: definitely just you, this might be the only skin where ahri wears a bikini or something similar to one
Bikini-like = Stripper skin? That's uh.. kinda sexist. I kinda agree with that we're getting too many ahri skins, but calling it a "stripper skin" - I don't know man. Sure she's showing alot of skin - but in a very "unseductive" way I'd say.
570 Scythe (EUNE)
: serious question is it possible to reach challenger and diff between euw eune
Hardstuck basically means you reached your current elo or are just slightly below/above. If you can't climb it's because your environment is as good as you and you can't get significantly more wins than loses.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1s39b2ef,comment-id=00020001000100000000,timestamp=2019-08-10T15:06:12.208+0000) > don't tell me this champion takes more skill to play than other adcs cause i played him and other adcs and that's not true at all That would be precisely because you are playing in elo where every single thing is valid, people position incorrectly by ridiculous levels, kill pressure is almost non-existent, wave management is non-existent, map awareness is non-existent and games in general take forever to be completed due to people having no clue how to close them most of the time. Yes, if you are arguing Draven doesn't need skill and are saying it basing on your experiences, we might as well state garen is overpowered, nasus is overpowered, malphite is overpowered etc. basing on how well those things work in bronze. And no, Draven mid isn't thing that would occur at least plat+. Draven is hard because not only do you have to manage kiting as you would on any other adc, you have your minigame to manage as well, one that may be easily punished by enemies. Managing 2 axes (actually 3 most of the time or even 4 in some cases) while kiting isn't easy by any measure made harder by the fact that only movement you have is your w ( or e I don't remember) and only your knock back to keep assasins destroying you.
Exactly. The lower the elo, the more mistakes you can allow yourself while still be on the winning team. If you really want to play something off meta in higher elos, it needs a solid foundation to why it works and most of the time it's still situational. I've been an AP Shaco main for years now and even though I've shifted into midlane last season, that still doesn't make me pick him into any team or matchup because I would just get stomped. Also, AP Shaco heavily relies on the enemy to make mistakes and to build on those mistakes to get kills early on so you can be useful later on - the higher the elo is the less mistakes people make and most of the time when I'm matched against plat or diamond (which, especially in flex q, happens surprisngly often) they just try to outscale me by farming, don't engage and are just harder to outplay. While I love playing my Shaco against any Zed till mid gold -it becomes a nightmare as soon as they're plat because now they're playing it safe, rather poking me down with W-Qs instead of jumping straight in on me with their ult just because I seem to be on low HP. **Just picking Draven mid with the full foundation being "he deals damage in lategame" is complete nonsense regarding he'd get screwed in basically every meta midlane matchup.** Draven is not hard just because of his abilities (even though axe management is something many people underestimate and needs alot of practice to do well), but because of all the enviromental aspects that pretty much doom him. It's quite similar to Kog Maw really. I love to play him, his damage can be pretty insane from already early in the game and you outrange basically everyone with W - but if the enemy team cares about you and you don't position well enough, even 20 kills wont do anything in a teamfight because you got 0 chance to escape anyone jumping at you.
EternalBan (EUNE)
: hahahahaha you obviously don't know what ezreal is
I feel like with you guys any champ that does damage is OP. Every champ does damage, especially when they got their build halfway through or are fed. That's literally the whole concept of the game.
