Taretos (EUW)
: This game did everything to make this game unenjoyable. In preseason i faced Platinud 2 player in mid. And there is loads of videos in youtube. How players take their plat elo acc to Bronze. And why? Probably because they dont want low elo players get in higher elo. Be as good as you want, there is always someone who trolls with purpose. Sometimes i think RIOT really pays them for that. I wanna get out of Iron elo. I had 100LP, and then came the troll palyers or just smurf players to ruin all my chance to get out of this fking shitty ELO. Wanna ban me for my honesty go ahead. Probably i will uninstall this fked up game. and in hope, one day RIOT will lose millions players.
: Tbh you are wrong, even if the smurfs carry some teams they will play mostly mid lane or top lane to be able to solo-carry, as long as you main and play one of those roles in the game, perfect if you have a good team mate on the other lane it's fine, as the smurfs are not able to control their team because no one listens to each other, so as long as you ban garen/nasus/darius you reduce the chance of getting an op smurf top doing 1v5, no smurfs will play jungle or bot without premades, and that's not usual to meet a premade team in low elo
So u think it's okey if i have to play against platinum or diamond smurf player, coz it had happen alot with me and u know its really fking hard to paly like that. The bad thing is if u lose ur lane like that when u play against smurf then all ur team blame u, like " U ARE SO BAD, UNISTALL THE GAME, GO PLAY TETRIS and etc..." Last season one of my worst nightmare was playng against diana palyer who was diamond 2, u don't have to be smart to understand who won this game he took all our team down by himself, he even didn't need any assist to make it..... And u say it'okay???? Well i hope someone who is plat or diamond have to face some challenger player one day, GOOD LUCK THEN... Thats' same as Bronze or silver player have to face some high elo player like (diamond)
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fifalegend (EUNE)
: I had my client crashing like 3 or 4 times so far. I tried everything but It just didn't let me in the game. (I had played few games before so the crash was %%%%ing random). I messaged Riot and they said ''Well sorry about that but we don't give a shit that you got 20 min low priority queue because our gay ass client sucks''. I didn't like the client when It got released. I don't like it till this day. I never had such issues with the old client and I hated the fact that they forced us to use this piece of shit.
i know what u feel! riot don't give a fk about players!
BM Electro (EUNE)
: Try to delete the game and reinstall or you can check your internet connection because it might be the cause too.
my internet connection is way too god for that reason!
Aleks68 (EUNE)
: Yeah new client is just shit I hope they realise it and back old leagcy client. Casue if you play on legacy client there are not going to have problems and bugs and lags. Hope they back it.
they update game too much, but they never fix old bugs or problems, after they say this is normal....!
BM Electro (EUNE)
: I will admit the Client has problems (mainly performance issues on older hardware) but crashes usually mean something is too wrong either with the Client itself or the PC did you try to repair the client using the repair option in settings ?
yes i did client repair 2x but still my client crashes.... now i got again 15min penalty coz my client crashed on champ select, and says i dodge too many games.....is that my fault when clinet is so broken, only what u get is penalty again and again and again....this is my 3rd times (TODAY) when i need to wait 15min, to start game again
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Vîctöry (EUW)
: Yeah. That happens when you have too many runes in your inventory (there's not enough space for them all). So in most instances, you need to send a ticket to support to ask them to remove others (like the Tier 2 runes so you can have Tier 3 ones instead). But the runes will be going out the game shortly with the next update I believe, so I don't really think it would be worth it in my honest opinion. ^^
Thank you, i try to send the ticket, and i will wait this time when it happens. Cheers
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