: > [{quoted}](name=020botlanemybad,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=xrLLXsbE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-13T09:27:25.882+0000) > > Just tried. Says invalid characters Hold down Alt, then press the letter, then use the number pad to type in the numbers for the desired symbol. Or you could just copy and paste them from google. If you want the list of Word Codes, then here they are: https://sites.psu.edu/symbolcodes/windows/codealt/
These are all symbols that appear different from the letter i wanna type. I want my name to look normal
: Latin Alphabet
Just tried. Says invalid characters
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Evidence (EUNE)
: if its not ma problem can we see that death threats on this post, pls post so we can have a clear idea. also, this is a game, in real life, u won't say a thing to somebody, in games it is whole %%%in diff world if ur still pure to this shiet, better start man up. don't be too sensitive, it can ruin ur make up.
Could you retype that in proper english? I honestly struggle to understand what you just said. Thanks
Lari (EUNE)
: can u share the link?
: PERMABANNED FOR PRIVATE CHAT - Update and conclusion
I think many of you are still not focusing on the correct point of the discussion. Am i worth being permabanned? Maybe yes. Maybe not. Different opinions. That's not the point The issue here is the discrepacy between the treatment reserved to me or to other users. The correct comparison is this one: imagine you see someone murder another person. You go to the police, you report that, you show them pictures with the face of the murderer, his name, everything. Other people do the same spectating other murders reporting them to the police with all the necessary information to punish the murderers. The police response to everyone is the same : "sorry but we never act and do anything about murder" So happens that after some time, sure of the information that multiple times was given to you, you actually murder someone. And you get instantly imprisoned. So the question is: regardless of the act itself being correct or not (and i agree that it's not)...can something be punishable JUST for some people and for other not? The same exact thing can have different treatment depending on the person? The answer for me is no honestly. But you might have different opinions ofc. Cheers
Lari (EUNE)
: Look if you receive threats for your life you should call cyber police and have them take a look . Riot has 0 authority on that part. Now if you threat or abuse someone in any way on private chat and that someone reported you, your ban is deserved. Riot protects its community in way Riot can. It does not matter who started it, if he troled or not, just unfriend him, flaming him and cursing him does not solve a thing. Riot is really not that strict and this is coming for a guy with 5 chat restrictions, to be banned it means you said some awful stuff to this "feeder". So as someone else said well deserved.
Would be fine if this was true for everyone. But is has been clearly shown with multiple screenshots that it's not.
: I tried to bring it up on [NA boards](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/E9ZV03q8-is-this-possiblebanned-for-private-chat) if you are ok with that, it might get more attention there.
Wex0r (EUW)
: you provided the key reason " You have been negative on **Multiple** accounts " so you made how many accounts to PM i am assuming the same guy ? Also i am getting the impression you were not exactly honor lvl 5 before this incident. Just create a new account and reform. Tyler did it you can too :) GL and c u on the rift.
That is not even the point. Something is punishable for everyone or is not. That's the only point of this discussion.
Rioter Comments
: Does Riot "mark" IPs?
I thought about this many times as well. My first perma ban took almost 1 year and I had to type super heavy stuff. After that my following accounts are punished waaaaay more easily. Something that is not even actual flame but just barely annoying or toxic results in an instant penalty
Hananim (EUW)
: Ah yes because the first thing the police thinks when they come to a suicide victim is "wonder if this guy plays lol". Dont forget the common suicide note which says "xXxYasuoMaster69xXx told me to kill myself in lol so im doing it". In short, its not bannable. Been confirmed by riot multiple times.
Exactly, that's why i'm making this post. Cause i got banned for it :)
Sοna (EUNE)
: There is a chance he flamed a riot employee or someone with connections to riot.
JayceGatsby (EUNE)
: What OP is saying is truth. I have been flamed very ugly in private messages before. I took screenshots and made a ticket. Rito responded was that they dont give a damn about private messages and that I should be carefull who I am adding and that was it. So no, if the op was banend for private messaging it is NOT OK. They should either go full zero tolerance policy on private messages or distance from those but not doing double standards. If you are making double standards you are shitty organisations with even shittier moderators.
Thank god. It happened to me 2 times as well. "can't ban for privates". But today i just got banned, and he manually banned 2 other accounts with no chat logs as well. I guess the guy is mad LOL
Hananim (EUW)
: This is completely wrong. Riot doesnt ban for private chat because you HAVE TO accept the friend request in order for the person to be able to talk to you. If someone flames u ingame, sends a friend request after the game and you still accept it and get flamed, its YOUR fault and thats why riot doesnt intervene in these cases. To op: Youre full of shit, you dont get 3 accs banned because you flamed someone in private.
Hananim (EUW)
: You got banned for flaming in game, not in private. Riot doesnt ban for private chat.
Omg dude it's not like this haha. This is what i get, i can't access the account as you clearly see. Ban for chat in game or lobbies you can access the account and see the logs ;D Plus the rioter itself told it's for my private messages wtf haha. https://imgur.com/a/er5VsH8
Hananim (EUW)
: You got banned for flaming in game, not in private. Riot doesnt ban for private chat.