: clicking on the ground repeatedly and spammming q with no cooldown isnt hard imo but u do u
Both of you obviously have no idea at all how Draven works. Also > spammming q with no cooldown Do you even know what Dravens Q is? If he misses an Axe he got a 12 seconds CD (8 on lowest rank) to get the next one. Without spinning axes Draven gets outscaled by basically every ADC and his spinning axes are his biggest enemy as they tell the enemy where he's going to move (and they also restrict him in his movement). Positioning is one thing, but positioning while having to catch 2 spinning axes constantly to remain usefull while also targeting perfectly in every fight isn't, especially when the enemy team is smart enough to set some focus on you. I know, in lower elos that usually doesn't happen and Draven can cut through as he likes, but trust me, if the enemy team got some brains he either needs a godlike peel or has to be really really careful with every aa he does. As I said, draven is a high risk high reward champ. You risk alot and you're super easy to outplay and counter, but if you somehow manage to go ahead, you can basically kill everything (assuming you still don't get oneshot by burst mages, cced or killed by assassins). Most of the times, it's a better idea to pick any other ADC that also does alot of damage but is less risky to play. Also, what do you guys expect? ADCs are meant to do alot of damage, they are meant to be the main AD source of your team and should usually be just as threatening as an APC.
EternalBan (EUNE)
Rengar is an assassin. He does what assassins are supposed to do. If he couldn't oneshot any squishy target, he would be completely useless. You just have to learn how to play against Assassins. Ezreal is weird to play against but he doesn't feel like a hyper carry. Sure, he got some damage especially if he hits his combo, but so does every other adc. Draven is a high risk high reward champ with low mobility. Learn how to play against him and you should be alright in most games unless he's a god. I only pick Draven when I'm 100% certain I will win my lane with him, which is basically never.
: only draven the the other two at least need some skill to play
Draven might be one of the hardest ADCs out there atm but alright go on.
: I have 2 topics i want to discuss
1) I guess he could argue that Frozen heart gives relatively good stats for Taric (he can utilize the amor very well and mana is good too) and the passive takes away AD from Jhin - **which would be nice and all but doens't work.** Slowing AS does not take away AD from Jhin as his passive calculates Bonus atk speed into AD. The Bonus AS never leaves him, and his AS can't be lowered anyways so it's completely usless against him. 2) I disagree with that. Yasuo is difficult and needs alot of practice, that's true. But that doesn't mean players in low elo can't have a good knowledge of him or can't know how to play him. It's the same with many other champs, like Zed, LeBlanc, Elise or Lee Sin - they all need some skill to do well but they also got good winrates in low elo because everyone is equally bad. Also, there are many OTPs, especially in Gold, that mastered their champ but don't have a clue about how the game works outside of their lane. We often feel like the Yasuos in our team don't do well because we don't see him extremly often and even if he just goes neutral and doesn't slash through the entire enemy team we feel like he's not playing a good Yasuo. Players are too harsh with Yasuo mains, they can't just 1v5 every game and there are hard matchups as for every other champion too. Recently I had a Yasuo who connected 5 minutes late and was S4 against a Plat Ahri and I seriously thought midlane is over by then - but he played safe the whole game and farmed his way up till teamfights started.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Once got flamed for doing a solo kill on the enemy adc while my adc was dead (long before) because apparently I'm not allowed to do that as a support. Took all kills after that and went full ap. {{champion:26}}
My advice: If your adc says you're not playing support - don't play support. They obviously have no idea about botlane so from now on, botlane is in your hands. But don't take their farm, that's still a bad move and throws them too far behind, **just don't build full support for an adc that can't utilize you.**
: Now I've seen everything
Once got flamed for doing a solo kill on the enemy adc while my adc was dead (long before) because apparently I'm not allowed to do that as a support. Took all kills after that and went full ap. {{champion:26}}
GLurch (EUW)
: Riot has already gotten this suggestion a few times in the past and 2 years ago, they made a statement about it: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/05/ask-riot-classic-mode/ Since they haven't said anything since, I'm guessing their stance hasn't changed. However, as they also kind of indicated, if a lot of players would want it, they *could* invest a lot of resources into doing it. I'm just posting this here for the sake of... informing you in case you weren't aware yet. ######Edit: Seems like someone beat me to it by two minutes <.<
Also not to forget that splitting up the community between old and current league would be a huge issue for Q times and everyone would want to go back to a different patch where their main was still strong or something - so people would probably not even be grateful for that huge amount of work.
