: Play supp to not get autofilled most of the times and to get autofilled protection {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I find this doesn't work in flex queue before. I got my secondary role (filled secondary – not autofilled) and lost my autofill protection because I didn't play support (my primary role). Next game I got autofilled jungle while primarily queueing support...
Lord Lrak (EUW)
: Got a 2 week suspension for having fun in league. This is What my report said.
Mffn (EUW)
: Banned because of Sett
Did you respond to the automated message? I know this applies for the other tickets to 'request a human' normally but I'm not sure about bans. If you can respond, do so and link the Vandiril video showing the bug and explain what happened and how it happened to you. You shouldn't be getting banned for this, this was seen (AND REPORTED) as a bug on PBE and Riot didn't fix it.
Ensoo (EUW)
: Bought Boss bundle, didnt get sett as a perm champ "shard". Is it a Bug?
Bundles are cheaper when you already own some of the items in the bundle. In this case, you already owned Sett so only paid the price of the other items in the bundle.
: > [{quoted}](name=Νami,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eo92tP0x,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-13T04:06:43.951+0000) > > Riot only intended for the change to be a quality of life buff but it's definitely quite a bit more than that. > > I don't want to see Nami nerfed too much if they are going to do something because she's been historically one of the most balanced champions in the game. > > I am a little worried they'll over nerf her if they do make a change but she's never been and never will be a problem in pro play so I think they will only do small changes (if any). They will probably lower the slow % on her E. If Blitzcrank is anything to go by then they won't revert the change that broke her.
Yeah, which is why I wrote "I don't want to see Nami nerfed too much" because I'm pretty sure they won't want revert the change. What they nerf (assuming they do nerf something) is what I'm worried about as Nami is already one of the 'squishiest' champions in the game. :S
: nami
Riot only intended for the change to be a quality of life buff but it's definitely quite a bit more than that. I don't want to see Nami nerfed too much if they are going to do something because she's been historically one of the most balanced champions in the game. I am a little worried they'll over nerf her if they do make a change but she's never been and never will be a problem in pro play so I think they will only do small changes (if any).
Mada (EUW)
: @"I need explanation please" with the offensive summoner name
> [{quoted}](name=Mada,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jzZze5UP,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-07T09:29:22.277+0000) > > aim for the feet. {{champion:267}} Laughs in fish
: Where is my account?
Definitely submit a ticket to Riot support as only they will be able to help you! If you need further help doing so, let us know!
Febos (EUW)
: I had a few people in mind, but I'm going with my friend Ciri on this one: [Ciri Eomund boards](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/euw/Ciri%20Eomund), [Ciri Eomund OP.GG](https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Ciri+Eomund). *** I met Ciri 3 years ago after a small interaction right here on the boards! Since then, we've played together quite a few times and Ciri is genuinely a nice player to have around. Our schedules don't always match, but I really like to play with Ciri whenever we have that chance. As I said above, Ciri is genuinely nice and a chill player. I don't know many details about IRL stuff, even though we know each other on social media and talk about ourselves every now and then. I'm trying not to give much about **who** Ciri is away. Let me just say she seems to be as nice IRL as she is in League. As a player, she usually plays as Support (and **really** likes Nami). If she was a Shaco main, we would be soul mates! But bad taste on Supports aside, she tries really hard to keep everyone on her team safe, thus why she usually plays Enchanter type Supports. Ciri is the typical neutral player; doesn't flame and has a positive attitude towards the game, in general, but not so positive that it becomes annoying (ie bubbly people). *** Now the gift. Hard one... I don't know which Nami skins she already has... but I don't want to ask because it would ruin the surprise. If she's chosen, here's my list, in order of preference: 1. Splendid Staff Nami 2. Urf the Nami-tee 3. Delightify Emote ~~UWU Emote (unavailable)~~ *** Big thanks to you, Volunteers! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EEm5iuwWsAMp0Kt.png
You've chosen the best skins for the best champion! I hope your friend gets something! :-)
Apparently, all random URF is on the PBE right now so it should be coming back sometime soon.
LoveGiant (EUW)
: Login Username change doesn't make sense to me
Hey, What is happening is Riot are converting all accounts into "Riot" accounts. What this actually means is, accounts now need to be uniquely named between servers and because the account name you used is used on more than one server (whether by you or someone else) you have to change your account name. Riot did handle this quite poorly as the only requirement for changing the login name is if someone else has an account with the same name on another server. The system does not care about _when_ you registered the account name. It may be that you have a PBE account with the same name or/and someone else has the same account name registered on another server. As long as another account is registered with the same name (on any other server), a requirement to change the login name will be shown upon login.
