: man people can be annoying sometimes i would rather play with bots than real people in ranked since they act worse than bots but meh you cant do anything about it rather than keeping your mental state cool XD {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I guess i wont play this game anymore, i feel like if this is how they gonna treat their players and act not doing anything about the real trolls and toxic i dont want any part of the community or the game. There's plenty more games to play. No hate towards the game i just feel like they should do more and have a solid system.
: But you didn't drive 105 kph, you drove like 150-180 kph yourself. And yes, that does make sense. Besides, how do you know this guy wont be stopped like a kilometer later, around a curve? The police would never tell you that. In League, they do sometimes tell you if you reported them, but then again, not always or rather in the least amount of cases. In 5 years of playing I have seen maybe 10 Instant feedback reports for people I reported and I reported plenty more. You could phrase your case like you started out driving 100kph on a 100 kph limit but then someone from behind you sounded his horn and ignited his lights trying to make you go faster and you did go faster. Then you later say, when caught, you had to drive faster in response to the guy behind you, but him being a douche doesnt justify you driving faster than the limit. You posted your chatlog here, and it is indeed negative. Could be to your team, could be to the enemy team, could just be in general. It is simply not nice to play with someone who is negative in chat; the different targets for it just change a bit. Now I will ask the third time: > 3StripesDonte: open eyes %%%%%% Is that the word that rhymes on maggot and begins with f instead?
Idk i dont remeber that game is a bit old, i guess thats your opinion but you should consider other views aswell. Cause all u see is my Word out of context.
: I used to talk back to toxic people a long time ago. But it's a very slippery slope. It takes very little to turn toxic yourself. My rule for dealing with this these days has evolved to: "why would I waste my time talking to someone looking to waste my time?" I don't play League to socialize. Just mute whoever is annoying, and move on with your life. Anything else is simply not worth the effort.
I guess you right just feel a bit tricked by the system that people like that goes clear and people get wrong accused by the system. The funny thing is those games is like 1 week old and i got banned today. So it took 1 week for them to bann me which seems a little bit wierd.
: i do agree if you go to my profile i did make a report of this and the ifs system and tbh i both agree and disagree on replying to them if a dog barks do you bark back at him and look stupid/dumb like the dog randomly barking or would you let him bark till he get that hes actually being an idiot by barking for nothing ? so yeah same thing with players if they kept flaming and being toxic just mute them and let them say whatever they want and it wont reach u and after the game report them if nothing happen come here report their name with the game ID and let the staff handle it and for what you have said let me tell you what riot saw as a bad thing : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- game 1 ( lets ff at 15 ty = giving up ) & ( illaoi uninstall ) & ( akali roamed cause you were bad ) & to teach you how to play ) these are the things u said that riot may take as toxic/bad behavior --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- game 2 ( u must be the saddest player ever ) & ( ye idc just open = that counts as giving up ) & ( you told him he lost his lane big time ) these are in game 2 the things you said --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- game 3 ( he is unskilled like you ) & ( cho got nice feed ? ) & ( you are 11 death bot lane = that counts as harassment and may lead them to int more ) & ( stupid = disrespect towards a summoner ) these are the things you've said in game 3 now it is truly unfair to get a report of what you said and make it look like it was you're fault but trust me as i said before ( barking back at a dog who's barking isn't gonna solve anything , just ignore the barking dog and he will stop ) have a nice day and i hope for you the best in the future {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Thats what im saying my sentece are out of context what im trying to tell you! exemple GAME 2 "You most be the saddest player ever" the dude was toxic towards our team and had a premade. "Ye idc just open" they spammed about opening the lange just to go next game and keep spamming our team just like the rest i replay like my other teammates. I dont wanna repeat my self in those other games aswell but game 3 i said cho got nice feed cause he killed me all the time and was strong which i say in my game.