SlothSex (EUW)
: Incompetent Riot employee spreading misinformation? Systems broken? How can we trust Riot?
Well what can he do? He told you there are no more records to look up but yet the System banned you. Most likely, as most other people already told you, it was caused by a pending punishment which got issued one day after your 14 days ban. Sure, kinda sad, but we also don't know what caused it, if you were using 3rd party software, shared your account, bought a botted account or did anything else that took the system a while to realize. It happens quite often for bans to be issued way later than you'd expect, so even if you do something that would cause a perma ban you might still be good for a few days - but then get banned anyways. As the ban wasn't issued manually (as the riot employee states), the system must've picked up something you did wrong. My advice would be to just leave it at that. You might not be as guilty as you could be, but you're obviously not innocent either - and even if you were, there's noone who could do a thing about it.
: > [{quoted}](name=ˉˉIˉˉ,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=vzPLqF1G,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-08-07T13:41:59.137+0000) > > Yeah, if someone owns alot of money, they are allowed to break the rules as much as they want! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} > > You are not a game dev. Riot Games is a huge studio. They have to make decisions that are best for the community and they're pretty good at it (if you disagree, then explain how this game is, even after 9 seasons, such a huge game). Trust me, they get it. People don't like being permabanned - that's the whole point of it. But they also give every player a few chances saying something like "Alright buddy, you don't have to get permabanned if you just behave like a decent human being". If you disregard those messages one too many times, well, that's pretty much your problem. > If you reformed, go ahead and make a new account. Riot never unbanned reformed players and they never will - if they did it once, they would have to implement a new system to consider unbanning players. > > And no, Tyler's account was never unbanned, they just allowed him to make new accounts again. It is a good game, but it could be made much better if they listened to the community. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Trust me, they do listen. They listen alot and even though the community doesn't always like the changes, that doesn't mean they don't have a positive impact on the players. It's similar to some decisions in politics. Often we don't like a decision they made and it sounds terrible, but in practice it works and our lifes get better. Game Development isn't just something you do by chance, they are professionals and even though they rely on feedback most players wouldn't be able to make good decisions for the game, such as most normal citizens couldn't be a good politician.
: The Community should be able to decide some part of the rules in the ToS
Yeah, if someone owns alot of money, they are allowed to break the rules as much as they want! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} You are not a game dev. Riot Games is a huge studio. They have to make decisions that are best for the community and they're pretty good at it (if you disagree, then explain how this game is, even after 9 seasons, such a huge game). Trust me, they get it. People don't like being permabanned - that's the whole point of it. But they also give every player a few chances saying something like "Alright buddy, you don't have to get permabanned if you just behave like a decent human being". If you disregard those messages one too many times, well, that's pretty much your problem. If you reformed, go ahead and make a new account. Riot never unbanned reformed players and they never will - if they did it once, they would have to implement a new system to consider unbanning players. And no, Tyler's account was never unbanned, they just allowed him to make new accounts again.
Kubajz (EUW)
: How do you know? You are generalizing the whole community here. Im here since Season 1, thats eight years and through that time I had enough experience to properly touch every single champion. Whenever I go Summoners Rift, I play "Fill" only because I legit can play +-80% of all champions on decent level, enough to do well in lane and not destroy the game for my teammates.
Same for me. Here since season 2 and I get bored if I play the same champion for more than 5 games in a row, even if it is one of my mains. I got enough game-sense to not terribly feed with any champ and know most champs well enough to do relatively well, so most games I'm better off picking something my team needs than something I played a thousand times.
: well she certainly dealt more damage than i'd expect from a normal caitlyn player and their kiting was semi perfect like they don't waste time between autos and attack you as soon as you fall into their range and was super overconfident it was fkin weird
Dear Luther King Jr, how should that be possible? A game like League calculates all damage server sided. Means that noone can cheat on damage aslong as they aren't control of the server (and no, there is no big organisation of Caits hacking and controlling the Riot Games Server network). Things that are doable with scripts are basically all just input based. Like people orbwalking on the old 5atk speed KogMaw, dodge scripts or spellshield scripts. Damage is not client sided and therefore cannot be cheated on, no matter in which direction (so you also can't cheat to be more tanky) Just because someone deals more damage than you feel they should, that doesn't make them scripters. However, if you feel that way, I'm sure you could open another post about how broken a champions damage is.
