Solash (EUW)
: Well they're just asking for a roadside collision, aren't they.
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: "...How am I supposed to climb the gold ladder when i play against players of a higher divison..." EASY solution to your easy problem. #QUEUE UP WITH FRIENDS! ######Friendly scream. ___ "...I know its qliche to say my team is always feeding and this and that but its the truth..." Well now you know that what people say in bronze and silver aint lies anymore. Welcome to the real world. ___ "... The skill dirrence betweens teams is way 2 high and this is just plain wrong..." Completely agree with you buddy. ___ "...I invested a lot of time and money in league and if dynamic stays, im out thats for sure..." I have one thing to say to you buddy, Riot doesnt give a damn. Its the honest truth and it hurts, im sorry. ___ "...#bringbacksoloq..." Im very sorry buddy, but I dont think SoloQ will come back anytime soon. But it will be soon™
Queue up with friends? my friends are in bronze, my IRL ones, the ones i play normals with and enjoy ourselves. Ranked was my own little thing, to see how good i can become, now its all about 3-4 manning people who are solo queued in this ridiculous new system all the time.
10962670 (EUW)
: You're funny. He's strong when in the right hands just like every other champ, but in no way in need of a nerf. When is the last time you saw a tf getting a mid lane solo kill? xDDD
Nearly every game mate, what game you playin BOY!?, in the right hands, it does not take a smart arse to press R go bot get 2 kills and buy items xd
: So when is TF getting nerfed?
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: as annoying as it is chasing that friggin card shark, only to have him escape and later ult back to you with friends, I don't think he should get nerfed. In fact, I'm almost certain his most recent change was a nerf to his Q's damage. Aside from that, he brings teamwork to the table that no other champion really can.
An interesting point my friend. but the problem for me is the ult range sometimes, he moves so little from mid and is able to be top or bot in half a second cast get a kill or double, come back mid and just blow someone up in one combo with his point and click stun with his new items, it feels he needs to be camped every minute of the game otherwise he becomes too strong.
: tf has a shit lane phase m8...
What? Against who? yasuo? maybe but all the other mid laners? god no.
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