the wall runs out. In your example you were playing annie. i do not understand how you did not win. yes, annies abilities are mostly projectiles and blockable by the windwall, but your cooldowns are not high at all, which means that after he uses it, you can throw everything you got at him. what makes annie such a threat to yasuo is the huge range advantage you have, and the fact you have a stun and a huge fking bear slapping the shit out of him. What i am trying to say is, good yasuo players are perfectly capable of winning against an annie, but annie players are perfectly capable of killing yasuo aswell. you just gotta know how to play against him. just autoattack to break his passive, and try baiting his windwall by poking continiously.
: Re-installed game, uninstalled a day later
I have to agree on the fact that starting off in league is annoying because you literally play with the worst trash from the trashpile. But, the BE update has been a huge improvement to the game. People get BE way faster than you used to get IP, since you get rewards each level, and not each game. This way starters can buy what they want faster which gives the game a good early on experience. Now about the toxicity, yes. There is still way too much of it ingame, but i have played in both in the IP stadium of the game as in the BE. I have to say, Toxicity got less over time. They are still a long way from perfect, but it is slowly getting better imo. Also, Yasuo is once of the most balanced champions in this meta, you just have to know how to counter him. Why people ge so frustrated over him, is simply because alot of people know how to play yasuo very well, which makes the champion good. If you dont know how to play him well, you get basically no kills.
CJXander (EUNE)
: All the players use the game with the same code, if the game works for 99 players but it doesn't work for you, it means the problem lies within your end. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Also a bug report should be made with their template, not just random ranting nobody can figure out what your problem was and under what conditions.
Eh, ish? Everyone gets disconnected one time or the other. I sometimes have thesame issues. Now i dont intend on flaming riot or so, and usually it IS the problem of the person his pc, but the source, imo, lies with riot. They are so focussed on releasing new champs and coming out with new stuff every year that i feel like the forget the fact that their game is far from 100%. They should focus on making the game playable for everyone, just as they advertise, instead of greeding for money by releasing new stuff every patch. This way the people with the lower end pc's do not have to experience this. But, as i said, i do not intend on flaming riot. I think they have a great game, i just think that they priorities or a little bit off. Also i am not trying to change their way of working since they probably wont care about 1 or 2 people their opinion, but i just had to get this out.
: A pleasant suprise
why are you starting a discussion just to brag about your luck...
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: It seems pyke will be removed from the game next patch
It is about time hes getting a goddamn nerf. I lost againt him in midlane while i waas playing zed! I am confident enough to say i am a decent zed player, mastery not high or something but i can play him pretty well. It is bs that a support/sometimes jungle can win against a zed.
H2X Yukii (EUW)
: There was an Error picking ur Champion
I get it alot too, altough i am always able to just pick my champion again... i dont know why this is happening to you in an extreme way. Maybe try client repair or reinstalling?
: my account was banned just right now permanent.
I am just a player like you. I am flaming people sometimes aswell. But riot is very clear about this. If you spread toxicity in any way, no matter what context it is in, and someone on your team/enemy team decides to report you, riot has all the rights to permanently ban you. I have received a few bans myself, including the 2 week one. I am not saying i am reformed now, but i do see improvements since my honor level is slowly rising and i try not to be too toxic in chat.
: What happened
You should be submitting a ticket in riot support website. They help you really fast if you start a chat with one of the support specialists. If you want my opinion, i think maybe riot punished you for something in a weird way, or somehow someone swapped login information with another account, which probably means your actual account has another login that someone else created, and decided to troll you by creating another account with your login details.
: An anommaly... (Warning, not for faint-hearted, as this happened FOR ME
I got a nosebleed from reading this. I am a yasuo main, so when i decide to play someone else for a change, does that mean i will get tornadoes raging around the place every day??
Aurothic (EUNE)
: There's a game called Mobile Legends. Pretty similar to League of Legends,you can try it out
I have it, but it is too much of a pay to win game.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: So this happened to me once
I love this shit cuz it is so non-leag related
Bronze Hero (EUNE)
: Hextech Crafting System
I totally agree with you. It would be nice of Riot added something else to buy with orange essence, maybe like name changes or boosters. At this point i think BE is used for too much, and OE for too less.