: Proposal for a more enjoyable draft
> When draft was first introduced it completely changed pregame lol. You went from having to shout you position quick in the chat and hoping for others to respect order (which was a super annoying system) to being able to chose your role (and originally even your champion). What do you mean? Draft was introduced in season 1 for ranked and in september 2011 (still season one) it got released for normal game aswell)even though not on NA and probably some other servers). However, it was very unpopular. Most people played blind pick until the first big rework came around which was the team builder if I remember correctly. However, team builder didn't work out that well, which is why it got removed later on and got replaced by the new draft pick which then finally got it's update to 5 bans per team, hovering champions and preselecting two roles- which was very new. Unless you could prepick your champion back in season one (which I doubt but I just started playing in season 2) your text doesn't make much sense here. Also, the old draft pick also wasn't about shouting your lane and hoping everyone respects it - it basically was ruled by pick order with some few trolls who didn't respect it, but those exist in the current draft too.
: Zoe's Bubble can be Cleansed why not Malza R which is just an stupid Outplay button
Zoe can shoot her bubble ever other 10 seconds while Malzahar has to wait like 50 seconds and also relies on it for an even 1v1. He's not a burst mage.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: the game is fun the balance is fine TFT is great pro play needs to be balanced this sadly isn't your football/basketball where you can think of restrictions to make your game fun (oh wait you can create custum games and make your own rules) the community %%%%%ing about every single insignificant little thing and overblowing it's impact like it's the end of the world people %%%%%ing about getting banned people %%%%%ing about not getting banned people %%%%%ing about X being OP people %%%%%ing about X being trash at the same %%%%ing time
Exactly. Also, literally nothing has changed over the years. People complain every year that the game is dead, that it's changing and that Riot did some major mistake that will be the killing blow to league - which has never been accurate. Like people expect they just got the unique idea that League's going downhill - no, you're not the first, there have been a million other players at the same spot before you and all of them were wrong - so why do you think you're right?
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Alright so I wasn't playing since November last year and now came back this june and seriously since then I haven't encountered even one super toxic player - to me it seems like everything got way better. Sure, there were some games were some teammates got a little too serious but hey, that happens. Anyways, this season has been the most enjoyable one community-wise to me so far and I seriously feel like the game is improving recently.
Oh and I've been playing since the end of season 2 and got a few thousand hours of ingame time, so yeah, I think I got enough experience for statement like this. Also, I just now read your entire post and yeah, you're one of those super toxic players that are now banned, even if just temporarily. As you can see, the system works perfectly fine.
: Another person getting fcked over by this toxic community
Alright so I wasn't playing since November last year and now came back this june and seriously since then I haven't encountered even one super toxic player - to me it seems like everything got way better. Sure, there were some games were some teammates got a little too serious but hey, that happens. Anyways, this season has been the most enjoyable one community-wise to me so far and I seriously feel like the game is improving recently.
Gnirk (EUW)
: Has anybody tied in TFT and understand how it works?
It has nothing to do with your HP (or his). It's the same damage calculation as if you won a game, meaning every unit get's counted in depending on their "worth" and level. I recent'y lost 13hp in a tie as we both had about 5 units left (and 13HP was exactly the right amount to give me the final blow and kick me out of the game - he also lost 13hp).
: Add the option to randomize wards
Good idea but I got a feeling this would break the client. Again.
Devouran (EUNE)
: TFT is full of cheaters.
It's very possible, happens almost every game and I got it too many games. Just don't be to stubborn with the champs you wanna buy, sometimes buying something that doesn't fit your team wins you the game.