Breccius (EUW)
: u spam ctrl+4 to ur lane opponent
I second this but as Nami you also have to spam the mastery at the same time! ;-)
Shozis (EUNE)
: I just pick and play something else instead of flaming and starting drama. Also if someone bans my champion out of spite or because it's 'non-meta' or whathever usually their toxic behavior continues in-game so it's an easy report. I think last year someone banned my main support Nami which I played almost exclusively for two seasons at that time. And his excuse was: 'I don't feel good about Namies. I alway lose with a Nami on my team.' Instead of flaming him I just picked another support, played silently and we won.
I've had that before too with Nami! Most people are happy to play with a Nami but some people... :S But yeah, I usually just play something else like Soraka or Morgana.
4201888 (EUNE)
: My main boards account is level 0? Help!
I think a wrenchman should be able to come along and fix this for you. They did fix my profile but it wasn't as broken as yours – only the level, past discussions and comments weren't working for me. Hopefully they fix it for you soon, though!
492810 (EUW)
: I want to play ARAM only with the champions that i enjoy playing
I would love it in ARAM if I could play only certain champions but that isn't what ARAM is about. ARAM is, quite literally, "All Random All Mid" which means each player plays a random champion from the champion pool + owned champions. In fact, Riot actually increased the free champ rotation pool for ARAM several patches ago to reduce the effectiveness of ARAM only accounts that buy only the really effective champions. Riot have been trying to improve this further by balancing champions individually to balance champion winrates in the mode.
: Log in Locations, banned account
I believe support can see logs but you'll need to submit a ticket with them to see if they can help you.
: Im silver but i consistently get plat and even diamond players in my norms
Your solo queue MMR is different to your normal game MMR. You could have better normal game MMR or those players may have lower normal MMR compared to their solo queue rank. Normal matchmaking is kind of whack though, so I wouldn't draw too much from it since anyone can queue with anyone in normals.
: easily tested in the practice tool. spawn 4 mountain drakes and have the shield broken by a monster
You actually can't just spawn the drakes you want, the soul is decided by what dragons would spawn without manually spawning them. So yes, it can be tested but would potentially take lots of resets until the mountainous rift is spawned.
: Past ranked banner not shown.
It's not a bug as the past ranked border is included as part of the end of season rewards. :S
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Chat logs
Yes, you can! See this article for details: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001299888-Requesting-Your-Account-Data
Kurufeemo (EUW)
: PC for streaming
It should be able to run The Elder Scrolls Online well but it also depends on what you're doing on that game. I speak from experience when I say that game is really poorly optimised and will run like garbage in certain areas (PvP or PvE trials) on pretty much any hardware.
: is there any way to edit text files so i t gets english lang or not?? LEGIT way
You can do it by editing the game's config file. There's a post here that details how to do it: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/FIpVEZwj-how-to-change-your-client-language-interface
Momolakhs (EUNE)
It was broken on a few champions such as Renekton and Jax. It made playing against them frustrating and unfair, especially late game Jax after finishing his other items.
Shamose (EUW)
: It's just your login name. Not your summoner name. All accounts are turned into Riot accounts. So probably you have a smurf with the same name or someone else is also using it.
Just to elaborate on this -- these will be one account for all regions which is why the name is already registered. I guess someone else already registered with the same name before in another region. I'm not 100% certain about how this is all being handled.
Mada (EUW)
: at least put the cdr back in.
: How long do support tickets take?
Varies depending on the current number of tickets. Sometimes there can be a widespread issue so numerous people might be submitting tickets causing responses to take longer. I would expect a response from 1-3 days on a typical week day. Sometimes you may receive an automated response at first which you may need to reply to before you get a human support agent. If you haven't received a response and your ticket is still open, don't respond/update it unless you really have to add something important to the request. Any update to the ticket will put it back to the bottom of the queue causing a response to take longer.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=xXx Kish xXx,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hZdEYZ7P,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-15T11:09:13.094+0000) > > How > If you play your main role, which is support, you will get autofill blocked since you played as support. > So if you are really a support main, you would never play any other lane unless you pick adc as secondary. > > I know because I am a support main. https://i.imgur.com/Tbv2rl7.png No idea, i always have Support + Autofill secondary, and 3 times today i got the adc role. And the funny fact is, the support wasn't a support main either, he was something else...
Technically autofill is when you get a role you don't queue for (so you were only filled with your secondary role). All autofill protection means is you're guaranteed one of the roles you queue for (you are not guaranteed your primary role). I've been finding it really bad though recently. When i tried to play both flex and normals with an ADC friend, in more than half the games I got my secondary role and not only that, after playing my secondary role (top) I lost autofill protection and got jungle in the next game! Honestly, I know autofill and getting secondary roles is needed for the queue times, but I wish they could give us an opt in for longer queue times to reduce the fill chance.
