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Lil Peeep (EUW)
: > Why don't you look for a gold tier player?! Sorry! Good luck with your ~~hard~~ climbing!
It's so funny u talk about a Plat V player as it was a huge skill difference between that and a high Gold one. Guess u have Plat V in good opinion cause u never reached it ;) Plat V atm is as trash as high Gold elo, for your information ^^
: Good luck girls 😊 I 'd like to spec you sometimes when you'll find ur toplaner.
Thank you so much, we'll be playing ESL tournaments when we complete roster and start training ^^ If you wanna spec us just add me ingame :D
Lil Peeep (EUW)
: Don't justify yourself with previous bullshit "I was this before..." over my point that is valid... Why don't you look for a gold tier player?! I will answer for you... ...Climbing!
The point is I don't have to justify myself or my elo, and you don't have to do despective comments about, cause you don't know about the level of the other girls in the team. We're just gonna play the new team rankeds and tournaments on female ESL, so I don't think we're just looking for climbing elo ;)
Lil Peeep (EUW)
: "Be at least Platinum V." How typical asking for a tier up from the current one... Looking for easy climbs huh?!
Ummm this is my smurf acc atm, and as u can see i've been Diamond on s4 and Platinum on s5 demoted from Diamond 4 cause i had to stop playing soloQ due to personal problems that I don't have to explain here. Get more information before talking ;)
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