: The picking order in premade lobbies of 5 seems to be fixed rather than RNG
Yeah it's fixed - but this is no secret. It's also been used for tournaments so the teams can join in the order they want (in case not all of them own every champ)
: I got hacked.
Same happened to a friend of mine too, they checked it and he got unbanned but also had to change his password and all that stuff. If it really wasn't you, Riot will help you if you send them a ticket.
SaylT (EUW)
: team fight tactics - WHERE a TACTICS??
If there weren't any tactics involved, how are there many pros already winning way more often than they lose? TFT is alot about game knowledge, making right decisions and a little bit of luck. Have you ever tried watching everyones island to see what they build? Have you ever tried to actively build against them or ruin their odds in getting their strat going? Because that's a huge strategic element of TFT many players oversee. I myself toyed alot around, weird item combs, weird teams and now got some few strats that will all get me atleast 5th place if I don't adapt to the game and higher if I do (and succeed). So yeah, if you feel like it's all random, you're just not doing it right.
Rioter Comments
: Thanks for sharing your experience. Is it gonna stay though? I know I could look that up myself, but I feel chatty today.
It will stay - actually, there will be ranked soon
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I think the OP is asking about its exclusive rewards too, does it have any?
Well yeah it got some, like the playable character thingy you can get out of the legendary egg you get after earning 100 points, island customization and stuff like that. But if you just want to play it for rewards, it's not worth it, especially not since most rewards are TFT only - atleast for now. Also, at the beginning there were no XP rewards - I don't know if they fixed it now as there is no real indicator after a game.
: So erm.. I didn't play TFT
I dived into it the second day it came out and played around 10 matches that day. I got around third place every game and was super confused and frustrated about it. "This game has too much RNG! Why does everyone has a bunch of lvl3s while I never go over lvl2?!" And I felt like it's just a huge unbalanced mess. Next day I decided to watch some Pros play (I watched Disguised Toast) and for the first time I understood some strategies and playstyles behind the game and shortly after got my first few first places. It's a fun game if you invest some time and there's alot cool stuff to learn. And especially now, since there isn't everything explored yet you can come up with new stuff that might be the new OP meta from tomorrow quite easily.
yasuodonut (EUNE)
: it was normal games
Than why are you even mad for losing? Normal games are just there to enjoy the game, no pressure on winning. Sure winning is nice but League is filled with Microgoals that are way more accomplishing than the actual win. Leveling your champion, getting your build, killing your enemy, basically doing anything impressive. I had many super fun games that I lost by far. And yeah, sure, some games just aren't much fun, but if that happens just sit through it and hope it wont happen again - after all you're 1/5 of a team and you have some power to prevent it from happening.
yasuodonut (EUNE)
: dude the second game yes but what would you do if whole team would flame you whole time for every little thing tell me
In over 3000 hours of playing the game I've never resorted to this kind of toxicity and flamed that much. And trust me I've encoutered everything. There is just never the need to do so. If the team is toxic, whatever, be happy they get punished sometime in the future and just continue your game, win or lose. And sure, losing rankeds sucks but losing rankeds and getting punished sucks even more, right?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Mordekaiser balance
Build Qss and just delete his ult from the game. Literally won me every fight against any morde so far. Rest of his kit is easy to outplay with some champs, hard with others - but that's the same with basically any champ. I'd only agree on lowering some numbers especially on the passive.
: TFT: Riot Remove gold Bonus from Winstreaks please!
I've never seen a game where someone is first place from the beginning and stays at the top till the end and wins. And I played like 40 games so far.
: This game is so much fun!
If there are 3 enemies on your lane all the time your jungler is better off doing everything else but joining you on top.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Ghost Game
It sometimes happens that a game couldn't start due to server issues (or that the game server breaks during a running game). In those cases the game will either be deleted from the history or will be displayed as a loss prevented (if the game server was able to transfer the data before going down). Also, a few months ago there was a bug which caused the game to crash - in those cases the game was also deleted from history.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I think I heard that the system detects inting on 1 death per minute. That's around 1 death per 2 minutes, so no.
