Bronze Vs Bronze , winner become the Gold
: You can only obtain the border during this MSI. Once you have the boarder it'll stay. Just like Lux and the project skins, you can get them during the event but they'll stay after that.
aha i see tnx alot for ur time and advice . best regards <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: If you buy the whole bundle during MSI, the border is lifetime. There is no other way to get it.
aha i see tnx alot for ur time and advice . best regards <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
: why do u think that? {{champion:51}}
guess i read it on rift herald
BawanNL (EUW)
: I got permbanned.
: Pulsefire caitlyn release date ?
next week at friday i guess
Black2attck (EUNE)
: Riot WTF wtf i am a player i am a human i swear god
: What do you do when you're depressed.
calling my gf and ask for sex and by that i can empty all my depression on her
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: But what does he do in teamfights?
ulti adc disable him and allowing his team mates to kill the adc or ap carry champs like syndra or etc . he is very good for starting team fight and focus on soft champs
: Skype causes FPS drops.
your friend name is Kek ? lol
: why has ahri been left in a very strong state for so long
i can only see a guy who lose his lane on mid vs ahri and now complaning about champion
: Great! More flaming in CS: "Sejuani open. Jungler pick Sejuani or report!" "Champ X you picked is trash! Dodge or report!" "Pick tanky support or report!" "Pick AP mid or report!" "Champ X is OP! Pick it or report!" "Mid pick flash and ignite or report!" "Top pick teleport or report!" "I'm autofilled! Give me mid or report!" ...please, no. Holy freaking no.
just logged in to like this comment , this one just made my fking day gg wp xD
Sephiro (EUNE)
: A big thanks to all you who deserve this
No Prob Man ! we always give a shit
Teejoon (EUW)
: Play new champs. That works at least for me. If I play the same champ several games in a row, I feel like I make more mistakes on them. Like I play let's say Jhin about 45 of the last 50 games. I will probably start feeling that I start to play him worse. The best solution for me is to maybe play Kog/MF/Jinx the next 5-10 games I play ADC and then play some more Jhin games.
well i just test this then i start to play lux again feeling better now , tnx !
JeinLight (EUW)
: Out of bronze V, but with 0LP, in bronze IV, If I lose 1 game now, do I go back?
if u have 0 lp and in bronze already if u lose 3 games in row while u have 0 lp u will get demoted to B5
: Well as lee you are, executioners is a decent item on him and is completely worth it... and naut shouldn't be trying to fight a dueler in a 1v1 at all, like don't even try it with any dueler regardless of sustain.
u dont want to fight a dueler dude that dueler wanna r@pe ur ass, its not about u , its about him xD
: >u cant 1v1 him bcuz of his insane life steal {{item:3123}} {{item:3165}}?
as {{champion:64}} or{{champion:111}} jg u are going to buy {{item:3123}} and {{item:3165}} ? my bad then
Tyranitar (EUW)
: Worst champions?
well from my idea the worst champ in LoL is {{champion:19}} and my reason ? bcuz its a fking horror movie dude , i mean u cant run from him , u cant 1v1 him bcuz of his insane life steal and every fking time when i was playing on mid lane and my hp was low i was going to sh*t on my pants bcuz this wolf will chase u till hell , some times i was low hp and this warwick just used his flash and then ulti me like jumped 300 mtrs , facing ww looks like you are playing resident evil 5 chapter 14 . this champ is a mistake ....{{champion:19}}
: Everyone has bad games, just keep at it, don't give up and you'll soon be back to par with champions again. Just play a few normals to practice. I have no doubt this is just a bad patch and you'll do better soon.
tnx man , your words give me alot of hope ! tnx alot <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Elajdza (EUNE)
: Is tyler1 unbanned?
omg why ppl still talking about this white coconut
: ***
SekkiShin (EUW)
: Well considering how much is Riot copying from Dota 2 I would not be surprised if that would be introduced together with UI skins.
