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: League of Legends-Twisted Fate one shot kill
With Lich Bane, Luden's Echo, and (potentially) his E passive I'm not even surprised this can happen. I doubt jhin had any MR either
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Oh no! The game is putting me against decent opponents!! The company must want me to lose!!!1!!1!
Megumìn (EUW)
: [CURSED]imposible to win a single game , afk in every game in my team lost 15 division good job riot
If you actually dropped 15 divisions then you dropped from Plat V to Bronze V. If that ACTUALLY happened, then you're a boosted monkey lmao.
Sýrian (EUW)
: Farewell League of Legends, it was fun while it lasted.
Lembontsync (EUNE)
: Now im angry.....
Arachnes (EUW)
: Janna Howling Gale and Monsoon bug!
upload them on yt then share the link interesting bug, gj on pointing it out
: Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it. That being said you do make a fair point. In fact, I would have said exactly the same thing before my dog died. The thing is at that time I didn't cry because my dog was suffering. He had diabetes since he turned 10 years old and the vet gave him 6 months. He lasted 3 years and he was a really lovely. He was a fighter but we had to put him down. Don't worry, he was happy during that time and it was only when we started noticing him getting much worse we decided send him to doggy heaven. I kinda got to terms with the fact he could go anyday during those 3 years and when it finally came.. I felt devastated yet, relief in some way. It wasn't as bad as I had imagined it to be since we got my dog when I was younger. On the other hand, a lol ban is something that isn't natural if you know what I mean. I didn't see it comming like I did my dogs inevitable death. And as I mentioned before the lol ban came with some valuable life lessons. Or that's what I got out of it at a critical age where one starts to mature. I hope this somehow justified it even just a bit for you. Because I am worried you may think I am twisted for even saying that. I love dogs and all inocent creatures! F*ck spiders though
It makes sense now I suppose. Never judge a book by its cover! Having to endure that for 3 years definitely takes away from the endblow.
iljamok (EUNE)
: From Silver 1 to Bronze 5 In one game
Flex queue was broken so they reset it to work like intended. Your rank next season is most likely one division below your previous one. So if you were silver 5 last season, bronze 5 seems about right.
Saliiz (EUNE)
: Ranked Flex 9 Wins => Bronze 5
Were your premades by any chance really low-elo, if you had any premades? This is weird, especially since your account hadn't been ranked yet. That means your (standard) MMR should be around silver. It's probably just Flex Queue and I'm sure your Solo/DuoQ will be fine
: I have had a few painful experiences. But the lol ban tops them all. I didn't cry when my dog died, I did when I got banned. I mean.. it still hurts up until this day
Lol your story was actually pretty cool, realizing the mental strain that you had enabled yourself to put on yourself through a game, but... Crying for your account and not for your dog actually crosses the line. The hell man.
LordSocom (EUW)
: I've never had anyone harass another in a bot game... never. Guess it's the toxicity of EUNE <.< in euw people don't care if you go 0/10 in bots because it's so easy to solo carry vs bots. Next time tell them "if you want to tryhard go play normals/ranked, this is where people test champions/builds" And that's a fact.
> [{quoted}](name=LordSocom,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=AeZqFoRU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-12T15:03:19.733+0000) > > I&#x27;ve never had anyone harass another in a bot game... never. Guess it&#x27;s the toxicity of EUNE &lt;.&lt; in euw people don&#x27;t care if you go 0/10 in bots because it&#x27;s so easy to solo carry vs bots. Next time tell them &quot;if you want to tryhard go play normals/ranked, this is where people test champions/builds&quot; And that&#x27;s a fact. I test champions in normals as well.
Sawy (EUW)
: Jannas staff still dances on its own - Makes me kinda happy :)
Kaan Baba (EUW)
: (Serious) Team Second Chance Recruiting Jungler/Adc Gold 3+
: When are we getting a Harley Quinn Jinx skin
It'd be a duo-skin with the joker being shaco
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: We had champions that could heal or shield minnions, but Riot slowly removed most of them(as far as i know it's probably all of them, but im just being on a safe side). So i don't think it would be healthy for the game, main reason i'd assume would be because it could allow too easy wave control. Main issue would be the ability to control a minnion, just somehow make it come later than other minnions and you would easily force minnion wave back to yourself.
