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: not really, he can still 'xplode a target pretty well.
Yes, but he's a suicide bomber.
: I do know this. And you know this. So then learn to adapt. ***Think***, for flip sake. Does the enemy have a skill shot that can stun, nuke or otherwise fuck you over? You have to act like a big boy now, like the rest of us, you won't have your hand held all the time by your safety ultimate. And even then, as we've said, its ***only 1 second***. Almost every other champion can get in close and kill their target with the "One second in LoL decides who lives and dies" over their heads and still get the job done. Talon included. Edit: One below me kinda screwed up. Buttons got pressed and I ended up sending more or less the same post. :|
{{champion:7}} disapproves of your argumentation.
: > I'm angry because people need less and less reaction. That´s the problem! Is League really a reaction base Game?... NO It´s about smart Teamfighting and fast tactical decisions - or at least it was when I started playing it. This whole Assassin thing brought up this "you have to react to everything" suddenly Point&Click is pure eveil, hell I wouldnt be surprised if freaking AA´s are skillshots in Season 7! And a won Lane/Teamfight or a lost one is decided by this 0.1-0.25s you have to hit or miss something like Zed or Rengar before you die! With buffing Tanks and nerfing (finally) Assassins League is a little closer to it´s original state - and in my opinion thats good - if you want everything reaction based... go play CoD or SSB!
Oh so you call 5 tanks not giving a fuck about towers and the enemy team "smart teamfighting"? Of course it's about smart teamfighting and fast tactical decisions and I'm totally not against that, but this season is about who's having the higher amount of CC and Tanks. There's nothing "smart" about it. You win the game by picking 3 tanks, an adc and an apc and then go 5 man mid midgame. The 3 Tanks tank the tower for 20 minutes while the rest can be as cocky as they want because their mistakes won't get punished. People are making more and more mistakes, they're playing worse and worse and they won't get punished because that punishment costs the one who made the mistake 10% of his 4000hp. Also, Assassins have, since the start of time, always been about fast reactions.
: Fine then; Talon. He blinks in, bleeds, Rakes, double taps R and then what? He doesn't have a disengage like Zed. Even then, when Zed ults, he blinks, he sometimes Twin Shadows, he uses his E and Q ***and then possibly presses R again*** and all this takes more than a second.
That's exactly why Talon sucks as an assassin.
: Really? REALLY? Consider Yorick then. But seriously, if he feels sluggish, use any of his other abilities to tide you over. Twin Shadow. Even just move or burn flash! Most of the time, Zed wont even use the return on his R in the first second anyway!
You can't compare a Bruiser with an Assassin. Yorick is supposed to be sluggish, but Zed is not. Using any other ability instead will not make him seem faster. That just makes him seem incomplete as he will not use the second part of his R if he already moved away.
: That's actually a pretty good argument.
Tbh that's almost the only really good argument here.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'll give you a situation: 1) I play mid vs old Zed 2) my jungler wants to gank so I bait him to ult on me 3) my jungler jumps in ready to CC 4) Zed is gone and I lost like 3/4 of my hp new Zed: 4) we kill Zed And I hardly see Zed having much more dmg than other assassins or even some magess due to his Q being hard to hit multiple times at once.
To be honest, the nerf will not make him worse in such a situation. You can still get out of such a situation easily.
: All it's done is shift the responsibility for being a good player around. Previously it required a combination of perfect timing and the right champion for the target to respond, but now the difficulty burden has been placed on Zed so now he actually has to be smart about using his ultimate otherwise he simply gets himself killed. The only difference is that now Zed can't just engage the moment he sees a target, he has to wait for an opening or build QSS/Banshee's before he can engage. Overall Zed has been made more difficult to play, further widening the gap between bad Zeds and good Zeds, so overall a good change.
That's actually a pretty good argument.
Snowfox (EUW)
: My personal opinion Remove the timer - It is unnecessary as zed has to stick to a high health target to kill them and if they are on low health, any other offensive champion ult would most likely kill them more efficiently. Put a distance on Zed's ult (similar to his w) with a range that scales with level - Range: 1100 (twice w)/ 1650 (3 times w)/ 2750 (5 times w) This makes zed have to be careful at earlier levels. Reduce the Ult bonus damage to - 20%/30%/40% and the scaling to 80%AD Just tones him down a bit.