Riot copying from dota 2 ? lol dude , dota 2 latest hero was Monkey King a copy from our wu-kong nice joke u made back there haha
: Dark Star Kindred Skin Concept
if riot make this , i gonna insta buy it
: There is an hidden depth to this mode, and that's the fact that {{champion:412}} is by far the most universally played champ (which is ironic, considering that support is the most despised role), even more than {{champion:64}} and {{champion:157}}. So, RioT made a mode with the assurance that most of the community would at least know the basics of it. Which is neat, even if i personally hate {{champion:412}}, i never played it, and would nerf either it's CC or the latern in this very instant if i could.
: maybe your playstyle changed. i remember when i was choosing my mains.. i was looking for champs that fitted what i wanted to do ingame or achieve. at first i wanted something for teamfights than i stopped wanting that so i switched champs for things that were more splitpush style. So maybe its just that you have changed as a player.
yeah i guess , cuz i start to playing jg role recently
: buy a new glasses
love this salt {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Eraenis (EUW)
: Maybe get a healthy dose of good ol sleep ;) ? Sounds like you are going on autopilot a lot. If that's the case, you gotta give your lazy ass brain something to do, so it doesn't fall asleep. If you are using quick cast, consider changing it back to normal. Helped me alot when i couldn't hit a thing with nida spears. Try to always give yourself a goal, so that you have to think about how to achieve that goal. If that doesn't help, you might have to force yourself into playing something else for a while. You are just going to build up more frustration otherwise.
never played with normal cast hmmm guess i have to try it for a while tnx for your advice {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Sanidu (EUNE)
: Which support should i main for autofill?
if u want some supp champs for autofill i recommend you this {{champion:37}}
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Eliennë (EUW)
: Rakan and Xayah Keychains ^^
wow man amazing , can we buy these stuff ? would be nice
Joza934 (EUNE)
: Does normal ranked worth more than our body parts?
killing a typical Yasuo player on ur top lane as garen and waiting for his rage is worth more than anything
: How many normals have you played? I'm only silver in ranked, but have about 1700 normal games and get matched with plats regularly and most of the times the games are chill. The flamers I get are normally bronze or low silver.
as i said before bruh i play LoL like 9/10 in rank , i have 570 wins in norm cuz i dont play norm too much , but i swear every time i start a norm game my team mates just start flaming or being toxic af , or keep spamming pings on my fking location . idk man norm games just become hell
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: This is what my team always do..
https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/uuA1P2kW-when-ppl-forget-to-ban-yas-in-ranked-games guess u are abit late ;)
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Doomley (EUW)
: I'm not an idiot... with that many games and those win rates, both of them would be in very high elo and the riven would be number 1 in challenger. You are not being matched against players like that.
: I played 1 v 1 against my girl friend in that match up, resolution : she did 0 dmg,i had 400 armor
: {{champion:6}}.The great thing(?) that can kill Xayah and quinn
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Secret to winning the game in one sentence
pick ww , baby sit on mid for your level 7 Yasuo that he is 0/10 vs zed and flaming you af by saying " report this noob ww dont know gank , omg lee sleep at mid , come help u fking boosted animal ww " and yeah get this yas , get the victory otherwise he gonna rage quit and u will lose 4v5
: Need a new 6300 IP jungler, can't decide between Bob and Gary
: I don't think it'd be good against decent/good players. I could imagine the {{champion:92}} lane beeing painfull if played with stormraiders, since she'd just jump in With QW-AA-Q and then just E-Q out with nothing you can do against it. {{champion:114}} should beat {{champion:498}} i think. The R movement speed is just way to good against champs with no built in mobility. Also, the build path of {{item:3074}} allows fiora to grab some lifesteal early.
man u can dodge {{champion:114}} ulti with xayah ulti xD , also about {{champion:92}} stand and let her start the fight use ur w throw q then e snare the enemy ignite it hit her , u just have to srsly focus thats all , this champ is too annoying on top lane
: I play Malphite into her so not much.
Doomley (EUW)
: i can already tell that the skill level in your games wasn't very high. A good riven and tryndamere would simply smash xayah in the top lane because she has a short range and she has no escapes.
let me see hmmmm , riven level 7 already played 386 games in s7 ( 68%wr ) try uhh level 6 already played 172 games in s7 ( 62%wr )
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: I like the skin. I bought it when it was on sale years ago. It is possible to get it in loot too, I had it.
so according to u its a rare skin or smt ? but yeah i also love it too by watching it on youtube
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