: High Platinum problem
I mean yeah what do u expect? Plat is mostly full of animals with subar winrate ( Usually around 48% winrate ) who got lucky and climbed there through MMR winstreaks and then get perma stuck when the train ends. Plat is more a grind than any other elo IMO simply because it contains the real animals, where players go afk after being proved wrong.
Coxis (EUW)
: uhm, if you report them, there will be actions taken. Otherwise... well... they will probably get away with it. Keep in mind not to report people just because you are tilted or something (meant as a general *you*, not you specifically). xD Just report them whenever they are really trolling/inting/toxic and it will most likely be handled. ###### For trolling, I would recommend tickets to PS tho. Pure inting and/or verbal abuse, after game. :P
LMAO shut up no they won't. Anyone with higher than 1IQ on league of legends understands that your report system only ever bans the highlighted key words in the ban system, whether your justified for saying them or not. Preaching as if your justice system actually works for trollers and inters hahahahaha
Sdars (EUW)
: Baron spawned earlier
If there aware of it thats cool. Guessing it might be to do with the baron spawn animation / Rift Herald intrusion. Probably wrong though.
Sinarie (EUNE)
: Secondary role: support = ALWAYS support
Pretty much, yes. As we all know Support is one of the most hated roles out there by players, not exactly popular. So if you boil it down to statistics like 80% of the players that your finding in your game, there not choosing support as primary or secondary. And if that happens and you have support as your preferred choice, guess what? It's obviously going to put you as support. And with 80% of players not wanting to support, it's going to give you it for a majority of games. Then there's guessing that someone DOES want support, another 10% maybe more probably have it as a second choice, just like YOU. Meaning now theres a coin toss between you and him, on who gets support. So increase that 80% further. Simple (TLDR): If you don't want to play Support for the next game, Pick a different role. Your saying it's your second favourite but complaining about playing it. So yes, you'll have to choose a different role.
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