Tarolock (EUW)
: i got Nidalee :D
: But if we already have a yasuo mid, how can I pick yasuo {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} ;)
could not post meme from phone l
SerHets (EUW)
: The boards are a circlejerk
every commu ity on the internet that is not educating or producing is circle jerking
Eureka (EUW)
: So what does it take to get banned for being 'toxic'
me 2 ive test it to i cant get warning afther a while i just quit it cause naturally in not a dick
: 25 chat restriction to 14 days ban, how does that work?
i kind of agree 1 day 3 day ban first they not really gonne be a hard punishment but they are just there to scare you and should only start afther you logged in and the 3 day ban should require you to 3 times log in 1time a day in order to make it count its not a hard punishment i agree these r what i call scare-bans there ment to scare you a bit and make you know hey clearly im doing something wrong if i keep on doing this i wont be able to play annymore
tortsY (EUNE)
i never read the sumoners code and i am not going to lol i never got banned i think if you use common sence and dont flame people your pretty save
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Interesting, we have different opinions about losing/winning then. I find it much more enjoyable if my team is nice people but ends up losing, then when it's all flaming and blaming and we somehow manage to win. Flame in general leaves me with a bitter aftertaste and I will stop playing even though on a winning streak, just to get away from the jerkfaces that are so abundant. It's basically why I don't even play Ranked anymore.
yeh ive had people who whrre such dickheads that they made me want to actualy lose... i didnt go feed but im sure i would be playing better if id be happy
: Normals are worse than games with bots. Full of flame, hatred and misplays. There is absolutely no point in playing normal, if you wish to play a nice game. By "nice", I don't necessarily mean a "win". Nice for me is: AT LEAST 2 ppl in your team DO NOT: - abuse each other - building AP vayne (or similar to this action) - flame after every small mistake - miss 85% of skillshots and then blame the jungler on the other side of the map So, if you ask me, would I recommend playing normal games on summoner's rift? HELL NO, never Only ranked :)
the main difference between ranked and normals is normals are an ffa where finishing the game asap rarely exists if you want to practise your champ mechanics normals r alright if you want to practise the game you kind of need ranked... yes
Mada (EUW)
: I report them. I don't talk to them. Never tell them that you're going to report them.
i agree if your telling someone your reporting him your basicly flaming him sure you might be right if they for example feeding purposely but if they just vad and you say reported you suck all their fun out the tame
: What you meant to say is: "HANDS OFF MY SHACO!" See the difference? I mostly agree with you. Shaco shouldn't be changed. Just deleted.
i mostly agree with you 2 except for the deleting part nice to see we can get along cause we agree so much sir
JeBacik15 (EUNE)
: Sejuani - Lore
itts swagjuani and its an ice piggie not a bear
: Way to look for team in game
i agree riot tried forcing team play up our buts by rewarding teams and by making solo shit but this could actualy do something
: Assassin Rework, but where's Evelynn?
but but but i fucking love evelyn
3tyson (EUW)
all of you get out of my thread lol and take your dam downvotes with you i dont wanna hear annything about it hes perfect and has no problems every single skil of him is exactly as how its supose to be
Tomerarenai (EUNE)
: Ping spam
lol i found out this is a thing recently i never knew as a jungle/suport main i take great intrest in what ever the fuck is going on in your lane lol and if i see your laner is missing i will spam the fuck out of the mia in your lane especialy if you haddnt yourself 1 ping would do but no one ever reacted to a single ping so im spamming it just to make sure everyone knows that mid katarina might be bringing them a visit and i really would hate it if icant do this annymore i do agree just spamming this shit cause you dont agree with someone is anoying
Spearki (EUW)
: tbh being carried just means you did que up with someone else to win games you might not have won solo because you can't hard carry them your self because you're in the elo you belong that's what it means and i didn't say all games i said most of them or it could mean you did decent but not better then anyone else you did as good as the rest of the players in that game besides that 1 guy who carried which is the case in some of these games to be honest
term carried is being used way to much as if its a 1man carry if you could 1v5 from level 1 than you carried yourself theres some champs that did great early game but did not end but manage to keep your team alive during that period of the game maybe you got the kil but i used that time to get the dragon or a turret if not wel than maybe that jana that was next to you all the time during laning phase might be the reason your 20 - 0 and you didnt carry shit she made you carry therefor its a team effort...
