: ezreal help
Im support main so dont know much about him, but played around him a lot. I think in solo queue as an adc, you should passively farm on early without klepto (maybe take tp), get some good items and use ur R smartly on lane. Then on mid-late game you can start carrying as an adc. Take a look at probuilds.net it will help you see which type of items work on ezreal and which type of runes aswell. But dont just copy them: take a look at the variety of guides the pros have and decide by yourself.
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: Yes. My confusion is which option is better of the four: 1) ADC+Supp poke, 2) only ADC poke, 3) only Supp poke, 4) ADC+Supp no poke. I often find myself with option 3) and even with a good poke champion, some times the adc players don't poke. So, I lost my promo games to Gold 4 and now seemingly going to be hard stuck silver. I try to do the things you said,but many times it seems like that no poke from adc side is the reason for me losing the lane as well as the game.
Im kinda rusty on high elo, in my opinion a good adc have to be able to make good dps on mid-late game, not priorizing early game. If the adc farms it is good, but he have to be able to counterfight if the situation shows up. It is true that if you are climbing, a lot of adcs doesnt know how to countertrade or follow engages of their support. I think the option you should consider if you are climbing soloQ as support to minimize the risk is: 3) only supp poke; then if the adc knows when to be agressive thats a nice extra. But you dont know how the adc is, so your best option is to do your poke and observe the behaviour of the other players of the lane. Also: -be kind to your team even if they are idiots -be patient
: Bot-lane discussion-Poke champions or no poke champions?
poke champion usually means more push, less power on late, more risk of ganks, more power on early no-poke champion usually means less push, more power on late, less risk of ganks, less power on early I personally think if you play a defensive support and decide to not poke, you rely your win chances on the hope that your team wont feed, your adc wont fall behind and wont be a unskilled useles person, your jungler will help if theres a good oportyunity. This option is risky becouse even if you play safe, outscale and bring sustain to the early lane, if enemy team slowly or rapidly snowballs becouse they are better than your teammates you will suffer the consequences of not geting advantage for yourself by playing agressive. In the other hand, if you play agresive/poke in early, you will put your lane into a risky position either for ganks or for trades if your adc is unskilled. And to top it all, if your agressivity doesnt give results, you will lose power in mid-late game considerably. In conclusion, i think its not a smart option to aim for completly defensive stand since you risk to let enemy team surpass yours while you dont have enough impact to get gold from kills/objectives, so you wont really have an oportunity to reflect your hability with an actual winning result. So now what i think would be a more secure strategy is to play a bit agressive but keeping safety in the lane and in the scaling towards the mid-late game, this is: 1. Dont let the adversary shove the lane because it will probably lower your adc's farm and his mentality aswell as the team's. Also you will depend on jungler greatly. -> have a champion and tools to manage wave, freezing it or shoving it. 2. Keep vision. Manage wave and be agressive while you have vision, back when you dont have vision. This will reduce the impact of adversary's ganks. 3. Keep the rival laners at bay. Harass them, outtrade them, dodge them, outsustain them. 4. Orient your champion, runes, items, and summoner's spells towards late game so that you dont become useles after early game. You need tools to face rival carries with finished items and their team's plays and fights.
: 7. If your teammates do not enjoy you playing that way but you refuse to listen it's not their problem. It happened before with the singed support with smite. 8. It's not a thing that he has been doing for weeks. Maybe he got tilted and decided to grief games justifying it by calling it "It's the new strategy" 9. League Partners get more attention cuz alot of the times streamers get targeted by trolls. They get more attention and can ask for a ban if the guys trolling in their game.
u are not making any sense. Stop writing extra and unnecessary things noone cares about to defend your point. At the end what you are saying is "if team doesnt want you to play your way then you have to do what your team says" which is not how it is. Everyone is free to play and make the strategy they want and face the consequences of it if its a lose. You dont decide what can people do.
: Is this what the game has come to?
those scores are not even bad, you are the typical person who only sees the kills and deaths but doesnt look the asists.