Hansiman (EUW)
: That doesn't necessarily mean in private chat. "Direct messages" can also mean that your messages were directed at specific players, rather than just "flaming your entire team".
Dude do i have to post the 2 pages chat with the rioter? It is meant as private chats, i don't chat in game or lobbies, also because if that was the case i would still be able to open the acc and get the usual chat logs showing what you were banned for, but i don't ;) Direct messages are private messages, exactly like they are called in messenger or instagram, like wtf lol
Hansiman (EUW)
: Can you post a screenshot of the ban message stating you were banned for private chat?
: PERMABANNED FOR PRIVATE CHAT and target banned by Riot Employee
I will summarize for who don't want to read: - Months ago i received death threats in private chats, reported them with screens and riot support told me "we can't do anything about private chats" - Yesterday I added a guy that intionally trolled a game to make his team lose and flamed him in a private chat (no threats of any kind) - This morning my account got permabanned, reason "harassment in private chat" - Multiple users are contacting me posting screens that show how riot always answered that private chats are not punishable - The riot support guy that permabanned my main account has manually banned another account for "offensive name" also if in the past a namechange was always proposed, and another smurf that i didn't even log in days where i have no chat logs in game or out. Was i Toxic? yes. Was i toxic in a place where Riot multiple times told me (and other users) toxicity is not punished or even monitored? yes. The comments like "ahh deserved toxic piece of shit" are funny but I would like to keep the conversation on what is actually punishable according to riot itself and wanna clarify if different users receive different treatment based upon the supporter's preference towards the guy opening the ticket.
: > [{quoted}](name=020botlanemybad,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=XG8sBw3R,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-08T12:32:52.542+0000) > > I actually said I reported two times a guy asking for my IRL address saying that he will fly to me and shoot me in my throat. > And another time that he would find me and gas me as the Jew i am. > > Those 2 tickets got the response "we won't do anything about private chats" Okay but park that aside for a moment - what was it that you actually said yourself in the private messages to the person?
Madnasher (EUW)
: Here is the thing, if you were not toxic this issue would not exist. Yes there is shades of dual standards, but in the messages where you have death threats did you report it? Because death threats are illegal. Thats right its a criminal offence to tell someone you will kill them. Ive yet to see any proof for what you claim regarding the multiple closed tickets, nor the screenshot of what your ban actually states, nor any other proof for what you say besides the above conversation where it states that they cannot monitor messages and if they did it meant that people could be punished for talking with friends how they usually talk with them. However talking with friends is not the same as adding someone and saying '%%%% your mum, i hope you get cancer and die' or something like that. Therein lies the difference. If I raise a ticket because someone is breaking the TOS in a private message to me, then I will not be accepting 'we cant do shit in private messages' because as previously stated it is illegal to harrass someone, or exhibit threatening behaviour.
The rioter has the number of the ticket, where there is the guy asking for my address to find me and shoot me in my throat. And to that screens the riot answer i linked "we can't issue bans on private chats sorry mate, just don't accept them" Don't know what exactly do i have to prove to you, I am here just discussing about different treatment from user to user based on the supporter's simpathy or preference
CJXander (EUNE)
: You were banned for the game and post lobby chat as far as i can see.
Madnasher (EUW)
: Oh I can read. _**After a game where a guy intentionally trolled a game to make us lose I added him in private after the game and flamed the hell out of him. YES i was toxic**_ I dont think you can read. Let me restate my point. If you add someone after a game for the express purpose of flaming then it is harrassment, which is illegal. Its also against the terms of services. If you take screenshots of the conversations and report them via a ticket then you can have something done about it. You get the advice of 'block them and ignore them' but you can still raise a ticket over it. As for anger issues? Nah, Im just sick of idiots trying to find ways to be toxic to each other. Grow up. Stop getting accounts banned, be a better person.
But that is not what happened when i reported death threats in private chats with screens. And riot said they can't ban for private chats. The point of discussion is not toxicity is Riot misleading information and behaviour about the punishment based on the rioter preference.
: It would really come down to what it was you actually said in private messages. Though Riot may take a neutral stance most of the time regarding private communications, there are some things which they would be forced to take action against solely for precautionary means above all else. So, if a person is going to send death threats, tell somebody to take their own life, etc, and a complaint is raised about it, then these are all examples of situations in which Riot would be forced to intervene if it was being done on their platform, regardless if it is in private messages or not. In that regard, it is not different to someone making the same comments towards another individual on the likes of social media such as Facebook messenger. What did you actually say?
I actually said I reported two times a guy asking for my IRL address saying that he will fly to me and shoot me in my throat. And another time that he would find me and gas me as the Jew i am. Those 2 tickets got the response "we won't do anything about private chats"
: How does the card look that comes up when you log in? Usually it says game 1-x, so im wondering how it would look if they actually banned you for privat chat.
