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: [Resolved] Patching Issues
for long time I've been forced to study hard,and now bf sleep I had spare time.Thx rito,now I can sleep well
: Why in first place, did you use your gemstone to get a chest and key, if you don't agree with that deal in first place? You knew that the content from a chest is random and took the risk.
You have a point.I mentioned,that it wasnt good idea,but still i took that randomness and accepted.This post is just helpless question to riot to answer it
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: I hate that they always balance arround the pro scene, it is like, OH LOOK, a balanced champ got picked in LCS and a cyborg-pro player picked that champ and played well!!, let's nerf that champ asap
I think,they just need to accept and make it clear:there some roles for each individual champion,or it just have no sense.There assassins,high output dmg dealers per time,there some champs who better be farming by roams.Taliyah just that kind,like Aurelion.So thy just need to be let do their things,rewarding their time invest and skill cap.But they are just want to see picture of some league mechanics working,forgetting,that there ar MORE annoying things but Taliyah. If they don't want to put lb to ashes,so they enjoy her being.Shes squishy Mage,who will make yours monitor grey in a blink of an eye.I personally hate her being that op,just waveclearing with 2 w and going roam.Didnt do a cow about her.Good cassio/syndra can be even more annoying,carrying games single.Taliyah has benefits and major weaknesses.Didnt seen much from others 2 mid laners from the top
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