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: Didn't get my rating shown?
The Thread is old but i still have this problem. I try to get my last S on Zyra and prefer to play her midlane. On bad games i get ratings, on good games i dont. In my match history the ratings on these games are missing as well. Like wtf is going on? Is it because there are not other games on midlane zyra so i cant get that S at all? xD
: Why do Akali and Pyke get more skins in this short time?
> And Ornn still sits there with 1 skin. I just hope that when they come up with an Ornn-skin, it is that good, that i can spend another 2-3years playing with it until they release his third skin xD
: yea true that. in the end they gonna remove the coremechanic just like they did with irelia, akali etc. ^^
Actually i thought the same. Midlane Pantheon should be his best position with this kit. They even showcased his ability vs Syndra. His ult is a lot better in midlane as well. I hope they let his abilities stay the way they are and make him weaker mid be reducing mr/mr per level on him or sth like that(if they want to nerf midlane panth).
NullSp3c (EUW)
: Ohmwrecker uselessness and possible solution
That would end in a new "akali dive" shitstorm. Just boost its stats a little bit and toplane/jungle tanks can buy it to help diving a target. The reason nobody buys it is, that its active is mediocore and its stats are bad.
0rrn (EUW)
: New ornn skin ideas
More Ideas for exisitng skinlines: - Santa Ornn (winter is coming) - Poolparty Ornn (pumps up balloons and stuff like that when smithing out of fountain, slaps brittle enemies with a towel :D) - Spirit Fire Ornn (i just like the possible look of witchdoctors mask) - Project Ornn - Janitor Ornn or Janitornn (battle academy)
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: I demand my LP BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Well Quinn jungle may not be the best pick but it is not the worst also. Stuff like that happens to everyone.
TikkTac (EUNE)
: a good player will never enjoy creating new acc and playing against some beginners
You want a new accoun with every champion to stomp beginners?! Ppl like you ruin matchmaking in this game.
DoDoVajcoCZ (EUNE)
: 20% from 450 hp is? 90 and 20 sec cd.... really so much OP .... even Urgot's W is stronger with some AP....
But its her passive not an ability. Her lvl 1 Trade for example is a 2 times autoattack reset if she skills q and that shield. Urgot lvl 1 is (if he really skills that shield first) just that shield. Thats a huge difference. On top of that i think her ult needs to end if she gets killed.
RooneR (EUNE)
: Camille nerf??
I think she just needs a little bit more scaling. 20% max Health Shield on lvl 1 lets her win every trade against any champion.
ShrekBallz (EUNE)
: Katarina is stupid... -_-
I onetrick her atm. Try Lissandra vs her and your should have no problems unless their jungler is better than yours.
KameZuk (EUW)
: Idea about the CS Riven Drama
Just 2 different Splash Arts is a simple solution.
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