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Kageryu (EUW)
: And how did he hack you? Oh right... You followed an obvious fakelink because they promised some BS and you happily entered your logindata into a fakesite. And Yes i can guess it since we see at least 1 thread each day from people falling for this.
A good friend of mine got hacked,and a hacker got onto his account,not knowing I just accepted the link cause he is my friend IRL and I trust him more than anyone in this thats it
Kageryu (EUW)
: Geez... why are people so guillible.... Account recovery: And please get it, that your account did not get hacked. You did the equivalent of giving someone that vaguely looks like a banker your bank data and then started shouting that you got robbed....
I didnt loose my account,a hacker just got onto my profile,and basicaly can do what ever he wants
Sawy (EUW)
: Step one: Change the password for LoL. Step two: Write a ticket to Riot explaining the situation. They can help you with most issues a possible hack could have made your acc suffer. Step three: (optional) Change the email owning the account. (Not sure if it still can be done though). Step four: L2 not get your acc ''hacked'' Aka dont press the ''MAKE YOUR PENIS LARGER FOR FREE ONLY TODAY CLICK NOW'' adds while you fapsurf ^_^ (Basicly a rude joke - but it holds a real hint - surf safer and smarter - There is no such thing as free RP).
I menchoned in my thread that a good friend of mine sent me that...but turned out he got hacked aswell and the hacker sent me that link...I turst him most of the time and when he sends me smthn that is 100% true
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