Lleajy (EUW)
: Period to avoid playing at if you want to climb with less idiotic games
: Nerf Master Yi
Okay. This is now the 5-th year I see these demands. And guess what? Riot sees them too and they don't give a... you know what. If you hope that one day they will fix it, then be assured: you won't stay here _that long_.
'learn english!' has nothing to do with grammar, I am afraid, It is just a way to be rude to someone. Someone who truly loves grammar, will try to correct you. Kinda, tell you where you are wrong. And saying just 'learn english' in nearly the same as 'look your kda', 'learn to play' or 'you bad'.
: Mordekaiser
New one is boring, true. With the old Morde you had to plan where to get more shield. You had to plan where to cast your W to make it rotate. You catually helped your allies with that little bonus speed. Your third strike required ultra-smooth execution, so that you hit something twice and then come close enough to your primary target within that little time frame, while the third attack is still charged. With the new one... well... you just grab-aa-hit and then you follow him until he dies. If you feel like endangered, you just spend your secondary gauge. Just like Darius, except that you have no skillshots, and no pentakill ulti, and nothing to stack (this aura of Morde not even worth mentioning, it is just _always_ there). C'mon, you can't even take a drake to the enemy turret anymore!
pXHoney (EUNE)
: I don't like to play Dota, but at least they know how to develop their game and make it better.
You know, I tried Dota2 just this week, for the first time. And maybe it is only me, but I've never seen such terrible lags happening so often in League. Oh, I've seen them _mentioned_ on Boards, true! But I've never encountered those performance issues myself. So maybe it is all about hardware? Some of it favors League better, and some favors Dota, hm?
jacktjong (EUW)
: So technically using a VPN to pay for RP breaks the Russian law?
Breaking or not breaking Russian laws about VPN is the last thing people worry about, believe me. Mostly it's about Riots: will they ban an account for payments through VPN, or not? Russian law have been very chaotic for the last decade, both law making and law enforcement, and so most people just do not really pay attention.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Huh, had no idea, thanks for the heads up. As a side-note of pretty direct personal opinion that sounds like some fairly xenophobic laws but I suppose Russia has always been very untrusting in other nations.
Thank you for being such a proof to all the crap that TV says about 'terrible decaying Europe' and 'hostile West'. Just tell me where you are from so that I could judge everyone from from that state by your fairly xenophobic remarks. That will be fair, right? C'mon! If you think that I am happy that I can't use direct payment options or places like LinkedIn, you should probably do a reality check. PS: We _do_ have access to Paypal. I personally use it to pay for things and services, doing it in accord with all the russian laws, however idiotic they are. I use eBay, Aliexpress and other places. But Riots just do not give me an option to use it in the launcher, if they detect that I connect from russian IP.
: Can i use a VPN to shop ?
We in Russia can't pay for stuff on EUW server without VPN. (and believe me, there's a lot of Russians on EUW) So, either we all do not pay at all... ...or we pay using VPN. Guess, which one is the right answer ;)
: Something I notice in this type of thread is that nobody assigns a loss to the enemy team being good. Only ever their own team (except them, obviously) being awful.
Oh, that's easy. It does not hurt as strong when it is just the enemy team being good. I mean, when you lose and you see that you lose to a stronger opponent, it is fully understandable, and natural, and it feels fair. You do not go to boards to address Rito when you just meet a stronger opponent. This is a game, after all. You may win, you may lose. Or do you do it differently?
: How do you not rage in this game?
Ah, that's easy. You just go to Boards, find someone who dares not to be happy with all the shit, and then you start stomping his attitude with things like "stop complaining", "learn to play", "you stay where you belong", "he could be outplayed easily", "you're silver (platinum/gold/iron/bronze) and therefore what you say does not matter" and so on. And that lets you think that you're not like him, that you're stronger and better, and more clever. Kinda assert yourself (if I use this word correctly). So you go back into game and take another spoonful of awfully smelling substance that's called 'regular League gameplay', thinking that that you're the winner here.
: Full of people intentionally ruining the game experience for others.
> I know most of these things are bannable. ah! ah! Ah! It's _SAID_ to be bannable! And who can tell for sure? Anyway, in current League you either play a hard-snowballing solo-carry, or you're just like NPC for people to have fun. Learn best solo champions, mute all, and play like there's no one else in the map.
DenBettes (EUW)
: Upvoted, i share your opinion. So tired of people making up excuses left and right.
Downvoted. You're not authorized to accuse anyone here.