Basically only alistar is left
: [Champion concept] Ragnageddon, spawn of the baron
Interesting, I'm expecting special jokes at baron though
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Uhm, solo players, you're not really missing out on that much. I win my most of my games when playing solo, anyway.
shaunika (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=1iMusic1,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=38h041s2,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-18T16:36:41.234+0000) > > They have to fix dynamic queue by giving people who pick fill an IP boost yeah cos that totally wouldnt make people who're unqualified to pick fill do it and feed right? rewarding you for picking champions you're not the best at is a horrible design. the only thing that overwatch has over LoL is the fact that games last way less time so you dont have 40 minutes invested in a frustrating loss only 10-15 it's still the same cancer you just have to endure it for less time plus it's way harder to carry games in overwatch since you cant get fed, it needs much more teamwork. and before you come here and say "OMG BUT THIS ONE TIME WITH PHARAH I ULTED THEIR ENTIRE TEAM AND WE WON" a: that will rarely happen against good teams and b: you can do that in lol too :P
The only reason people pick mid and top over the other lanes is because they think they're carry lanes. They pick champions they can't play because they're the hype and then end up feeding and losing because they can't tank properly or bring the AP damage most teams desperately need from mid. Having that person pick any other lane would literally not make a single difference, except reduce the the queue times for those roles, which really needs to be done.
: If Riot isn't careful, then they will lose players to Overwatch... I am officially worried
They have to fix dynamic queue by giving people who pick fill an IP boost
1iMusic1 (EUW)
: Three games in a row I get disconnected for no apparent reason
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Koracks (EUNE)
: Umm, all of them are...
> [{quoted}](name=Koracks,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EBAsTMKs,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-06-13T15:44:29.868+0000) > > Umm, all of them are... Syndra's 4800 though, right?
GasNallen (EUW)
: (SERIOUS) Fortified Gaming Looking for analyst or assitant strategy coach.
I applied for you guys once but everything was so messy. I added one person who then told me to talk to another and I ended up hearing of neither ever again lmao
: +S Rank on Mastery 6, but no Token drop?
Champion Ranks can't be achieved in other modes, because there isn't a proper system implemented there. Riot would need to balance them better and implemend a similar system (which looks over an incredible amount of games; something that isn't possible with rotational queue) for it to work. Also, the higher your rank, the better you have to perform to get an S.
: [Champion Concept] An inspiration for the most mobile champion the Rift has seen.
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: diamond smurf looking to create a silver/gold/plat dynamic queue team/club
HoA Leo (EUW)
: Looking for people to lose with (EUW/EUNE)
: Hi 1iMusic1 , I would really love the idea of getting your main champion's icon as a summoner icon on rank 7 and i hope they make it. I think when hextech & champion mastery started they said something about champion icons in the future but im not so sure.
Hriso1 (EUNE)
: Bellow lv 30 in ranked?
That's literally impossible. Did you buy your account as well? Lmao
: 10 games chat restriction,played them and still cant earn keys.What do i do?
It varies from how much you play... If you play actively and stay positive consistently, it may take up to two months?
Labajaba (EUW)
: Fix the nonsensical league point system!
I have no idea how you weren't able to win. With those kind of meat shield people, you kinda expect you, as the adc, to just win the teamfights and push to victory.
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RafaMix99 (EUW)
: Have you ever see this before?
like what the fuck just mute him and go on with your life mate (say this in a chav accent or else it just doesn't work)
Mepodis (EUW)
: So fun how every game is decided by exactly everything but skill.
If every lane was stomping, you guys wouldn't have had a problem finishing with the right skill.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 24
Digitally xD I'll try my best (I'll use this post to post my picture as an edit eventually)
Master Kata (EUNE)
: I need 10 RP for boom Boom Boom Blitzcrank. If u can give me 10 RP.
Hurzek (EUW)
: Let's talk about supports for a second
Support is just as easy to carry from as any other lane. It's actually much easier as a support, since ADC's should keep farming most of the time anyway. As a support, you have actual impact on teamfights. You roam. You provide vision.
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LoyalCircle (EUNE)
: 12 ms SERVER :: VOIDLING ARMY !!?! URF :: 2016 :: PBE - WingsofDeath Malzahar vs Nidalee MID
: (S5 Gold) Lonely support main looking for team mates to climb out of Silver with :(
Once you win lane, you have to shut down other lanes! At first it may seem useless, but getting everyone fed evenly instead of just your own lane really hard will work much better, because snowballing isn't as prominent as it once was.
camump45 (EUW)
: I think my league broke...
Tryndamere looks so ugly now, what did they do to his splash?
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: what means "Im tilted"
Tilting someone is making them mad. If someone is tilted, then they got mad.
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: Team builder icon bug
Icons are useless and you shouldn't be wasting your time on this :) Go read a book or something.
: A New Use for Friend Notes
You seriously don't see any other use for notes? _Seriously?_ I use them to write down who I think is reliable in ranked and who isn't.
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