Ryuukaze (EUW)
: So I played in the russian server a bit.
What is your ping on the russian server? I am from austria I wonder if it would be below 100?
: amadis de Gaula has been the best Spanish book ever, and GAULA IS CENSORED nothing is more offensive for a Spanish reader than censor the Amadis de Gaula
: I cant create a sandbox mode because my name is offensive
But how is it offensive, I dont speak spanish what does it mean? I tried to google translate it but it translated it with literally the same word that I dont know..
: I wasn't expecting this so soon!
I also rushed honor lvl 0 like its nothing !
: Except you of course! you don't climb because you are honorable and don't cheat and if you try to play without cheating you lose because your teammates! The stats and stupid website delusion, an more easy for toxic players to have one more reason to be toxic :D. Let's not play a video game, let's follow stats, so many in this community are staticians. _anyway since you now have guarantee wins (well at least 90%) and you knwo when it's guarantee lose, have fun in challenger in couple of weeks, you find the secret why others can and you can't! _
obviously it will not get a silver player into challenger, but I could imagine that it can boost you up to like 3-4 ranks, if you really dodge alot. I mean I am sure you had games where you fed your ass of but won anyways because every other person of your team was ahead, now imagine if you could put yourself in such a environment constantly even if it works just 50% of time it will still increase your winrate by like atl least 10% I would say...
: Everyone can cheat to climb ranks
Hey there, not that I am doubting you that the website is providing these informations but, how do/can they know the following Points you mentioned: -Mood of the player (this tells you if the player is tilted or not from previous won/lost games) -Positive support (this guy never flames and makes you win botlane) -Positive player (same as before) -Bad Smiter (doesn't use smite correctly) if you can actually be provided with all these informations and if they are accurate, well then you got a really good headstart in an arms race of pre ranked preparation, is it cheating? I would say no, since theoretically everybody can do it and I am 100% sure Riot is okay with it. BUT does it give you an "unfair" advantage? Yes definitely because I for an example have never heard of the page, so If the two of us get placed in enemy teams and your page tells you that your team is very good and the page would have told me DODGE THE GAME all is red or however that works, but I simply do not know it because well, I dont know the name of the page, you basically autowin because I didnt do the research and did not dodge. Ofc this is only true if your page actually gives accurate info. if I were you I would like make one experimental day, where you only play games where you have a good team and the page tells you its more likely to win then not to win, lets go with 75%-80% should be enough right? If you can actually raise your mmr to a point where it has never been before well, I think the only thing you can do and you HAVE TO DO is create awareness and get the word of the page out, because riot won't ban the page so literally all you can do is tell as much ppl as possible about it so everybody starts "equal". Also if you are too lazy to do this, you can dm me the name, I will document the games before and after using the page, and if I am actually succesful with it I will create a Reddit and lol forum post, probably also text my research to Riot Games and make a Youtube video for it, keeping the game fair is also the duty of the players not only RIOT !!!
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: So you think i can carry 1v9 with a late game adc when my team is getting out of their way to get killed leaving me to defend the base alone against 5 jusg becauae caitlyn has a strong early game... That strong early game doesn't help if the enemy bot lane is 10/0 because your support and jungler dive the enemy tower and get killed over and over
I actually dont think you can carry that, your teams were super bad in all of the games you linked, but the process of climbing is not just 4 games so if you keep performing consistently you will climb to your desired rank even if its just with a 55% winrate
10x BABY (EUW)
: [TOP] LF Team(bronze - diamond) I am plat1
just comment here or add me ingame i dont care tbh :D
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Chelzu (EUW)
: New England HeartGold LF Sub Top / Jgl (G5-P3 preferably)
PíxI (EUW)
: LF Top/Mid for tournament
i added you, i know i am just p1 but I GOT THIS
: Making a new team. LF Top, Jg, Mid, Supp
cant add you rn cause workin, p1 top main
Feìnt (EUW)
: Team, Looking For a Top Laner (G5-P1) - EUW
sup, i know my acc looks smurfy but I was just plat5 last season. What happens if I hit d5 while playing with you, is that okay or do i get kicked?
: [EUW] Looking for meme(b)ers to join FaZe Club with "FaZe)" tag.

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