: Matchmaking in low and high elo
Finally someone from plat and above wrote this.
: Mission 5/5 , watch 60 regular season game on ! And we win a simply icon ! ! !
: but did i say that you shpould do it? i said he has unnecessary stuff. he doesnt need an auto attack range indicator for his sniper, the slow doesnt need to proc when he has no vision( just like twitch e), his severum gives him insane sustain and when u combine it with overheal he has a 200 hp shield by leashing. does he need that stuff to work? no. does it make him overloaded? yes. lower sustain on creeps, make his root now work when he has no vision, remove range indicator on sniper and he will be much more fair.
You did not get it, right? It's not enough to say 'overloaded'. Oh, it's enough if you want am easy slogan for those dumb to shout and repeat, but not nearly so if you want to be understood. > he has unnecessary stuff Why unnecessary? > the slow doesnt need to proc when he has no vision Why? > does he need that stuff to work why not? Why exactly this? > does it make him overloaded? yes. Really? How so? Unless you answer to all those questions in a reasonable way, there is only one kind of answer to your claims: you complain because you don't know how to deal with him. You should learn his kit better and start playing minding his abilities.
: aphelios is actually super easy to play and has so many things that he doesnt need and make him brok
Ah ye sure just delete everything in his kit from passive to ulti. C'mon, man! You didn't even try to connect these points to some reason. You say "this should be so", and that's all. Downvoting you.
: Why is ranked so screwed?
Well, if you were bronze or silver, thread would already be full of people telling you how bad you are, how low you are, how you can't climb because you deserve your rank, and 'git gud' in general. Now, some numbers. Low elo (silver and below) is roughly 70% of League. Gold adds another 20%. In Plat you belong to the top 7%. Also you play in a cleaner, better division, that is not a playground for smurfs, firsttimers and 'why-so-serious-relax' guys. So. If something hits League, your chances of running into it are not that great. Silver and Bronze should probably feel it first. Now, it's time to go back to the question, what did you do to deserve it. Exactly nothing, I think. While some of you high elo guys could get around to the things low elo says, and maybe check it and escalate further. Or maybe some of you could hush those who made it a sport to turn every thread started by a low elo player into elo-shaming and OP-blaming contest — so that the voice of the 70% of community could finally be heard. Sorry if I am a bit too salty here. No offense towards you personally. TL;DR: ranking is so screwed now because it'd been being screwed for the several last seasons, but now this has finally reached the upper crust.
: MR items are weak and lackluster
You forgot {{item:3156}} Even though AD, it is still a good MR item with a shield that triggers on magic damage Still, you're somewhat right. Having {{item:3111}} {{item:3065}} vs not too fed Teemo, it was still 20%HP from a single mushroom.
: Sett
> he can go full tank. survive evrything. and then kill evryone.. cmon! Just like Darius. Or maybe Garen. Morde. Swain. Illaoi... It's a Juggernaught class feature: lots of sustain and damage at the same time. Not that is in healthy state, with all this excess of mobility and gap closers, that Juggernaught should not have...
icarusso (EUNE)
: What you're saying is that people actually suck at being civilised.
No. What I say is that when you want people to act civil, you'd better stop pricking them with a pointed stick, and start recognizing their needs, such as: a need for safety, a need for self-expression, a need for something to rely upon (such as law and justice). Otherwise you have no right to demand anything like that. What we currently have instead is an absolutely non-transparent totalitarian environment, that's too degraded to control anything but the most blatant insults in game chat.
dmanghope (EUW)
: Is there a way to permanently stop toxicity?
> Is there a way to permanently stop toxicity? In a multiplayer environment? No. Toxicity is not exactly defined. We can try to define it in different ways. You define toxicity as something that spreads, infecting other people. To stop that you must enforce quaratine, i.e. stop all kinds of interactions between people. Is that possible in a multiplayer game? No. You also may define toxicity as inner pain that requires a way out. To stop that, you should make all the interactions painless for everyone. Is that possible? I do not think so. People are all different, and you can't foresee, what's going to be painful for anyone. In either way, you can't stop it. Still, you can reduce the toxicity. You can a) reduce amount of painful interactions (i.e. better balance), b) let people vent (so that it does not build up inside), c) mend pains (letting people gain that feeling that everything is under control and going the right way, via making justice for example).
: Yeah its an optomechanical keyboard with linear switches is this the prob? and im keep pressing the space to get the camera centered
Linear switches may register keying much earlier than a typical membrane key. You need not press the button all way to the end. So... maybe you think that you only barely touch, and keyboard thinks different.