BooM2003 (EUNE)
: Leaverbuster for being afk for 3:55
It doesn't matter if you think it is unfair, those are the rules. If your team thought you dcing lost them the game, they have all the rights to report you. Also the gamemode can be irrelevant to you (i share that opinion with you by the way), others might take it serious, which means there is no point in using that as an excuse. If the game was lost, you might aswell have stayed in game for those 4 min anyways. I mean, alot can happen in 4 minutes. I dont know how hard you were losing, but from what i have seen a game can be won by the losing team if they win the final teamfight. I think a leaverbuster can be removed if applied with no or a bad reason. In this case you left the game and got a leaverbuster for it, so i am afraid it won't be removed.
: Game screen minazing while playing
repair launcher, or reinstall game. submit a ticket aswell.
: Occasionally become unable to manually attack
try a client repair. If that does not fix it you should submit a ticket. As final solution you can reinstall the complete game, altough i dont know if that would fix it since you dont know whether the problem is on riots side (in this case reinstalling might work), or on your side (than its just a problem with your pc and reinstalling does not have a high chance of fixing the problem).
Krippino (EUW)
: Fatal Error
Try reinstalling the full game.
: No tokens... But chests allowed? )) Where's the logic behind it? :D Don't you know by any chance, why Rito would do that?
This is my opinion on why they do it this way, so don't think i am telling the truth here, because i simply dont know the actual explanation about this. But here is why i think it works that way: So basically ARAM games take less time to complete than summoners rift games right? That means that if you would get mastery tokens faster by playing ARAM, wich means that the actual standard gamemode, summoners rift, will die because everyone would just be farming tokens for their champs on ARAM. Now why do you DO get a chest in ARAM? I think that is because you get a limited amount of chest to receive each week, so it doesnt really matter whether you gain them by playing ARAM or summoners rift. If you think i am wrong please tell me.
devoz22 (EUNE)
: client login bug
Only thing i can recommend you is re-installing... But report the bug aswell in ticket submission, so riot knows you are having a problem.
LedzendPt (EUW)
: dear riot games.
I completely agree with you. Riot seems to not care enough about a good system that finds trolling people, but they ARE willing to spend more effort in an anti-toxicity system, wich is SO good you even get banned while you are joking with your premades. You only need 1 report, the system checks it and booom. Bye account! And there is still people asking why league is dying...
: I cannot verify my account
First, check whether the verification email is in your spam folder. If that is not the case, try resending. Riot always gives the ''resend'' option when you are sending the email. If that does not work, you might wanna change your email your account is linked too, because it might be a glitch from the current email you are using right now.
: Odyssey or Soulhunter Kayn?
id say Odyssey, but thats just cuz i dont like the soulhunter one.
: No, that hit you. That indicator before he fires doesn't cover the full range of the ability, as you can see from the replay itself.
Indeed. Lucian's Q took me a while to find out how it worked aswell. I play him alot, and still dont know how to play him like a lucian main. You can hit your Q in a straight piercing line, wich means that if you target a minion in front of an enemy, you can still hit the enemy. But like Seal said, the indicator does not show the full range of the Q.
TaloXD (EUW)
: Faster game speed bug
Maye it is because you joined in late and the game tried to make up for the fact that you were playing in the ''past'', and the rest of your team was playing in the ''present''?
: I have to wait 2x lower priority queue time because I pressed 'skip waiting for results'
I had thesame bug when i had a 20 min dodge timer... I waited for 20 min straight, clicked ''find game'' and needed to wait another 20 minutes.. League is just a game with alot of bugs and for some reason rito doesnt feel like fixing them.
: riot stop please
I feel like riot has ALOT of problems that need to be taken care off... But what can we do about it...? We are just their pathetic little playerbase who they need for money..
Llitch (EUW)
Ill remember this for the next time im playing against eve..
: My mouse is lagging if i have the LoL Client open up
Maybe try reinstalling the game again. That might fix the bug since you created the bug that way aswell. I think there might be a little mistake being made while u were insalling the game again.
