sixthdrop (EUNE)
: stuck in one elo
It's a LOT of luck, I'm in silver 3 I got 5 S ratings in a row and only won 2 of those games, also have gotten a lot of troll picks on champ select and afkers.
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hirrurg,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hzjq73Lr,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-08-08T10:48:19.227+0000) > > adcs are supposed to carry not to have least amount of dmg... so if u can win a game where ur adc deals 10k dmg in 30 min game than u are monster If your team can't peel for your ADC, he won't do anything.
pretty much... and an adc will only have the most damage if the game goes late, if it doesnt go too late the ap carry should do most of the damage.
Doomley (EUW)
: How is he disgusting to play against though? It's very easy to kill him because unlike yasuo, he doesn't have a wind wall to block all the damage and cc.
He is unhealthy due to his ultimate and extreme mobility. But I odnt think yasuo is or ever wwas op
: Kayn mains has a sad life..
Kayn is not weak at all. In my opinion jungle and mid kayn are tier 1 champions in their respective roles, he has way too many options, can get in and out safely, split push, kill tanks, carries has a great jungle clear and early ganks...
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: whats the bug? i dont go to shitholes like reddit.
Basically when attack moving as kalista and you have a high attack speed, your attack speed is lowered drastically(for example appears you have 2.0 attack speed but kali attacks in 1.6), so you have to use the normal right click instead
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Omnus (EUW)
: New mid main?
I also used to play {{champion:268}} a lot he was my first level 5 champion but I just stopped, he just feels weak. {{item:3070}}
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ItsMaz (EUW)
: Huh? Before the tanks, it was assassins. Assassins are a far bigger threat to ADCs than tanks are.
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MrWasjig (EUW)
: Then how are you supposed to play Pantheon then? NOT take advantage of his strong early and NOT spam spears? Might as well not pick Pantheon then. (Single example but the point stands) Besides even if you're NOT spamming like crazy, the added 50 something mana is still barely a spell.
it's good pant can't spam spears, his early game is broken af
: Patch 5.22- The whole world is UNbalanced
Season 5 was horrible for adc mains. Too many tanks and bruisers, now it's our season =D{{champion:236}} {{summoner:7}}
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: you got 15 lp's for dodging? LOL i lose lp and u win 15 lp's wtf rito
got 15 lp penalty learn to read sir, your attempt at correcting me failed miserably
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: The in-lore relationship between Soraka and Warwick, that's just tragic.
I never read it how is it?
Sdars (EUW)
: I'm amazed at how nice this person is...
Sorry to be that guy but a 3/13 person who doesn't flame is not better than a fed flamer. You can just mute the flamer and let him do the carry
Car0llle (EUW)
: Best Champion Lore
Jax is the best lore for me. For those who didn't know it's like this: Jax joined the league of legends and he was such a powerful warrior the leader had to "nerf him" and restricted him to using a lamp post instead of an actual weapon. What a badass {{champion:24}}
Riot will never admit a bug or mistake, you should learn that by now same happened in omg vs fnatic a clear bad game mechanic happened and riot refused to remake the game
Elkzahr (EUW)
: Garen's ult is a joke
Lmao you complain but you've been spamming garen in solo q just look at his match history {{champion:86}}
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A Ocean (EUW)
: >first dodge in months
first ranked dodge in months actually since s4
Cypherous (EUW)
: Not sure what the point of this post is, you want riot to see that you got punished for an action you CHOSE to take?
Because it's an unfair game element, if you have a troll in champ select you're getting punished for dodging and he gets nothing
: Dodging ranked(upvote if you agree riot has to see this)
I guess the source of this harsh penalty was me dodging a normal earlier that day, I thought it had to be 2 rankeds and didn't know normals count towards your punishment, thanks for all the help and replies guys
Çhaòs (EUW)
: I didn't realize it was quite so extreme, 5min and 3lp is fine but the next just up should be only 15mins and 9lp at most really, then 15 lp would make sense for the next one. But it depends what the cooldown is on dodging.
well I was quite irritated by this since I was close to the promos
Riryz (EUW)
: thats weird. your 1st dodge will always give you -3lp and a 5 minute time penalty (especially if you dont leave very often).