: Mechanical Keyboard issues
Does it have linear switches? If so, maybe you just touch the key, and force of touch is enough to be registered as a key pressed (but in the case of cheap membrane keyboards, it would not register).
: Nerf DIANA please
> She is : Assassin, Tank, Mage ~~None of that. She is a skirmisher.~~ Ah, okay, she's stated as assassin in wiki. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Champion_classes
Vulpis (EUW)
: Its time to nerf Ekko.
It's long overdue. Somewhat three years.
Kerxes (EUW)
: When Sett stores more then 90% of grid it starts to turn yellow. This is just an indicator how much grid he already stored. As Sett you know that your Grid is almost at maximum and as opponent you know that his W will deal a lot of damage based on the Grid he stored and he will receive a big shield.
Wolferk (EUNE)
: The problem about 3ban per each player, is that 30 champion to ban in game, +10 to pick. And Game then becomes very newbie-unfriendly, since you need to have at least 40 champions in your pool. Increasing ban limit feels necessary, but it will make a huge gap for new players to overcome before they can play ranked games. And also.. There are normal games, which still will be the mess without that 30-champ ban
> And Game then becomes very newbie-unfriendly You think, it is not? ;)
Rioter Comments
: Ekko has been dominant for over 4 months now as the best jungler and one of the best midlaners.
> How the fck do ap mages Annie, Vel'Koz, Lissandra, Karthus and Orianna and fiercely laughing now through their tears.
Wolferk (EUNE)
: LoL was best MOBA I ever knew, LoL is garbage now. Stop making new champs, please!
Saying long things short, you claim that attack means in the game in general are much stronger than defensive means. All of them: vision, mobility, damage-to-HP-ratio, average damage output, damage average mitigation, most items — favor deleting someone in 2 secs over tanking attacks. Except some cases, where you have damage mitigation _as well as _ damage output (i.e. your overloaded kits). I can't help but agree. 100-0 wins games.
Wolferk (EUNE)
: LoL was best MOBA I ever knew, LoL is garbage now. Stop making new champs, please!
> Let's watch a list ov every single blink/leap/dash champion with cooldowns less that 10 seconds: You forgot! {{champion:107}} Literally CD is equal the travel time to nearest bush :D And let's also add some that can move over half the Rift: {{champion:136}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:223}}
: I think the term you are looking for is 'Burden of proof' The data is not held underground or in private. Sites like OP.gg exist, youtube exists, eloboosters exist, coaching exists, TwitchTV exists. -OP.gg shows the leaderboards where you can go look at the win rates and match histories of EVERY PLAYER IN THE WORLD OUTSIDE OF CHINA. So you can use this as reference for any player who you have found out has a new account, and you can track ALL of their game stats. -Youtube has a searchbar, and you can type 'BRONZE TO CHALLENGER' and find entire first person match histories of players climbing on new accounts to challenger in sometimes as little as 100 games. -Elobosters can be paid to win ALL of your games and carry your account to where ever you can afford to climb too. -Coaching services exist for casual, semi pro and professional players where you speed up your learning of the game and improve your rank. -TwitchTV like youtube is where most people actually broadcast the accounts they make and play up to high elo. On top of this there are just players EVERYWHERE who are plat diamond or higher, who make 2nd/3rd/4th accounts which they level up on the side. I have 4 accounts personally and even my other main spare was plat 2 in s7 and again in s8, and i barely played them. You just dont accept that some people actually know the game, and can beat bronze/silver/gold players without engaging their brain. Its just basically rinse and repeat once you have fundamentals down. i only have to think when im in diamond and above. Here is a playlist to get you started (the beginning is funny too- AD raka mid) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLI6-n9FVsY&list=PLWLlskw0fR7zP1-yQ7F8H1McDvrw2P17v
Ah, saying long things short you know some places where I should dig for data. Well done, but no. Ain't gonna to. Also, I notice that you're not as interested in solid data, as in being right (since you 1. ignored obvious flaws in my demand, and more to it, used them against me; 2. give me directions with obvious cherrypicking, such as youtube). And to fight someone's _righteousness_ in the web? Lol, no. May you stay right in the ages, preach on, Amen!
