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Then leave the game.... No one will stop you. Don't worry you won't be missed. And again, if you get caught every time the enemy jungler ganks you then it's your fault. There are wards for this specific reason. And still T1 is known to be quite toxic so it's not a surprise if he blames others for his own faults. This is a 5v5 game not a 1v1 . If you want a 1v1 then as soon as the winner is decided in the lane leave the game. Nothing is gonna change because of you. You are a nobody like everyone so no one is gonna even pay attention to you. Else they would have deleted champs like yasuo or teemo, but guess what? They are still here. Grow up a little and stop believing that this world rotates around you because, spoiler, it doesn't.
: Diamond Player Offering Coaching for Free!
Why would you do that? I mean I would be really happy since I'm a jungler as well and would really like to receive an helping hand but I want to know the reasons behind this ..
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