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: if you got no time for them why you using time to chat to them and if they flaming and blaming all game they will get punished them self even if he didn't int he probably didn't he was just a bad player happens. but if riven flames you mute and report? if you blame or talk back you both just getting banned instead of only her getting banned in the end the community decides what is ban able if the community report ppl for blaming all the time the system will learn that ppl dont find the negative attitude oki and start punish ppl for it so dont blame riot when its a self learning tool they are using that learns from feedback from reports. same as if enough ppl report others for spam pinging and specifies in the comment section of the report passive aggressive spam pinging the system will eventually ban ppl for it if the majority of the community reports ppl for it.
This community really has gone to hell, im out.
: You should mute, and use the report function in the post-game lobby / send a ticket to the correct authorities. That's what you should do. Getting down on the level of other toxic people, will make you become one of them. You might wanna avoid that.
Mate i dont have time for people like you i dont know why i posted here. You think anything in chat that isnt rainbows and sunshine is a report, guess what you are part of the reason this community not only has a bad rep, but also has so much toxicity. There is a difference between calling someone out for being an ass and being verbally abusive and harrassing someone. This community has such thin skin now that it disgusts me, you cant be real, you cant be negative, you have to be fake and ready to report anyone thay upsets you at any time. Under your own logic in your original post you should be banned for the language you used in this discussion.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: No, it take less, you really think you did nothing bad or just minnor toxicity? Constant flame-blame.
Lol so blame is on the same level as harrassment now? Maybe we should ban people who ping danger because they are being too passive agressive? What world do you live on that standing up for yourself warrants punishment?
: You mean constantly bi@#$ing throughout the whole game, writing nothing productive, being an overall pain in the ass - is it enough to get you punished ? Of course it is. Why wouldn't it ? You had 0 contributions to the chat, that could have helped your team in any way. What did you expect ?
Lol so i should just shut up and take the abuse? Riven flamed me nonstop and twich called me out for himself dying. I got no time for people like that.
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