Goldglim (EUW)
: [Illaoi] 4 Fanskin ideas: Nightmare, Freljord, Bloodmoon, Poolparty
Wow it's beautiful, I'd prefer a Pool Party Illaoi with a waterpolo/volley ball like [this.]( My favorites are the Nightmare and Freljord ones :D
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I'm missing 40 champions (mostly 4800 and 6300) and I'm playing since 2 years, RIP
Infernape (EUW)
: >Would be cute and cuddly and would take bonus damage from Caitlyn... It should take bonus damage from Safari Caitlyn.
: > [{quoted}](name=0utSec,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=sU7U8fnv,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2016-04-25T10:46:23.796+0000) > > People in this game are sooooo sensitive... > How are you doing in everyday's life if you're crying for someone saying "easy" at the end of the game... Think of all players as one community. If you think that the opponents you have today are your teammates tomorrow. You would not do it. And if you think about it: Do you like to be offended, in a game where your opponents just snowballed over you? It is hard enough to loose. In a close match, easy is straight out wrong. In a one sided match, the other team is just immoralized. So don't say easy. Easy as that. Just say, thank you for game.
So that should be bannable ? I don't think so, and I really don't see how you can get affected by a simple meaningless word on Internet.
: easy must be bannable again
People in this game are sooooo sensitive... How are you doing in everyday's life if you're crying for someone saying "easy" at the end of the game...
It's not the world who is toxic. It's humanity.
: > [{quoted}](name=Elimin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3K0V4c6L,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-02-26T12:30:37.961+0000) > > Is it another bronze that refuzes 2 be bronze ? Why you wasting your time on such a bullshit ?if you are realy good...No way you will be in bronze .Win bronze game its very easy if youre good .You wont win everey game ofc coz you have 4 trash players in your team .But in most cases you can carry it easy .Creating another division its waste of time and coding :D its rather riot will fix thair soft problems so ppl could play stable in this game ,than creating new useless division .This isnt even a problem ,all you do its complaining about bad players , that are your lvl of gameplay .And this dirt division ?????Man make a brake for this game and chillout . > [{quoted}](name=MrsNiksa,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3K0V4c6L,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-26T12:18:15.645+0000) > > If those bronzies were that good then they wouldn't be in Bronze :/ i will proceed to attempt to logically explain to you why bronze is stupid the way it is now: BRONZE LEAGUE MMR VALUES 0-1149 MMR Bronze 5 MMR is 0-869. Bronze 4 MMR is 870-939. Bronze 3 MMR is 940-1009. Bronze 2 MMR is 1010-1079. Bronze 1 MMR is 1080-1149. SILVER LEAGUE MMR VALUES: 1150-1499 MMR Silver 5 MMR is 1150-1219. Silver 4 MMR is 1220-1289. Silver 3 MMR is 1290-1359. Silver 2 MMR is 1360-1429. Silver 1 MMR is 1430-1499. GOLD LEAGUE MMR VALUES: 1500-1849 MMR Gold 5 MMR is 1500-1569. Gold 4 MMR is 1570-1639. Gold 3 MMR is 1640-1709. Gold 2 MMR is 1710-1779. Gold 1 MMR is 1780-1849. PLATINUM LEAGUE MMR VALUES: 1850-2199 MMR Platinum 5 MMR is 1850-1919. Platinum 4 MMR is 1920-1989. Platinum 3 MMR is 1990-2059. Platinum 2 MMR is 2060-2129. Platinum 1 MMR is 2130-2199. DIAMOND LEAGUE MMR VALUES: 2200-2549 MMR Diamond 5 MMR is 2200-2269. Diamond 4 MMR is 2270-2339. Diamond 3 MMR is 2340-2409. Diamond 2 MMR is 2410-2479. Diamond 1 MMR is 2480-2549. MASTER LEAGUE MMR VALUES: 2550-2899 MMR CHALLENGER LEAGUE MMR VALUES: ABOVE 2900 MMR now please note that while every other division covers about 300 MMR bronze itself covers about fucking 1200, 4 times as much as a normal division, that is like combining silver, gold, platinum and diamond and saying they are all roughly equivalent in skill. is silver really equivalent to diamond? maybe, i havent been in either so i wouldnt know.