Rioter Comments
Spearki (EUW)
: Sry to break it for you but most of those games you got carried ... if you can't climb by solo queing you don't deserve the elo
srry to break for you but stats litteretly say nothing about who carries who... i litteretly can be at 1 side of the map making te enemy chase me waste their time while feeding just winning my team enough time to sneak a baron or get an inhab even than just telling your team what to do when to do while keep on making horrible deaths yourself can carry your game..
Spearki (EUW)
: Sry to break it for you but most of those games you got carried ... if you can't climb by solo queing you don't deserve the elo
srry to break for you but stats litteretly say nothing about who carries who... i litteretly can be at 1 side of the map making te enemy chase me waste their time while feeding just winning my team enough time to sneak a baron or get an inhab even than just telling your team what to do when to do while keep on making horrible deaths yourself can carry your game..
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Dear summoners, if you play tank Ekko...
i main tank ekko i think hes better than ap
TheNhire (EUW)
: assassin is supposed to kill in about 2sec or less...
they stil kil in about 2 seconds only now they also take as much dmg as nasus does so they dont have to get out they just stay in and kil another
: Anyone else getting a huge boner for Riot?
Physical rewards for the guys that made it challenger this year ?????????????????????????????????????
: How Ivern was born
full of win
Ivikus (EUNE)
: Won game dind't get LP nor match in history XD
this exact same thing happend to me ;O i was about to become challanger and now all of a sudden im silver ;O wtf rito also i ha all the champs runes and rune pages and now i dont ;P pls fix
: Not to my knowledge atm, but there is vr feature to dota 2 and I thought if league can have the same it would be great
i thoug dota looked like leage ( vieuw from top XD ) but its allot more like smite ? id imagen smite with vr would maybe be pretty cool
: VR support
Do people seriousely play mobas in vr
: Random URF
No no no this would make it worse than it is now
I rlly dont get the riot hates him part lol
: Easier said than done for some. It's super hard to just ignore chat.
Hard 2 imagen for me who ignores it so easy
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Basically it's a reference/joke to the anime sword art online and the fact that the League of Legends boards are still in beta.
Men i wish theyd make a new no game no life
TeeTohr (EUW)
: God save Kirito
i tried joining these posts, but couldnt make sence out of annything i was reading
: Worst player on team criticises others?
not really flaming but if i have for example a 11 - 3 - 0 jinx while im maybe 3 - 5 - 9 sejuani and im like pushing towers free towers entire time while my jinx is chasing kils when she could have been taking towers id tell her stuf like hey would you mind helping me out into taking this tower done instead of acting like your the carry wasting 3 minutes on killing that suport
: Know what you wish for! It comes with a lot of downsides too ;) Some just really wanna play the game the normal way outside their job so I can't blame them! It's not always easy playing with Riot in front of your name as people will always judge you because of it. Alongside that you always gotta give the best example and gotta deal with tons of flamers.
just act as if you dont see the chat
: I know by fact rioters have to face the ranked queues just like us mortals. Do take in mind not every rioter chooses to have Riot in front of their name so it could very well be you've played with tons of rioters without noticing. P.s. most rioters worldwide are ranked around bronze-silver
me on the other hand would start at minimum wage as a janitor idgaf just for the red riot right next to my name
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: If it moves and it shouldn't, duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, WD-40. and LOL :)
Christien (EUW)
: Many people that are gold think they are finally pro players, while most of the time people that are stuck in G5 on 0lp are actually worse than high silver players xD
bruh im silver 5 i just climbed from bronse im pretty sure i belong in the lcs to now ;P
efol00 (EUNE)
: Riot. Nunu rework ffs
i absolutely love the concept of nunu... a jungler thats job is making the enemy jungle as worthless as he is XD basicly walks into your jungle with a fuck you editude like fuck your jungle goes in there eats everything away and just doesnt leave your jungle no matter how hard you try sadly as counter jungling became less effective so did nunu :( id llove to see a rework where hed stil more or less have the same job and playstyle but somehow became effective
Just Cat (EUW)
: why defend them only then? and i know that u said so i think
go read back i didnt say shit like that im not deffending shit either im saying the games ive had with french people ive rarely had them rage at me they also seems friendly if thats what ive experience im more or less doing report not defending lol ofcourse maybe they did flame me in french but i dont think they did because i might not be good at french but id be sure to see some stuf like my name or feeder, noob u know the usualy stuff, wich i really havent encounterd
Just Cat (EUW)
: Simple, cause they start speaking it, or they have clan tag with french in it or their nickname is french. WHY are u defending your country only? I bashed on more of em yet ur defending yours only, you are clearly a racist on taht mater caring about your own stuff. I Told stuff about germany and dutch yet no ta single word about it , nor people from these countries said anything , but you , go on me telling that its false , why?! Cant you simply accept that fact?