: Nice post. Anyone whining about matchmaking should be redirected here. It's hard to go against human brain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/02/dev-matchmaking-real-talk/
"Our true knowledge — their faulty misconceptions" How do you know that you're not the one biased, hm ;)
Uraraka (EUNE)
: When all visible metrics show that matchmaking manipulates teammates according to win ratio, promos and winstreaks, only trolls on boards will believe that RITO isn't forcing 50% winrate or losses to force players to play more games to climb. There are many such posts where players show how bad MM is. It took so many years for the developers to finally understand that there is no transparency in MM and there is autofill parity in games(mostly after winstreaks and in promos). It will take few more years for the trolls on boards to understand, accept/acknowledge these facts which are proven by visible metrics and I hope you too will understand this. Link1: https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/GJh4Ea6g-why-promos-suck-big-time I reached Silver 1 100 LP by 75 games and took 125 more games to reach Gold 4 0LP, by 5 promos. First time when I reached it my LP gain/loss was like +25 to +22LP and -13LP to -15LP meaning I was clearly having MMR of Gold 4 or Gold 3. Psychologists don't do mathematics or elo calculation and it is just because of RITO's bad MM, by placing inters, trolls, afk players into players who have winstreaks or in promos I got stuck. Only trolls on boards will say everything is myth, when visible metrics show clearly that MM forces players to play more games to climb. Link2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7KmzUJYkks Idk how many more years it will take for devs to finally acknowledge and modify the MM system. Because there is something wrong with the system design, they keep everything hidden and if everything is working good/not bad, why not show MMR or show how MM works?
I don't think that MM really hoards bad players somewhere to put them into your exact game. I think, this is more simple: there're just too many of those and they should be matched _somewhere_. So, everyone gets a little of that (okay, not so little). But what I believe is that bad players seem to be put into the same team more often than distributed equally over the two. Too many one-sided matches, really. 2 (and often 3) lanes snowball is rather a rule than an exception nowadays. PS: Look! Do you see those 17 people who upvoted this post? That's how much people want to believe that they're better kind than any silver/bronze. That's how many people want to believe they're _right_ just because they got higher rank several years ago. That's why this kind of preaching is so popular on boards.
: Misconceptions of League, and why you are not climbing.
> If you can find me an example of a high Elo players regularly getting stuck in low elo, then i will agree the system is broken. Aaaaa, so SLY! You claim a thing, but you demand that other people disprove it, while the big data is private and never published officially. In science this works other way round, you know? If you claim then it is you who you must prove. Give us high ranked players that are going to iron and get back their diamonds regularly, or this all is just babble.
: Tristana unique build recommendation?
Try this {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3146}} And play it through Lethal Tempo or Hail of Blades not full AP, but still a lot. And Nashor's onhit nicely adds to attack speed. Also you may add more attack speed or armor shred. Or maybe add {{item:3100}} for a heavy hit after you jump.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: My precious, So shiny
How much did you donate to get this much?
Varees (EUNE)
: Special froces aphelios (skin idea)
Aphelios's weapons are an allegory to actual firearms, that's no secret. Sniper rifle, handgun, rocket launcher, flamethrower (and a throwing chakram for some reason). What you suggest is just say straight things that were euphemised. Are you really sure this is going to be fun? It's like... explaining a joke, to me at least.
: Message Alert keeps showing up even tho i read the message a couple of times
: season 10 is full of trolls nice game
IDK as for trolls, but this season is more toxic than ever. Have you ever received 6 pings and an all-chat accusation of 'stealing cs XP' during the time you were actually _'backing'_ (i.e. after you stopped near turret, pressed 'B' and before it actually teleports you back)? I had not, before.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: What is wrong with volibear ?
They're doing Voli to avoid reworking Azir. P for "Procrastination"! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: > [{quoted}](name=2xDealer,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7WxmnUzz,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2020-01-17T07:23:54.796+0000) > > AH! A voice of reason in the wilderness! This is correct. Only... if "buffing the counters" is your only tool, you will eventually meet Ms. Inflation. Inflationary pressure. You will have too much of damage, resistances, movement speed and everything else. Eventually it will lead to going out of linear portion on some dependencies. I.e. you will get a 'step'. A "100-0" in our case. A game of who deletes who first. This often can be avoided, if you update _all_ the dependecies every time. But League is too complex a system, and some of the dependencies will surely be forgotten on the way. That's why I say that you also need to nerf sometimes: to return it back to the initial balance, where it all started. Not make everyone stronger all the time. there is no reasoning with that person lol, he is as delusional as riot employee, damage needs an overal nerf, mages are the least of anyone's worry, most of them use skillshots, so they can be avoided, byt try avoiding an assassin ult -.-, and ap items are also not a problem, the initial damage on their abilities is, akali for instance does way too much damage, and thats not because she's ap, but because shes designed to do that -.-, i can build full ap on zilean and still not meet the same damage as other mages, that should explain enough.