Gohnaku (EUW)
: Riot bug lost my account
I believe the Twitter support have mistaken the account name changes (the username we login with) that have been occurring with you logging in and being forced to choose a summoner name. Although it could be possible that these are related. As for the support ticket, it can take support a while to respond to support tickets. You just have to be patient and wait, as responding to your ticket before you have received a response will put it at the back of the queue causing you to wait even longer. You will receive a response eventually, I promise! However, if you receive an automated response at any point, you may need to reply to the ticket to request a human. I hope they can resolve this quickly for you but in the meantime you will have to be patient until they have seen your ticket.
: bugs?
You should be able to kill the game using task manager or by pressing ALT+F4 if you get the never ending loading bug. If you close the game correctly, the client should go from dispalying game in-progress to displaying a "reconnect" button allowing you to reconnect to the game. If this doesn't help, please let me know so I can recommend a few other options!
Well, only player support would be able to help with but at the same time, account sharing is against the rules so I don't think they would be able to help you here. You shouldn't share your account details with other people -- it's not a good idea. Edit: After rereading this, you said this is because of the new login system and I suppose you were at a friends house and used the stay signed in option? I would explain to support the situation and see if they can help you. If I understand this correctly, you didn't _account share_ but instead foolishly stayed logged in using the new launcher.
: The blind monk can get extra blinded?
https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/01/ask-riot-banished-to-prisoners-island/ "Why does Teemo’s Blinding Dart work on Lee Sin?" "For those with sight, Teemo’s darts are blinding, plunging his victims into an abyss of instant night. But little known fact, for those without sight, his darts actually have the opposite effect! As his dart sinks beneath the skin, a world of color, shape and distance swirls before Lee Sin’s eyes. Everything Lee Sin had only ever imagined – the myriad shades of autumn leaves, the nuance of a smile trying to be kept under wraps, the stars blinking their soft twinkle above – dance together in perfect harmony. And then… it’s gone. The nothingness of black envelopes his irises, and once again, the joy of sight is snuffed out. For as we know, Teemo is the devil. And only a devil would restore sight, ever so briefly to a blind man, then take it away again." A little funny explanation from the Ask Riot posts! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Why I didnt get to show the mastery level after my game ??? :(
Hey since there have been a few responses which I don't believe are correct I'll explain what I think the issue is: There is currently a bug where after the match finishes, you won't receive any mastery progress or a grade. This means that your total mastery points for that champion won't change, you won't receive any chests, and you do not get any mastery tokens for mastery 6/7 progression. This bug has been around a while now, it's annoying and I'm afraid I have no idea if a fix for this is coming soon. There was also additional mentions of looking in your match history to see the grade, but this only shows when you look at the grade in the post match lobby but if the bug occurs, you don't receive a grade or mastery points.
: Matchmaking in ARAM
Hey, ARAM does have its own MMR but it is different to the Summoner's Rift MMR. You may see high elo or low elo players in different ARAM MMRs because they may not play ARAM much or just may not be that good at it. There is actually a site where you can check your ARAM MMR (it's not an official Riot site so it's more of a guideline to what your MMR could be): https://euw.whatismymmr.com/ You must have played sufficient ARAM games solo and recently for the site to give you information. It may also take a while to update.
: Free old skins.
This promotion was discontinued. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001531228 You were able to submit a support ticket before it was removed and have them add the skins to your account. It might still be possible to have the skins added to your account if you contact support but they might just tell you that the promotion has ended and they cannot help you. Best of luck either way.
Wex0r (EUW)
: i think there might be a greek language pack check the options on the client login page
This isn't an option by default on EUW, you can change it in the config file though but it will mean having the game in Greek and not one of the standard languages supported by EUW. There isn't any way, as far as I am aware, to keep everything English whilst supporting the Greek characters.
Neotakou (EUW)
: I got my account stolen, got banned, what can i do?
You should submit a ticket to support at: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new If you have issues signing in, you may need to try open the page in incognito/private browsing or try a different browser. Explain the situation to support and they _should_ be able to help you or at the very least give you more information.
: I think your experience as support will help you better while playing jungle than top. Because, at the end of the day, jungle is a supportive role (well, not necessarily, but it can be if you focus on ganking your lanes hard), while top, at least until you can join your team in mid/late game, is the least supportive one.
I personally don't think being a support main helps with Jungle. My secondary role is actually top but I'm not that good at it. I know some people actually play support and mid. I honestly believe supports should find what off-role they are best at so they can play when they are filled with their secondary position. Of course with any new position, there's a lot to learn about matchups and trades.