Where did you get these numbers ? I watched my Platinum 4 account on and it says that my MMR is 1914 and that i'm apt of climbing 2 divisions and that "A baseline MMR has been changed by the latest Riot patch. (2016/2/20)".
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torchibo (EUW)
: Monk Cha,The powerful Monk
- Looks too much like Lee Sin, the Blind Monk : {{champion:64}} - You're saying he's using Energy and then you say that his abilities cost mana. - Same concept of evolution as : {{champion:112}} **Conclusion :** Not an original champion, and some errors in the presentation.
: N 809 lee sin world (lolskill) helps to master lee for free
The masteries ? I've seen most of the pros running 6/18/6 nowadays. And for runes, I saw C9 Rush running some Armor Pen marks with the AD, what do you think about it ?
Hancor (EUW)
: "Unknown error" all the tine during champion select - Mac
I had this during a moment on my Mac OS X, was really annoying. But after a few patches it stopped and now all is fine.
Feherfarkas (EUNE)
: Maybe an AD support item?
Well, your role as Illaoi support is to be tanky, not to deal more damage. Targon is really good on her cause she can execute her spirit from E (dunno if it got fixed), give her a heal, which she doesn't have and more tankiness.
: Lee sin update ??
Ah, I thought he changed Classic Skin when his splash art changed. I guess not
: Impact of runes?
Really really really really really... important to buy runes to : - Win your lane (15 AP/AD can win your lane easily, same for the resistances) - Clear jungle (Impossible to do more than 2 or 3 camps with some champions if you don't have any runes) - Have better late game stats (CDR/per level, HP per level, MR per level help you a lot late game)
12a12b12d (EUNE)
: New poppy skin suggestion.
Is it Portuguese Poppy ? :p
: [Champion Suggestion] Funky, the cunning imp
Good way to skip the lore, wp.
I208iN (EUW)
: [Custom Champion Rework] Amumu - The Sad Mummy
Little fails on the text, you wrote : **W -** ~~Tantrum~~ **Shuriman Heart** **W - Curse of the Sad Mummy** Instead of : **E - ** ~~Tantrum~~ **Shuriman Heart** **R - Cruse of the Sad Mummy**
: people you simply do not respect
I hate people complaining about people playing strong champions. If a champion is broken, it's not his fault and he has the right to play it. Blame it on Riot, not on the guy playing. You cant call someone an "abuser" because he plays a very strong champion. I also hate people saying "noob champ" after getting killed by a Garen, Master Yi or whatever. It's like you have to play the most skillful champion, or you're shit. If I killed you with Garen, then I'm just better or you did a mistake, but dont blame it on the champion or even on me for playing it.
: Rise of the Pheonix Ekko ( fan made skin)
Isn't it Phoenix instead of Pheonix ?
: How to find new Champions you'll enjoy.
Caitlyn scales into late game...?
Agidyne (EUW)
: What champions did you use to ban when you first started playing?
{{champion:11}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:31}}
MrVört (EUW)
: CHampion Concept: Tobias, The Ruthless.
Seemed over powered with the damage reduction and the % dmg everywhere, but he has 412 hp at level one and 18 armor, so I guess that balances him. Didn't seem really original for me, there would be no excitement or anything if this champ comes out because there are no new things in his kit.
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Rafio, a champion concept (Mid Lane Mage)
You didnt even tell how much charges he has at level one. You just said he started with 100%... 100% of what ? Then the main idea is not bad, but the content is. Was hoping for a Skater doing beautiful "moves" with his hover-board, like using walls to be faster, to dodge spells with style... Instead you just have a mix of {{champion:112}} , {{champion:38}} , {{champion:115}} , {{champion:42}} and {{champion:223}} . His Q is Viktor's E, his W is Kassadin's R (which is kinda op), his E is Ziggs' W and his R is a mix between Corki's Special Delivery and Tahm Kench's R. Was expecting a unique champ !
Gogo1409 (EUW)
: Katarina fan art
The hair is kinda weird but it's a good fan-art ! :-)
: Wohoo, Thanks! :)
The only problem is the title : "Morgar, a CHAMION concept (ADC)" I think you forgot a "P" :p
: Morgar, a chamion concept (ADC)
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Incubuus (EUW)
: Kindred (Chinese New Year skin)
: Murus, the Wall of Stone (Champion Concept)
I think that's just a better version of malphite with even more utility and tankiness, I don't really like your idea sorry.


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