Sunwise (EUNE)
: Stuck at a Black Screen in League of Legends Game Client after Reconnecting
I sometimes experience thesame... I just restart my pc and hope it will be okay. Sometimes it works, sometimes is doesnt. Eitherway there will come a moment were it DOES work.
Kalusia (EUNE)
: V8.17 - honor orb opening error
Submit a ticket. I wasnt able to get my riot girl tristana either and submitted a ticket for it. They were able to manually put it into my inventory. Maybe they can somehow check what happened and if you indeed didnt receive the item you were supposed to get, they will have to find a way to fix the issue.
Grąvęs (EUW)
: intentional griefers
Eh... you say he intentionally ignored your lane... Did he just do that or did you give him a reason to? I mean i would do thesame if my ally laner keeps pinging for help and being salty in chat... if you keep calling for help and yelling ''COME HELP ME YOU INTING PIECE OF ****'' i wouldnt come and help either
D3nn (EUW)
: is account buying/sharing even bannable?
They should put less effort in banning people for ''toxic behavior'', and more in banning bought accounts... I mean you get immeadiatly chat restricted or suspended 2 minutes after the game u were toxic in, even if you were just defending yourself, but they just leave bought accounts alone...
Jökër (EUW)
: Getting Permabanned.
lmao why do i think you dont understand that in only like 20% of the cases the player was actually flaming... its just a bot that checks for bad language if you have been reported for toxicity. It doesnt understand if you use bad works as a joke or smth like that... It just bans you if it sees ''possible negative behavior''... And once you want to contact riot about it, they say: ''oh no but that can be taken very offensive to some players!!!''. Even if you are in a game full of premades...
Quastein (EUW)
: Getting Chat Restrict for no reason...
I exactly know how you feel. I have a 2 week suspension for no reason. But fine. I only spended 200 or more euros in the account and its no big deal. (this is sarcasm btw). Riot never actually reads the chats, the only thing they have is a bot that checks for ''negative behavior in chat'' and that bot describes allmost everything as negative, since a bad word u maybe used for a joke, doesnt get recignized as joke by a fking robot.
: I play since season 5 and i didn't have such a bug before. I certainly have more than 20 champs, actually I have 99 champs. I really hope that Riot will connect to me or atleast fix this bug, because it's really annoying to play only "Normal blind".
In that case it would be a good idea to report the bug via the client bug report system. Its the little icon on the bottom right side of your client. Report the bug there and just wait until its fixed, altough i dont trust riot enough to actually do something about it that fast.
: 20 champions bug
If you actually have 20 champions, than its certainly a bug and you should indeed ask for help. But if you do not have 20 champions, the other 3 gamemodes are simply not available for you, since you need at least 20 champions in order to play a proper draft game. that is because 10 champions can get banned in total in draft, and if you own like only 15 and they banned half of those, you only have 7 left who may not even be suitable for the role you are playing. You need a good diversity of champions for the modes where you can ban champions, wich, as i already said, includes draft aswell.
: > [{quoted}](name=BackBow,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=VPXhtEiV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-28T18:39:18.765+0000) > > I don't know what the problem is due to the fact that you do not give alot of information about the problem, and the fact that i am not a professional at this stuff. The only advice i can give you is either check if your firewall is blocking your league of legends, or either try reinstalling the game. If none of this works you might wanna try and submit a ticket and ask for information from people that know more about it then i do. No, a LOT of people having issues right now. It is most likely on Riot's end. I don't know what the hell they're up to but they're doing something wrong
In my opinion they are tgrowing out new updates way too quick. I understand they want to keep the game refreshing but i feel like the new aurelion sol skin just came out, and tomorrow the new patch is released. Maybe that has something to do about the fact that the game is not working correctly for some people. Still you should contact support about the problem if you haven´t already done that. When i have a problem i submit a ticket, and usually get a proper answer the next day.
Fornike (EUW)
: Can't connect to a game
Since you already tried reinstalling, the only advice i can give you is checking whether there is a firewall of some sort blocking the game or smth.
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