: Tip of the day for support players
You are not 100% right. Sometimes i play healer support with good scaling, and i play defensively, trying not to let enemy push the lane, and keeping the adc at 100% hp. And then out of the blud the adc (who doesnt make any trade nor countertrades even with my sustain) starts saying things like "taric afk?" or "do something"
GuznaNafta (EUNE)
: Finally a post that doesn't blame human stupidity on riot. People come here thinking riot somehow breeds idiots and puts them into games. The answer to your question. Some people just plainly suck.
There are diffrences between: 1-blaming riot for stupid people actions 2-blaming riot for not trying to put any effort into avoiding that to happen for like 5 years or more, in which the treatment to toxic players have not changed at all.
: > u cant even understand sarcasm? I can but I think you simply misunderstood the meaning of your own sentence, maybe because 2/3 of your comment were spent insulting me. "Accusing someone of something" means to claim XY happened. So yeah, I claimed they were joking, I never claimed that was a bad thing. --- The part which obviously makes your blood boil is all in your head. Somewhere in there you painted me as that "snowflake" you'd like me to be. >people like you who [...] presents it in a way as if making a joke was indeed an offense or a punishable act. I never actually said that I think the warning was justified, ** what specifically makes you think I believe their joke was offensive?**
it seemed like it, sorry for wrongfully accusing you. Since u didnt say otherwise and you were rather bringing counterarguments to someone favorable to the ROX action. But as u can see, is pretty common people "snowflakes" who dont think the same as you, for example in this same comment a senior emisary writing this: "ROX didn't take the match seriously, which is unsportsmanlike and disrespectful to their opponents."
: Please elaborate... I think it's fairly obvious that they banned 5 supports for the memes. Did you watch the video?
u cant even understand sarcasm? Im obiously remarking the fact RIOT is giving warnings to people for making jokes, which doesnt have an ofensive intention, and people like you who supports the theory of it being a joke, but presents it in a way as if making a joke was indeed an offense or a punishable act.
: >punishing a team because they ban the strongest champions of the enemy team isn't right Well... I watched the video of the pick & ban phase. Banning 5 Supports clearly wasn't a tactical decision. I don't understand any Russian, but it was obvious that this action was a joke. Everyone's reaction made that clear, you can take a look yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGBUq_twN5g ROX didn't take them very seriously, because let's face it, they are no serious opponent. --- Riot didn't warn them for **no reason**, they did definitely make a joke out of the situation. However, that joke seemed to be rather well received by most people, so we can talk about how appropriate it is for Riot to step in.
bad comment deleted by myself :P
Silent Note (EUNE)
: He's also diamond though, and he climbed to diamond playing mid and jungle mostly, so he probably knows it better how much skill it takes to get there.
that a person who got to silver, is a person who can get to dia yes its true, but not becouze of his current knowledge or skill, but for the fact that if he playes more, h will play beter enough to equal the low dia level.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Because someone needs to hold the lane. I know high elo players enjoy opening lanes because they give up easily, but someone needs to get the xp and try to save the tower. If there was an entire wave coming towards me, I probably couldn't do much because as I tried getting a minion they'd just dive me. It's still funny how you think you're superior to me just because you're higher elo. Especially that you're not even masters. I have a diamond friend who said it himself that if someone can get to silver, they can also get to diamond if they spend enough time on it. Anyone who could reach silver would be able to reach diamond because diamond 3 and under is basically the same thing. I'm gold because I don't want to spend my life climbing League, especially that I don't even enjoy ranked because there winning is more important than having fun. So calm down with your ego, just because you're high elo doesn't mean you can disrespect lower elo players.
