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sabkiller (EUW)
: Just amazing idea :) i think that was good for riot that can use publicity and for people that dont have a lot of possibility (€) to help the others... i think that is one way that every people win... i know that riot dont want lose to much money so they can put on limit, for exemple the minion donation 100k ip cumps bruno ps: regards for the good idea Wolf
Thank you for the support :)
saturah (EUW)
: I think it's a great idea! And as long as it's true that IP is not a form of currency there could be a way to sort of give them value. For example for 300k IP you can buy ~ 48 champions costing 6300 IP each. If you were to buy that amount of champions with RP, it would cost you 46 800 RP So if 450 RP costs £2.50 (in my case) without the bonus RP per purchase I would say that those 300 000 IP have a value of somewhat **£260.00** real money. Of course RIOT would have to take those out from their pocket but I still think the idea is awesome and if they are willing to put a thought into it there could be a way to convert the IP into real money value for charity purposes. In any case *thumbs up* for the idea itself !!!
Thank you for your words/support ^^ and ya if you love the ideia, thumbs up the ideia :)
: <3
Thank you ^.^ <3
shileka (EUW)
: i actually think this could be a cool way to raise money for charity, if every league player traded lets say 5K IP for a single $ then you'll have quite some cash saved in very little time, ofc, out of riot's pocket, but i know riot did tons of stuff for charity already also, what better marketing than donating to charity? the losses incured are more than likely to be compensated by the same players anyway, heck, give em an icon and then release a few skins to celebrate the charity event and riot will posibly make three or four times the amount of money they invested
I know that this is just a ideia that i had, and RIOT is the one here who really have to do the donation with real money, but once i will keep getting more IP, this ideia came out and i had at least to share it with you all. One of the best things about living in this world is to help the others, to give other people a chance to have a better life :)
: I don't know whether to facepalm or to hug you. Influence Points (IP) in League of Legends are no currency. They have the value that Riot gives them within the domain of Riot. Meaning: IP have no value outside of League of Legends. They don't need your IP, because IP doesn't exist. It's a number, nothing else. They can just change a number and the IP changes. If Riot were to delete IP from an account and then add more back into the account, they would not lose any money nor gain any money. F_ck, you're so goddamn cute and innocent, I think I want to hug you.
I know that its just a number and RIOT can simply change it, and ya, they dont need my IP for nothing, but since i never saw someone with more IP than me and this ideia just came what, at least i tried to share it, to see where it goes :) Btw, you can give me a virtual hug :)
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