: I rather think that the nerf is justified. Why should you get that get-out-of-jail-free skill? You already have your Twin Shadow, learn to use that. If there is a skill you don't want to be hit by, well then now you know how your target feels. The field is leveled out. No longer is it such a one sided fight because you can land all of your skills and they can't land theirs all because you pressed one button. Now, if you want to avoid that skill shot, you should Twin Shadow *behind* the target. If you used it to get closer to the enemy, well then tough titties, you'll have to do without. You'll also have to think before engaging now; is it worth that 1 second of being ***like every other bloody champion*** in terms of being able to avoid things. Remember when his ultimate's shadow ***actually appeared behind the target***? You all were able to get by then, so why the hell complain when you have a ***single second*** lock out time. Remember that, its a ***single second***. ***one second***. ***One. Not two or twelve or sixty. One. 1. A single bloody second.*** Seriously, you say people cry because they can't adapt to beat Zed. Then why the fuck are you crying over a single fucking second lock out nerf!? Adapt for God's sake! Be a good Zed player. The rest of us cried because Zed deals so much damage, yet you cry because Riot is forcing you to ***think for a single bloody second***. Can't you see how stupid this is? Its 1 second. Adapt. Improve *yourself*.
It's not about how he's weaker or anything. It's about how he feels extremely sloppy now. I think there are plenty of different possibilities to nerf Zed without making him feel like a slug.
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Free Bird (EUNE)
: ^ butthurt LB player?
Excuse me while I go make a sandwich while I'm snared by her. Hey, she is ulting you? Better have 2 flashes ready, because one alone won't get you out.
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feeelZ (EUW)
: This is a troll thread, right? Why are you trying so hard not to lose and still blame others for try harding? Obvious troll is obvious
I have nothing to tell to someone who doesn't read my post properly.
Tutajk (EUW)
: Riot actually balanced Urf quite well this time. There are of course strong picks, but not completly broken stuff like last year's Heca, Ryze, Kassa, Skarner.
Huehuehue you have no idea.. {{champion:24}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:24}}
Azuregoz (EUW)
: Jax has pretty much no counterplay for almost every champion even with Qss you'll still get stunned right after cleansing one stun add his jumps every second or so and W that has insane ap ratios and you get a one shot burst unkillable monster that will cc lockdown anyone except maybe morgana who will just get killed .5 seconds later that everyone else.
Tek191 (EUW)
: Ranked wont change your team
**Negative Points:** (While playing Normal Queue) 1. Get tryharded really hard while you're playing a role you never play against lower league players 2. Get camped in every single game you play with your friends of lower leagues 3. Get insulted and trashtalked after you lose that game 4. Hear stuff like "how much was the boost?" after you lose that game **Positive Points:** Shiny border +.+ Skins Improving faster
abby1234 (EUNE)
: URF 4 fun
Mute everyone and play Hybrid {{champion:24}}. Spam /laugh while you destroy them 1v5. :D
Mhyrion (EUW)
: Thanks for taking the time to write such a long comment! Most of the tips are known to me, I love to watch the EU LCS, which is not really comparable with the level of play I'm at ofcourse, but it made me fall in love with Ahri recently(but much skillshots, haha). I also read up some builds and try some different things for each champion. But I'm still casual, don't have time to play 900 games on 1 champion anytime soon. I love your tip to go balls deep, I think I need to do that more, and it sounds fun too! :3 Thanks for your advice!
Oh, there is no need to rush. I play Zed since 2 years now. ;) Just make sure you mute everyone beforehand, since some people can react pretty toxic when they see you playing like a suicide bomber, although it's pretty rewarding if you play like that. You might fail 99 out of 100 times, but if you only manage to outplay their team 1v5 **once**, it will feel great and you'll get like 6 honors and the chat will be flooded by "HOLY SHIIIIIIT" "OMG WTFFF" :P
: Finished season as diamond get gold people????
Your League resets every season. This season it was a soft reset. Meaning (Your MMR + 1400)/2 will give you your new MMR in your first ranked game. If you were Diamond, you start at around 1800 MMR, which is in Gold. I too started in Gold this season. Also, if you were Diamond, you should have an easy time climbing to atleast Platinum III.
: URF - i have an idea
Unfortunately, this is not possible. I'll quote Riot [L4T3NCY]( > URF (like other FGMs) is not designed as a long-term engagement mode. It has play balance and pacing issues, which become clearer with increased engagement (as I'm sure you guys notice the more you play). We wouldn't be able to maintain the required ongoing balance of it as a new permanent mode, as we're focused primarily on normal SR. This means play balance would eventually collapse and the game would stop being fun, making for a pretty terrible experience. :( >If you're interested, I go into a bit of depth here about the pros/cons of FGMs being temporary VS permanent. That should clear up your question and basically invalidate your whole idea, although I would appreciate a tournament system. I'm sorry.