Everything u just said in this comment is plain wrong XD Your friend is wrong also.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: In a 1v2 lane it would be even worse to try to farm. The enemy support is literally nonstop between me and my minions to deny farm while the enemy adc is farming. When the enemy wave gets close, there are already only 2 or 3 minions in it, which I also won't be able to farm due to the enemies zoning me. As for example Sona it's way easier to just Q and get 20 gold, maybe auto if the opponent isn't someone like an alistar or a leona. If I tried walking in for farm, I would probably die. This way I would only get 1-3 minions per wave, which gives way less gold than proccing the support item and getting the passive gold from it. So again, what's your point?
What if they push whole wave into your tower? u will also ignore it entirely and just atk the players? :) BTW if they are denying your farm, then why are u on lane?, asi said u are a %%%ni goldie.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Have you watched the championships? Harassing instead of last hitting actually was what people were doing, even if they weren't supports. That's the whole reason the item got changed. So you're basically calling all pros also stupid. Also, I replied to your other post above but you deleted it for some myserious reason.
Championships u are refering to 1v1 lanes? then u are not discusing our point, which is bot lane, not to mention they are bruisers and apcs, not supports. PD: i didnt delete it, i erased the first half before u answered.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: So saying insults are your arguments. That's kinda cute. I'm 21 years old, study Molecular Bionics Engineering, so I guess you lost at that part. You don't look 23 to me though, you type like a 12 year old ragekid. And I never said it was nerfed. I said it was annoying that I wasn't able to complete my support quest because the adc was afk. You're bending the truth because you're incapable of understading simple sentences. If it hasn't even been changed, I wouldn't be killing minions and I would be focusing on completing the quest. If I'm 1v2 on lane and I get denied and zoned, I can maybe get 2 or 3 minions per wave, and that's not worth giving up the frostfang passive for. Do you know why frostfang was changed in the first place? Because people kept using it instead of farming, even if they weren't supports, and they made more gold out of it than if they were if they had farmed. That's the entire reason of the item change, that with champions who can utilize it, it was way better just poking the opponent down and ignoring the farm. As a support you're the one who can last hit the hardest, especially if you're 1v2 on lane, and the enemy is either freezing or pushing the wave under tower. If Riot hadn't changed the item, I would focus on completing the item first, because I'm a support, it's way more beneficial for me to focus on warding than focus on farming when my powerspikes aren't as strong as other laners' powerspikes. So in short, if I had the old Frostfang and I was alone on lane, I would prioritise proccing it over farming. My farm will get denied anyway, and they'll zone me so much that it's not worth trying to farm. Instead I would just focus on completing the quest as fast as I can, and then farm after I have it completed. If you did it the other way around, it would cost your team a lot of vision. And as I mentioned, it earns around the same amount of gold, maybe even more if the enemy would deny a lot of farm from you. And again, I never said it was nerfed, I claimed that it was awful that I wasn't able to complete my mission because of my adc being afk.
my god, thats the way of thinknig of a goldie.
: You are level 28 and claimed "you had been P1" and saying "i don't have a main". 75% winrate on what, match history on what, you are playing normal games wtf hahaha. "see you in dia my man" ye...we'll wait for you. lol
hey, just reminding you i have 10 wins in a row with continuous S rank :P Gona talk back when i reach dia
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: To me, Demacia feels like an old-fashioned English town. Demacia has a hierarchy. They have their kings, princes etc. Thus I wouldn't be surprised if they had a god they believe in.
sounds coherent, wouldnt surprise me neither, but its still a suposition
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Garen doesn't use magic. He uses abilities. His passive is just his high stamina. Q strikes so firmly enemy can't do anything for a while. W shows Garen's high physique. E is just Garen spinning his sword. R is an act of God, not Demacian magic.
actually i doubt R has anything to do with God and God with Garen. I dont find any God or divine reference in garens biography nor in demacia's descriptions.
: Why demacia and Garen are against magic, but garen aparently uses spells? i dont get it.