Just says account has been permanently suspended. I cannot log
Madnasher (EUW)
: You added someone to be a toxic piece of shit to them in private messages and got banned? You do realise that if it is screenshotted and reported as harrassment then you CAN get in shit for it? Ive reported many people like yourself who add me to flame me after a game. You all get banned. Lesson is stop being a toxic piece of trash.
I agree but this is not the point and you probably cannot read. I got added to receive death treaths, and reporting it with screenshots i was told by Riot private chats are not punishable. You seem to have anger issues and to be toxic yourself my friend. Relax
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Tomerino (EUW)
: LULU ONLY smurf in plat 1 looking for a duo Add: looking for kids
: Ranked (Solo/Duo) unfair LP Gains
Good luck fixing that. I am in the exact (if not worse situation) Took a fresh account (so no inflated mmr like for the start of the season spammers) started from bronze after placements and climbed up to P1 with a 73% winrate and got D4 with 62%. Before grinding for higher i waited the reset, won 7 games and lost 3, I was getting +13/-24!!!!! After reading many other people having the same problem i just gave up on the account. The amount of effort and tilt required is just not worth it. I should be able to keep a 70-75% winrate in diamond just to climb at a normal speed, unlucky i'm not challenger so i can't do that xD. I just turned the account into a "trychamps" and "fun" account. Now after around 50 games where i still have 56-57% winrate is slightly less worse, i get +14-15/-20-21. Still incredibly tilting. Not worth
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Shentö (EUW)
: There are better places, but indeed thats a place, I can easily adv on many diferent places at same time.
: yet another person accusing me of lier XD, 75% win rate i gues i suk, see you in dia my man xD Take a look at my matchhistory, making it nicer for you guys <3 Actually i dont know what happened to you in the past, but i guess your experiences brought u to this repellent and nasty behaviour. Hope i never become like this lmao.
You are level 28 and claimed "you had been P1" and saying "i don't have a main". 75% winrate on what, match history on what, you are playing normal games wtf hahaha. "see you in dia my man" ye...we'll wait for you. lol
Shentö (EUW)
: Just let it go, noone with decent iq would believe your psico bs honestly. Everyone how has a minimal experience knows that boards / community has an issue with frauds claiming to be what they are not. The most popular rank called out its master, interesting because not even 0.5% of euw has master tier or more right now. The point is that people like me are actually tired of guys like you. Conversation its pretty much done, cba to explain you something that you already know and refuse to acept. You are a problem, dont hide behind emphatic feelings bs, you are and have a problem, quit the game until you fix it.
I just insta deleted him after the words "i don't have a main". Usual "i am high elo" guy without any proof of it. If I can advice you there are way better places to get a duo, here it's almost always like this. People looking for free boosts
Rioter Comments
Ceamaberg (EUW)
: Lf duoq smurf. Jungler/midlaner needed.
You have negative winrate in silver mate, wtf? xD
Rioter Comments
: Ex-master player in s6. Looking for duoq partner for unranked account (7-0 atm)
He's a fake, don't lose time. He's posting this thing from 2 months with 5-6 different account names, getting downvoted every time ^^
Just Amy (EUW)
: LF another diamond smurf to rush through gold elo!
So link your main account. Or do you expect people to be eager to duo with the account u're writing from?
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=020botlanemybad,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QeEcBRx4,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-20T13:47:38.037+0000) > > First sentence of my post "i'm playing on a smurf" And how do you think someone will know if this account or the other is your main? Edit: Give link to the account, Im sure there is good reason that he gets 17-18 lp. As I told you, it seems it is higher than it should be in rank.
Cause "The account started in silver 5 winning 20-21 per game and now after 34 wins and 6 losses is winning 17 lp" If u actually bothered reading before commenting a thread that would be nice XD
JustClone (EUNE)
: I am not sure you are talking about this account. This one has much more than 40 games in ranked.
First sentence of my post "i'm playing on a smurf"
JustClone (EUNE)
: 17-18 LP means Higher than deserved. It happens to me when I change tier upwards. 25 LP means lower than deserved. It happens when I win a lot. Usually at this point you will skip division at promotion. (example: you will get from silver 3 to silver 1, without grinding silver 2).
What do you mean...i know how it works and this is exactly why i think it's bugged or something. I'm winning every game and my lp gains are ridicolous xD. The account started in silver 5 winning 20-21 per game and now after 34 wins and 6 losses is winning 17 lp...WUT
Just Amy (EUW)
: LF another diamond smurf to rush through gold elo!
What do you mean with "another diamond smurf". You have more than 500 rankeds and negative winrate on pretty much every champ y play dude...
Rioter Comments
: D3 support / LF duo smurf tryhard
Fake looking for a free boost. Don't waste time XD
Rioter Comments
gankster (EUW)
: LF d4/d3 support to do jungle/mid new strat
I'm not a support but i'm experienced on the strategy and i supported a couple of high diamond and master tier twitch with lulu and kayle. Wouldn't mind playing supp for u mid and sharing my knowledge on the strat
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