Not exactly. It rather goes for the time between deaths. Let's say you die anr respawn, it should be unlikely to die again within the next minute. It can happen in some situations, mostly when the enemies are already stomping the game, but usually it never happens more than 2 times in a row. Now if someone respawns 5 times and always dies within 1 minute after respawning, something is fishy.
Smerk (EUW)
: Vote system? There is no such thing. I think you're talking about post match grades(D- as the worst and up to S+). If so, then every single stat matters for that system: KDA, minions, damage, gold, vision etc. just look at statistics tab, every single field is important as well as your champion and role, because your stats are compared to other players that played same champion and role. Ranked system is more straightforward: it only cares about your MMR, average MMR in the match, your current division and result of the match. Everything else doesn't matter. It doesn't care about your KDA, it doesn't care about your minions, it doesn't care about your win or lose streaks, it doesn't care about anything else you can think of.
> because your stats are compared to other players that played same champion and role. To be more exact: They are compared to other players that played the same champion and same role on roughly the same elo (which is hidden and unknown to the player)
Εlin (EUW)
: This is why leaving Bronze is a nightmare!
Not really. I mean, you are not wrong with what you're saying - there are many afks, trolls and idk what in bronze - but that's not hindering anyone at climbing out of bronze - it's quiet the opposite actually. I repeat this sentence all the time, you will statistically get more akf, trolls, inters or whatever you call a losing factor, in the enemy team than in your team. So if you'd have a 50% winrate in general if both teams have none of those players, you would automatically win more than 50% of the total games you play because of those players. Meaning that if you'r winrate is still below 50%, it is either because you actually are not better than the league your in, you didn't play enough games, OR you are one of the unluckiest persons alive (which I can guarantee you, you are not). But lucky you, it might be the second reason. Also, I found it quiet easy to win even 4v5s in Bronze just because of the huge diffrence there is to other elos. Just B1 is a little bit diffrent ebcause of the mix of Silver and Bronze which cna be depressing sometimes, but also not too muchof a hassle if your're really that much better than your elo. The thing is, it's, atleast most of the time, not enough to play on a silver 5 level to get out of bronze1, but a little bit higher or just some luck will get you there.
: Is it just me or... (RANTUR)
I can't share that perception of sion players. I mean yeah, they usually don't chat much - which I really appreciate as most players just use the chat for useless stuff while wasting time, but Sion is a pretty mechanical and therefore respectable champ. I guess it's the same as with Yasuo or Zed players, just that Sion is a little bit easier due to his tankyness. If you lern his mechanics, you're super strong. If you don't know what you're doing, you will lose. Currently many new players rush to sion do to his viral strats - maybe thats where you got all those rather untalented players from.
: Took a brake from league, and I realized this
Well there are some simple reasons for that: 1. LoL is a PvP game 2. LoL is a team game As long as a player doesn't have full controll over win or lose they will blame others before seing own mistakes. Of course, people can still be toxic in 1v1 games or 1v all games (like Battle Royale games) but they only got 2 reasons why they lost. Either because the enemy was just stronger or used a more valid strategy (or anything the player couldn't counter with skill), or the enemy cheated. Either way, there really is noone to blame. But if you're in a team you can sometimes do great while your team doesn't and now it's easy to blame everyone else for your loss. Heck, even if you're losing you can still blame others for it because they are in your game and they most likely had atleast some impact on your loss - or maybe they just didn't have any impact that made you win (referring to people blaming their jungler for no ganks on their lane). As long as people don't understand that LoL is a teamgame nothing will change. People keep complaining about how they can't solo carry when they're ahead because their team feeds. Now imagine they could solo carry when 4 of their teammated fed. Why shouldn't the 4 fed enemies not be able to "solo" carry aswell ? The reasoning and thoughts behind toxic players is delusional.
