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: > [{quoted}](name=Ayavu,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EMbIlJfy,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-02T17:29:43.624+0000) > > I have a question for the community; > Do you prefer having URF two times a year but only for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) or to have it two weeks (1.4 - 13.4 (like in year 2014))? > > I am not able to understand that people really prefer the first option, since in these two weeks there are also 2 weekends **and** more... > > Riot thinks that the Rotating Game Mode Queue is a replacement for the **real** URF (1.4 - 13.4)... But its definitly not. > > Also, their event with these Draven heads and his party is ridiculous and absurd, its lame and annoying. > > I cannot believe that Riot even thought that we are going to like it the way they did it. > > And letting us in the dark when **exactly** when we will be in the position to play URF is also hell of annoying. > > Previously we knew it will be on the first of april, but now? I dont know how long we have to wait, its imagineable that we have to wait a time around 2 month **_just to play it one single weekend_**. > > I am and i guess most of you are {{summoner:3}} of this lack of knowledge and ignorance. We will see U.R.F at least twice this year. Gamemodes can be extended to up to a week if the gamemode is very popular. Thus U.R.F most likely will be out for at least 2 full weeks anyway. There is no goddamn reason to spam-ask what the community already spam asks anyway
But still they can do both, or? In this game queue and on april fools... You dont even get my point my good sir
duckarp (EUNE)
: How is it "more special"? I've always enjoyed for instance Doom Bots much more... Also I wouldn't be so sure about saying that "majority" has the same opinion as you.. Only a really small number of players actually visit Boards, rest of the community usually doesn't care at all. Even if you had 1000 upvotes, it's still a really small number compared to 27 million (or at least that was the number back in 2014) accounts that are active daily...
Since not every player reads my post it cannot be compared to 27 million and im very sure that urf is the most popular because most people are begging for it. And not that many are begging for doom bots, i recognized it like 2-3 times a year that some actually asked for it, and URF? In like every 2cnd post someone says: "Make URF Permanent"!
narpy (EUW)
: This what a Rioter posted 30 min ago about URF on reddit: Guys. Check it out: We already explained that we're delaying it for now so we can release it at least twice this year as part of the rotating game mode queue. There's no grand conspiracy.
Thats 26 days ago... and I explained why "regular" URF should be enabled (1.4 - 13.4) and why rotating game mode queue is no replacement.
duckarp (EUNE)
: URF was enabled on 1st April only two times (of 6-7 years since release of the game), it wasn't really a standard... Also, the question isn't 2x 3days vs 14days... Rotating queue brings every weekend a different special mode to play, not only URF! I'd highly prefer that compared to just 14days of one mode. You know, some people like other featured modes more than URF...
I know that, I wanted both to coextist! I enjoy playing One for All, Hexakill or Ascension but URF is more special then these, rotating game mode queue should be enabled too. And I can imagine that other people like other game modes more but the majority likes URF the most I assume.
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ıts ok youre ok

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