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: I just insta deleted him after the words "i don't have a main". Usual "i am high elo" guy without any proof of it. If I can advice you there are way better places to get a duo, here it's almost always like this. People looking for free boosts
yet another person accusing me of lier XD, 75% win rate i gues i suk, see you in dia my man xD Take a look at my matchhistory, making it nicer for you guys <3 Actually i dont know what happened to you in the past, but i guess your experiences brought u to this repellent and nasty behaviour. Hope i never become like this lmao.
ran1234m (EUNE)
: soon.. ;)
omg! you are from EUNE my friend xD I think i cant join an EUNE club {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
ran1234m (EUNE)
Shentö (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=30percentWinRate,realm=EUW,application-id=XkTi8002,discussion-id=H2nEQd2F,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-20T20:38:19.764+0000) > > xd bro, good luck finding a premade that tolerates your repellent atitude. See you in platin in 2 weeks. There we go, thats how a fraud guy reacts after being ignored once he cant proof anything. I said it clearly, if you dont have proof dont even add me, Im not repellent, thats your impresion since im against your interest. You want free boosting and Im not willing to do it. Good luck with the fishing.
Idk why would someone lie just to get boosted lol, pretty much everyone who added me without being the rank i desired was clear about it. The fact you missthink about others tells a lot about you. Also the fact you instantly delete people without even saying anythng, and how you write your thread tells a lot about you. Just a generic low dia hardstuck repelent, self centered, non-comunicative and non-colaborative. Gl climbing. Not to mention u only accept lulu players, XD, each time i see someone writign that i get a seizure, with that mentality no way u gona get out of dia 4 if you dont get carried by your support. "you want free boosting", you are taking for granted i was lying when i was not, in fact you wont find a better support than me, gl mate.
Shentö (EUW)
: LF D3+ 2 Smurf (Proof Req)
xd bro, good luck finding a premade that tolerates your repellent atitude. See you in platin in 2 weeks.
Shentö (EUW)
: LF D3+ 2 Smurf (Proof Req)
lol there are plenty of useful supports apart from lulu
: > [{quoted}](name=30percentWinRate,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xdEoAIEp,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-19T17:19:04.031+0000) > > i dont understand the problem. > Its not account sharing becouse it is his account now. > If the fact he has climbed rank ladder by his own effort makes u angry idk wtf is wrong with you, thats how people climb, from the bottom of the ladder to the top. "Its not account sharing because it is his account now." By that logic buying accounts is fine. Because it´s your account now.
he didnt buy it, he didnt got a boosted acc, and he isnt going to give it to anyone back. These are the reasons behind the "account sharing punishment". Do you even logic? The 4th reason is that riot actually wants people to make as much accounts as possible and dont get free accs coz that cuts the time/resources people put on leveling an acc, but i doubt that concerns u a little bit.
: Another case of account sharing.
i dont understand the problem. Its not account sharing becouse it is his account now. If the fact he has climbed rank ladder by his own effort makes u angry idk wtf is wrong with you, thats how people climb, from the bottom of the ladder to the top.
Evette (EUW)
: Traditional Support Champions
right now i have 85% win rate with taric... duno the rest
lolitsfunny (EUNE)
: anivia support - why not?
i also played her support some times, she can spam E every 3 seconds :D, and she has decent poking/cc, i love her wall specially.
: Thanks for the perma ban.
Watch this second ban as a second step to continue improving.
: You mean the live hotfix where you get a whooping +1/2 gold extra on Spellthief/Frostfang respectively or +3/+5 gold from Ancient Coin/Nomad's Medallion respectively? Sure it sounds like a buff but then you read the fine print. Must be within a select range for it to trigger so that means you can no longer poke in the bot lane with Spellthief as it now consumes the charge without getting gold, gives you the 12 second penalty on a minion kill AND is easily the worst of the trio now. Ancient Coin on the other hand is just as bad. Without an ally nearby, you can only get mana and not gold at all regardless of if 1 minion or 1000 die near you. That makes it pointless to try and defend solo and protect the tower if you get nothing from it. May as well kill Cannons and other minions since there is no penalty for doing so. Gee, fun(!) Do you see the problem? The "buff" is a hard nerf, especially for the ADC's who refuse to stick to the support or do int worthy things making it hell for the support to complete the quest or even get gold.