: To quote someone who worded it much better than I have so far: >URF is a fun mode and a lot of people fail to realize this. >Which is EVEN WORSE because URF is NOT BALANCED. It is not meant to be a competetive play mode. >I truly believe the only way to retain fun in URF is to periodically global-ban the most picked champions, so that we have some diversity in our games. >Yes, it will drive off a lot of players who wanted to play Nidalee/Zed only. >All the better. We have tons of champions that deserve to be tried out. Even if we banned the top 20 picked champions every day, there would still be HUGE champion pool to choose from. Even if we banned the top 50 picked champions every day, there would still be a LOT of champions to choose from. >Why pick only the most OP and unfun to play against champions? Why ruin the game mode we have been hyping ourselves for the whole year? I played one game of URF yesterday and all it really did was remind me why URF is no long good for the lol community and why I stopped playing it. I had some fun dont get me wrong but the enemies were just trying so hard and although all of the bans on the table were good and viable their team was still littered with broken URF champs that somehow got through.
Well, 90% of people I encounter are trying hard to win in URF - for no reason. Banning those most popular champions wouldn't solve the problem, because people would create a new Meta again. A much better solution would be to have 2 URF Gamemodes - **URF Free for All** and **URF Randomized**. The first gamemode would be the one we know and the second one would be ruled by the system - much like in ARAM. Specifically said, the system would pick random champions for everyone after the banning phase and you'd have the option to roll a new champion once and/or to swap with someone.
Mhyrion (EUW)
: How to improve myself: should I play ranked or stick to normals?
You can improve by doing both. Normals are more for Basics and Rankeds are better for finetuning. **Normal Games** First of all, practice your basics in Normals. Things like lasthitting, warding, checking the map every few seconds, roaming, etc. Normal games are also useful to practice a new champion / role. **Ranked Games** You should play 1 ranked after 10-20 Normals (for you to decide, I'd make a personal routine) to see if you've improved and if you feel like you have more control over the game. If you lose the ranked, try to figure out what **YOU **did wrong (doesn't matter if you had 1 afk or a feeder/flamer) and work on that in the next normal game. Try to analyse what the enemy does and why he does it, try to find out patterns in their playstyle and use the good things for yourself. **My way to improve** I am currently Platinum II (formerly Diamond but I suck in this Season) and I've improved alot since I first started playing ranked. Here's what I did to improve: 1. I watched LoL Games, Streams or whatever - to find a champion I wanted to master -for me, this Champion was Zed 2. After I've found my champion, I watched streams and other useful videos **specifically **about my champion 3. I studied the item build, runes, masteries and skill order 4. I learned the basic mechanics of the champion 5. I fed -this is important. I'm not talking about purposely feeding. What I'm saying is, go balls deep. Play reckless and brutal. This is how you figure out the limitations of your champion 6. I played over 900 Games with Zed (Normals + Rankeds together) Of course, mastering just one champion isn't really wise, since that champion can always be banned or picked. Focus on that one champion, but pick yourself 4 more champions (for every role 1) and practice them when you're either bored with your favorite champion or when your favorite one is picked / banned. **My favorite Midlaner:** (Playable Mid/Top) {{champion:238}} **My favorite Toplaner:** (Playable Mid/Top) {{champion:58}} **My favorite Jungler:** (Playable Mid/Top/Jungle) {{champion:59}} **My favorite ADC:** (Playable Mid/Top/ADC) {{champion:104}} **My favorite Support:** (Playable Support) {{champion:40}} Notice a pattern? 4/5 champions have a gap closer and burst + either CC or an escape (My Renek is a bit more AD than tanky). They also have a limited amount of skillshots (Since I suck at landing them). After playing all these champions for a while I have become very good at playing champions which combine CC, Gap Closers and/or Escapes with Burst. Figuring that out has made it ALOT easier for me to learn more champions, since I could determine which champions I'll play good with ease. {{champion:64}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:131}} were some champions which I've learned with ease, some more than others. One Champion will be the key to a new world.
Xrozz (EUW)
: Awesome post. And yes, Jax just stomps every aram
Thank you :) URF*, I don't know if you are actually talking of ARAM or you confused the two :P
: URF Best Champions:
Athalos (EUW)
: URF overedit
That's a very well-made video!
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
I have to agree. I too notice an increased amount of toxicity - in a game mode that's all about fun. Unfortunately removing the chat would harm more than help and just removing the Top 10 most op champions would be a pretty hard hit too. A good solution would be to make an URF Mode where the system picks a champion for you (like ARAM).
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: LMAO hahahahahahah that is epic
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