: > If u saw the hole chat you would be talking way different. No, I wouldnt. I get faced with flame, negativity, afks and trolls on a daily basis, yet I don't talk the same. And yes, muting the chat of players who only produce these words is an option. You admit it yourself that it made you answer in this inflammatory way, so why keep it up? You are not going to change the way they talk and they are unlikely to listen to your calls anyways. Besides, even if you muted them, which you don't have to tell them, they can still read and listen to your calls unless they mute you. > There is no valid reason for me to get banned by the stuff i said. You haven't answered my question in the first line I wrote. Aside from that, the rest still is highly obnoxious and negative. I get your PoV. It is nothing new here on the boards but simply wrong.
I understand what you mean? But let me say it like this. You are driving the dude infront of you is driving 200km/h on a 100 limit. And you self are driving 105km/h and u get stoppped and the dude driving 200km/h is keeping up or even driving faster. But you the one who got stopped? Makes sense? People in those 3 games said way worse, behaving way worse. Like i said, i said nothing over the top or being negative in any kind towards my team Im not trynna change what i said or what i did. I did all that. What i know and my experience this shouldnt be a trigger for a bann. I bet those people in my games are still playing and behaving like that.
: > 3StripesDonte: open eyes %%%%%% Is that a word that rhymes on maggot? If so, then that is likely to have triggered the permaban. Besides, you have indeed been quite negative, sarcastic or straight out insulting these games, reportcalled and given up early. > 3StripesDonte: what is this team? > 3StripesDonte: are u serius? > 3StripesDonte: lets ff 15 ty > 3StripesDonte: muted. > 3StripesDonte: illioa uninstall > 3StripesDonte: keep pinging me y > 3StripesDonte: how about u watch map > 3StripesDonte: i didnt get caught. > 3StripesDonte: mid diff > 3StripesDonte: great > 3StripesDonte: i won my lane > 3StripesDonte: :) > 3StripesDonte: akali roamed cause u were bad > 3StripesDonte: u did nothung > 3StripesDonte: gg wp > 3StripesDonte: dont worry > 3StripesDonte: i can atleast get the lp back > 3StripesDonte: :) > 3StripesDonte: 1+ > 3StripesDonte: saddest part is u camped mid > 3StripesDonte: and he still lost > 3StripesDonte: yep > 3StripesDonte: to bad the adc need to ingage > 3StripesDonte: to teach u how to play That's just game one, but you get the picture. I hope. Also, you said you have been punished before, and even when it wasn't a 14-day ban, you are more on the radar now.
I was just copying illioa she said lets ff 15 ty the game had just started i Think and she died and got mad, you still dont get my Point of view. If u saw the hole chat you would be talking way different. But i dont blame you. You see one point of view and argue about what you see. Muting people is not a option in that case they should delete the hole chat. I want to be able to communicate with my team. There is no valid reason for me to get banned by the stuff i said. Thank you for your answer aswell.
: i know it must be hard to have a ban for whatever reason it was but being toxic isn't something riot wants even if the ifs system is completely broken , despite the fact that you didn't get any chat restriction recently well you did insult/ being toxic to the player in game from the chat history thingy you did go through 10 game chat restriction then 24 game chat restriction then 14 ( 2 weeks ) temp ban then finally perma ban even if you weren't toxic just saying something may be offensive is enough to get you a punishment best thing to do is mute the toxic person or just simply ( /mute all ) once again sorry to hear that you got a perma ban {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I act dont get how other people can say stuff to me but when i say something back that might not even be offinsive and i get banned for something thats not even "toxic" its just horrible wrong in my opinion. I have my rights to stand up for my self. Those 3 games people called me cancer kid, %%% and other stupid bs. I even told one guy to stop talk with one dude being toxic towards the team. Ofc i have a record on "being toxic" just saying those kind of stuff nothing Heavy but i didnt considerd it cause of i didnt Think it was a big deal to call someone stupid ect, while the other dude says cancer kids ect.. But seeing people say way worse then me behaving way worse and still be able to play the game while i get perma bann is not fair. But i thank you for answering me, nice of you.
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