> mages are the least of anyone's worry I'm afraid, many people say 'mages' meaning anyone with magic damage and AP-based items. {{champion:245}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:142}} maybe {{champion:103}} Other AP-skirmishers and assassins, too. But I agree, true mages nowadays are the least of worries. (Except some hard cases like Veigar, maybe).
: That’s how balance works... ad assasins where too strong so they buff counters and other champions who where struggling, now mages are too strong so the same needs to be done. Mages don’t get a free pass cause they used to be weak, if they are too strong (which they are, or at least their items are and their counter items are too weak) they need changes regardless of the past
AH! A voice of reason in the wilderness! This is correct. Only... if "buffing the counters" is your only tool, you will eventually meet Ms. Inflation. Inflationary pressure. You will have too much of damage, resistances, movement speed and everything else. Eventually it will lead to going out of linear portion on some dependencies. I.e. you will get a 'step'. A "100-0" in our case. A game of who deletes who first. This often can be avoided, if you update _all_ the dependecies every time. But League is too complex a system, and some of the dependencies will surely be forgotten on the way. That's why I say that you also need to nerf sometimes: to return it back to the initial balance, where it all started. Not make everyone stronger all the time.
Zbum (EUW)
: Buff MR Items already
Buff? How about a _nerf_ to all the overloaded damage instead? You want to know, why AP items have so much value for the price? I think, I have an answer for you. Take Ziggs and go stand against Zed. Or maybe Sindra vs Yasuo... Imagine you have 15% less value on your Zhonya or Luden. See? Someone in the dev team just noticed that mages (real mages, not AP-assassins) do not feel very well when facing AD-lethality-oneshot-guys, and buffed AP items, just like you suggested with MR now. And here you are...
Morrhen (EUW)
: I doubt they would let it reach ranked. Ranked is like the precious child. Touch it and you'll regret it due to so many pissed off people. I admit that I'm not a ranked material. I admit that I don't like ranked due to its stressful environment but having to suffer through these bot games because of it is atrocious. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
I doubt they really have power over that! :D But I also think, that ranked is safe, because: these bots are meant to make a cheap ranked-ready account. And therefore, bots will just stop one step from lvl 30. And then accs go to customers.
Marcua (EUW)
: Getting mad at the thing you enjoy - Why people on the boards love to hate
What's even more noticeable, a lot of people like to look around the boards to find those being _unjust_ towards the game and tell them how their claims are all wrong and how they are self guilty in everything they cry about. Amazing, how other people's feelings and personal judgements may be so important for someone! And it's even more amazing how many come only to moralize on the context they have never experienced themselves (or would never say that they have). It seems so... victorian!
: - **Damage should be lower: **Everyone can chunk damage, tanks, assasins, mages adc's even supports. An all around flat damage reduction is needed. - Penetration should be lower: Easy access to penetration and leathality makes defensive stats pointless. - **True damage should be lower:** Same as the above. - **Trade-offs on itemization:** Items offer too much damage at the moment without any sacrifice. CD can be found in 2 / 3 of items. Users should have to chose what they want. CD? Damage? Speed? Defensive stats? Each item should give you just 1 of these not everything. - **Defensive stats need slight buff:** This might not be needed if the others are addressed above. But currently defensive stats need nothing. It is very likely non of the above will happen. The reason? Lowering damage increased the game length. Riot favors e-sports and quick games. So this is not likely to happen. Sadly...
All sounds true except that defensive items won't need buffs if you lower the damage
: And then you have no wards, you are a genius.
Ah! And here's your criteria! What do you really need to win: more items, or those three wards?
Dhaos (EUW)
: League has its' own identity now instead of being another DotA. I like playing League instead of DotA that's why I play it. Games don't take ages cause careless players keep feeding. Then again it's minority who keep complaining about this stuff. None of the top players would want tank meta back.
Hello! Tank meta is half back. Maybe you did not notice it, but tanky champions feels great these days. Just yestreday I saw Skarner who was outdamaging ADC Kaisa straight in the face. If not for the team help, he would kill her every time Warwick, Shyvana, Mordekaiser... Alistar...
: Where is Gold supposed to come from for Supports?
I think the obvious answer is: sell the item. You bought it cheap. You've had your gold from it. Now it is no use to you. Cash out and buy something else.
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