Just Cat (EUW)
: well idk how u play but , thats not the case for me , or forst most friends in LOL that i know, you are so to speak a special snowflake :D
I tell them i speak dutch and english and not french I usualy trick them into thinking i speak french in the beginning by saying random french stuff i learned in school and than tell them i dont speak french
Just Cat (EUW)
: m8, you of all people should know that a friendly french player in league is a rare sight. They are usually not talking at all or just toxic , its sad , but its the truth. If u take a notice every country has something when it comes to toxicity. Germans are egoistic's Nl behave like children , north side is like " cyka bliat " . Every country has something bad so dont be ashamed of it. French are simlpy toxic.
i hardly speak anny french but whenever i meet french people they are usualy friendly
: How can you be so sure of your cooking skills? Have you ever been in a competition?
Everyone who eats them reacts like its their first time heroin msging me the next night telling me they cannt think about annything else annymore
drymonkey (EUW)
: meh you can troll all you want mate i will yoin you no matter what you want to try out want a full adc {{champion:111}} with your ap sivir sup but thats in normals .... plas leave rankt out of this its just out of respect for your team
Thats why i wrote this...
Rioter Comments
: So I am a private chef now, on my way to become a math teacher.
I agree with 3 i claim the worlds best shrimps bruh I have loved shrimps for many many years, and could deffenetly call myself a specialist on eating them lol I am pretty possitive i make the worlds best shrimps lol Yes alcso better than yo momma lol Id share the recipe but i use a premade fish marinade, so unless i find out how to make jt myself i dont plan on sharing the recipe cause it would be restricted to dutch people lol I also make killer burgers lol
Neonchan (EUW)
: Would you pick him for aram?
I dont play aram because i fuckibg hare all random Now they took my favorite game mode and put that shit mode on it to make it suck
Neonchan (EUW)
: ARURF and queue dodging
I agree that dodging sucks but i kind of get the people who dodge arurf Rito no give us regulair urf so if we want to have urf we need to go to shit urf Than you hope to play urf and notice they gave you yasuo, while the enemy team gets fun urf champs Yet you have to waste a 30 minutes of ur life playing a champ you hate lol
The Yukeh (EUW)
: ARURF is the most toxic iteration of URF to date - but there's only ONE reason why.
The problem of ar urf is the theory Its not even fun in theory how the hell is this supose to work in reality lol I mean like really this isnt a game youd take to seriouse so you wanna try something stupidly ridiclouse like katthus for example To me its fun cause i can spam my myn shaco wich is a pretty good pick in urf, but if he gets banned theres stil allot fun champs that id like to play like Nidalee evelyn teemo nunu zed and some more, these are champs i know il have fun with How ever if the enemy team gets some madly op champs, yet i get twitch udyr or xin Im not gonne have allot of fun...
Barty (EUNE)
: Fill EXCEPT something (please, Riot? *puppy eyes*)
I main jungle and suport but sometimes i want to play a role i dont decite to play like in il play either top adc or mid maybe jg but i dont want to pick it myself so id pick fill but il be sup 90 % of the time Wich is really really lame There should be a fill where you can select to not play 1 or 2 roles
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