I don't get it, I never dodge and once gets me this kind of punishment, it doesn't make any sense.
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Gojiraw (EUW)
: > saying "that's the elo yu deserve" isn't always correct Yes it is. Not gonna bother to explain.
then explain how doublelift in his smurf loses games vs people 30 divisions below him
Takeoff (EUW)
: Got any tips for me? Trying to climb myself tho my goal is Silver II this season.
Get a duo partner, in silver I'm climbing with the help of a friend. 2 carries is always better than 1 and the chance of getting trolls and afks is slimmer
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: 5 Mordekaisers (1 for all) with skins is making the game lag incredibly
I played a one for all with 5 mordekaiser and the same happened to me
MrFaker (EUW)
: M8 ur kda is lower then you need to have on ur rank. Why lie?
avg 3 kda vs avg 0.5 in other people of my elo
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Chat Restrictions are warnings. Ranked Restrictions are warnings. Bans are severe punishment for excessive toxic behaviour, or prolonged toxic behaviour where a player refuses to improve during restrictions. Bans are instantly provided to extreme cases of racism, sexism, homophobia, and/or death threats. This isn't a ban you get easily. As mentioned by Medieval Twitch: LeaverBuster also punishes people for things out of their control, if it happens to frequently. Most people don't leave because they want to, but because some external factor forces them to.
bro I got a 14 day ban without ever getting chat or ranked restricted before for being reported in 1 game
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Well I compiled some of my favorite quotes here >this fuckboy gtfo this elo is cancer bye noobs report me for hard carry pro team lb- fizz you suck cant play lol Can you honestly tell me this isn't toxic with a straight face? It doesn't matter what others said or did to you. What matters is _your_ actions and _only_ your actions.
lb- fizz you suck cant play lol I was quoting lb here "bye noobs" was for the enemy team after I slaughtered them "this fuckboy" is for the enemy nasus after he escaped with 9 hp I dont think I deserve a 15 day ban tbh
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Rozier (EUNE)
: he's not tank ^^ he's fuckin juggernaut
but that doesn't make him a carry
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Ertela (EUNE)
: Stop being so toxic towards new players!
New players in ranked do not deserve your sympathy
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Of course i did and -10 damage is nothing. the E change well it's early they could change it or even add a new passive to it. or even add something to replace the knock up and shield. I'm just no over reacting to it is all.
they reduced his soldiers base damage by 80 not 10 you should re-read the patch ntoes
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Just because a champion gets some changes to his damage, he is dead?? like viegar was "dead" makes no sence, don't over react to every little nerf a champion gets. Learn to deal witht hte changes and build/play around it.
little nerf? You didn't read the patch notes
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Hardest no. We will have to wait and see what he plays like after the changes. I read them and i hated it but i can see why they did it, just have to wait and see what he is like. Dead, don't over react.. as long as his E range is left alone he will still be awesome and fun to play. To be honest has anyone ever used the E shield and knock up other than a panic E in CQ fight? it wont make much of a difference in game. just will have to play abit safer, E still does damage so all is good.
he is dead have you read the patch notes? His soldier's base damage was reduced by 80 no knock up and shield, you don't stop when hitting a champion, the knock up is essential to do his insec combo and the shield is good in 1v1 scenarios
: Lucian currently 0-11 in EU LCS
his range is minimal and his passive is useless until you get full build and start making serious damage I agree with a buff {{champion:236}} {{item:3070}}
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: He needs to be tuned down. The low win ratio is caused by new players playing him because he's the new Free Elo. They get punished by the slighly above average skill-cap of the champion. He stalls game even when played poorly. Stupid amounts of damage even when doing bad and has little to zero counterplay if he start rolling too early because of people not knowing how to deal with an Azir. He's a problem and he needs to be dealt with. I am 100% sure the nerfs that are on PBE will be tuned down, it's too much and that's obvious.
he is not that op, pros only picked him up because he is a good tank sshredder in this meta nothing more
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