: Nice Combos
Draven + Zilean. Want a draven that's mobile and get a second chance (maybe even a third if he has GA) ? There you go. Or well, basically Zilean + any ADC. He can do so much and makes it impossible for the enemy team to pick out your ADC without taking out you first - which costs them time. And **time is wasting **{{champion:26}}
: Leave system to avoid playing with toxic players?
This would lead to games becoming empty. It would make every game a 1v1 because chances are you will meet atleast 1 toxic player in your team every game. Maybe in like 5 to max 10% of my games are really toxicity-free, meanwhile 50% of them are "low" toxicity with someone just writing "you're bad, bla bla you suck, blaa bla jungler useless" and 40% have heavily toxic players who really make league a pretty bad place. Now imagine all 4 players in a team of a toxic player are allowed to leave every game needs inspection and trust me when I say, there is no time to have someone investigate every single game. Now you might say "Yeah but make it so it's only justified in heavy cases of toxicity" - but how do you want to measure this ? some players get more and some players get less offended by chat. Some might already feel like "Never play ranked again pls" is heavy enough for the rule to work so they leave, now the game needs investigation - not just via chatlogs but the whole gameplay aswell, because as you said you want to have investigation on trolls too. _____________________ A free ticket to leave troll games would literally break the game and make it comletly unplayable. The only option is to live with the trolls and toxic players and hope the best for them to get banned. And don'T forget to never flame back.
Shamose (EUW)
: Can anybody spare a will to live?
I harvested 2 this morning, might be able to give away one of them.
: What about League of Legends / Riot Hardware?
The Riot fist would look great on gaming hardware. I probably wouldn't but it atm but I think it would be a great budget option for people who mainly play League. (Assuming it's below 600€)
Febos (EUW)
: It's the same in every new season. Your Ranked MMR will be **soft reset**, meaning you won't lose much MMR but your rank will drop a lot - anywhere in between Silver 5 and Silver 1. Depending on your current rank, you will climb/drop faster/slower. For example, if you're Diamond 5 now, you would be reset to Silver 1 and climb faster than a Platinum 5 reset to Silver 2. It works the other way too. Suppose you're Bronze 5 now. You'd be reset to Silver 5, but climb slower and drop faster. Essentially, your MMR doesn't change that much, but your rank does.
That's not right. The drop range is not anywhere between silver 5-1, it's 4 divisions below yours or higher aslong as your're below Dia, because the max placement you can get is Plat 1. In the current system, if you were B5 and win all 10 games, you will still most likely not be placed in Silver. In the new system however, you can. You will start the first placement game without a rank. Then you're put somewhere between your last rank and the 4 divisions below. Every game after (from those 9 games) will help you get closer to your real mmr, while only wins count. This is so smurfs won't be in low elo for a long time and everyone get's to their rank much faster. This is why next season is the first season where we will se Diamond players who just finished their placements.
I've once made a Discord server dedicated to invite the players in my champ select so we can talk. From the 3 games I tried it only one took the invite and **noone** entered voice.
: Cause so many intentionally troll and hardly ever get punished. As long as they don't type anything in chat they can go on to ruin 500+ games easily without punishment. Seriously? I had to spell it out to you?
Those are people who troll - which is bad for everyone but not any form of abusing the system. They do not gain anything from those games except maybe fun (or whatever feeling they get from doing this). Also, as explained above, those players may ruin single games, but don't put a dent in peoples winrate - they actually lift everyone's (who is not a troll too) winrate. Wintrading is the only way of abusing the system via intentionally feeding or trolling, but wintrading is quiet hard to pull off unless your playing at times where barely anyone is online and on a low populated server.
: Its already abusable. Its just abused by trolls. But that apparently makes it all ok. GG
How is it currently abusable by trolls ? Dare to explain ?
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