Are u kiding me? first of all, these items were made for supports. Second, the range u are talking about is 1500 units, which is basically the distance between tower and the midle of the lane. Is big enough to proc every stack without problem if u are playing support, this effect is only noticable if u are in a solo lane. And the coin item now gives immense gold. And nothing stops u from protectign tower wtf, KILL THE DAMN MINIONS if you are alone, why would u let them die XD!
Haze97 (EUW)
: Do something about your goddamn bot lane.
There are some things u can do... -Presure top and get enemy jungler atention so he doesnt go bot -Roam bot with tp to help them -roam bot with tp to do/protect dragons -Farm ultra hard and outscale enemy botlane (you have experience advantage as a solo laner) -Stomp ur lane super hard and go for inib -Take a champion with global ultimate (shen, gp...) -Do herald -do crab -steal enemy jungle -gank mid
: Why was Ancient Coin nerfed?
coin and spellthief are actualy geting bufed for supports and nerfed for solos in the next patch. Go read the PBE cycle
: A guy who wants to improve
the fastest way to improve is to watch and copy the profesional players of each one of your roles and champions. Once there, u can start analyzing by your own. Also try to use variety of strategies, fail and learn from your tries, dont just stay with the same strategy/runes/builds all the time, u wont learn like that. And most important: keep a good mentality, dont play too much, focus on yourself, and dont ever think "im so good, im playing perfectly now, i will keep playing this way" becouse then you start ignoring ur mistakes and u wont improve.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why is Ezreal not a priority ban in pro play?
i hate having an ezreal in my team, he has very late power spike, and even then he is unable to make good dps in a teamfight compared to majority of adcs. He is just good to stay safe and poke, which probably isnt interestign in high elo, coz they need some good team power.
Mykon01 (EUW)
: I have no clue what rank this was in, but if it was anything bellow dimond and you didnt carry 1v5 you either got masters in OCE then moved to EUNE or you lied.
typical person who thinks someone from high elo can carry games alone 100% of the time xD Specially me being support main playing healer-tank supports. And anyways noone forces players to tryhard. And this have nothing to do with the thread btw.
: your contribution wont change anything coz its just a drop of water in a desert. If the environment itself doesnt change, nothing of its effects gona change, you can change the behaviour of few players in the short term, but they will fall again.
im happy u are leaving lol, but u will most likely come again. I hope u dont.
: My advice to anyone who feels anger/depression when they play.
your contribution wont change anything coz its just a drop of water in a desert. If the environment itself doesnt change, nothing of its effects gona change, you can change the behaviour of few players in the short term, but they will fall again.
: I cant hold in my toxicity
Hey fellow, i have the exact same problem. With a little difference: i donthave a main account in high elo, all of them baned. So im cursed to try and get new accoutns to climb and level up while trynig to hold my rage, i just cant. Trying this since half season 2. :) Support main is the worst experience in this game, u are legit in a lane where 6 players participate, so u arej ust 1/6 of it.
Shamose (EUW)
: _Meh, I'm a master smurf and I'm better than you pleb_ If you're tired of kids maybe stop being one.
yes coz i clearly started the flame, im clearly the kid here, its everything my own fault haha so original comment! good! Anythign else interestign to say? Theres a big diference between flaming becozse u are toxic, and flamnig becoz someoen toxic flamed you. But someone liek you would never see the diference.
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: How many games do you need to play, to become a super skilled Vel'Koz?
If u havent a ranking yet, then you can start rankeds when you want. (if u have high rank, playing with a new champ will demote you) I would recomend at least having 15 matches with the champion, and ofc you need to have a prepared build and game strategy, i mean you have to think about your champ, about his strenghts and weakness and improve, not only practicing, also runes, items, combos, macro. Theres nowehre you can learn faster than in rankeds, but ofc it can lower your league points if you are high.


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