Mada (EUW)
: Make blue item viable for Thresh, too
The only reason Senna can use the current Spell Thief's edge is because she was designed with the preseason items in mind. Since she released before the preseason patch, Senna has the passive to convert Spell Thief's into adaptive force. During preseason you won't buy Spell Thief's on Senna (well unless you want to go AP).
PaNoS1925 (EUNE)
: i have a buýing RP error
This probably isn't the issue, but I figured it's worth mentioning still. You can only buy so much RP on an account in a given day, after which you will be unable to buy more RP until the next day. You can actually bypass this by using a different account to gift to the account you want RP on (must be friends for at least a day though).
Awsane (EUW)
: Okay Ist there a reason why Riot dont say in the TOS that Paying a player to Duo boost is forbidden?
I imagine they don't like people paying for boosts, but you can't differentiate between a person playing with a friend and someone paying to play with someone. Any attempt to do so would have false positives with people banned that shouldn't get banned.
Shamose (EUW)
: So when you disconnect your champion starts walking towards base. Does yuumi dismount and walk back or does she stay on?
She stays attached and can become invincible when afk long enough (a mechanic to stop people from being farmed in the fountain, I think) which means she won't die when the person she is attached to dies. If you reconnect quickly enough, that will of course never happen as you have to be AFK a while for the invincibility. Back on topic: I would recommend having a phone with mobile data readily available to tether in case of emergencies, but this may not be an option for OP.
: Player names not showing in clubs chat
This has been very frustrating. Works fine for me on the mobile app for me though, so I've been checking that as a temporary fix in the meantime.
Kappz (EUW)
: i still have hope i would do anything and give any information they need to prove im innocent, but the support is not answering me
It takes time, if you respond to the ticket it actually puts it back at the bottom of the queue so you have to wait longer. So if support haven't responded yet, wait before responding further. If you did receive an automated response, you will find you may need to respond to the automated response (depending on what it says) to get a human support agent to take a look. Just be patient, you will receive a response and best of luck!
: Bring back Nexus Blitz
I really want to see Nexus Blitz and One For All! :-)
Kappz (EUW)
: Got permabaned while account got hacked?
We can't do anything for you here but support should be able to help you. Your case isn't unique, your account was compromised and someone used third-party tools aka "scripts" to cheat in-game. Support should be able to restore your account if they're confident it wasn't you cheating and restore your honour level but you will have to respond to the support tickets.
: Wrongfully Banned, how long to recieve a response to my Ticket
I believe the system is supposed to take context into account when banning. We can't see the chat logs for the whole game but I person believe saying something such as, "Dude, you can't say X" where X is a zero-tolerance phrase would not normally be punished by the system. I think it's less clear-cut in your case regarding the context due to the way you worded it. There was some passive aggression that was instigated by the other player where you shouldn't have responded and should have instead either ignored or muted them. I don't know for sure if anything above truly warrants punishment though, so I wish you best of luck with the response from player support.
: We are not even supposed to try to come back aren't we?
The short answer is... you should come back for your team. The long answer is, the system is supposed to have things in place to detect the differences between rage quits and internet issues. In reality though, if you're gone for longer than 5 minutes, the system provides _no_ incentive to return to the game. If you win, you won't gain LP and if you lose well, you still lose LP in the same manner. I submitted a ticket to support about this in the past, they cannot help restore the LP you lost when you win and still lose the LP due to being "AFK". I was actually only able go reconnect in my case with mobile data, but it took a while as my phone was flat and I had to get the charger. The worst part was the team wouldn't have won without me so why should I be punished by the system for doing my best to help and support others and secure the win? It doesn't even matter if you provide clear evidence of internet issues for your ISP, they cannot do anything due to the policies in place. So, yes you should return for the sake of your team, but in reality there is no incentive to play and help them win as you will not receive anything for it. The current "LeaverBuster" systems in place encourage AFKing the remainder of the game, I honestly believe this should be addressed by Riot.
MamaDuck (EUW)
: What champs do you think should get new skins?
Maybe I'm slightly biased but... Nami! :-) I want either an ultimate with two forms like Kayn based on healing and damage done or either a Pool Party or Star Guardian skin! I'd be interested in seeing what they could do for a legendary Nami skin too.
: Woke up to find my account banned!!?
To give further information regarding what the others said below. I've seen numerous people complain about this and it's usually a case of the account being compromised with a different person playing on your account with third-party programs enabled to cheat in the game. I would advise you check your match history for anything suspicious and put in a ticket to support. If you definitely didn't cheat, they _should_ be able to unban your account and restore your honour level. If you have any questions regarding how to submit a support ticket, just let me know here and I'll help where I can.
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey, I synced your profile, you should be able to view your previous comments and discussions now! :-)
Thanks man, I thought it was something weird you guys could fix! <3
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