: if you dodge once its 3-5lp yes. but if you dodge twice on a single day cause of having the luck of running into people like this multiple times, the second time you lose 10LP, third time 20 LP. until you get low priority queue and still get -20 if you get matched with trolls like this.
When I have bad luck and have such people more often I should give them the role and suck it up. Well and report them after the game.
: Either report them after the game or dodge. I remember Riot Lyte (no longer employed at Riot) once made a statement when role selection was first introduced that forcing yourself into another player's role without their consent would be a bannable offense. I think he added that in the report you should explain what the other player did. The way I see it is that if I have already locked in my role, I'd would dodge 99% of the time (1% for promos). If you dodge, you'll lose 3-5 LP, I think, though I could be wrong about the actual amount. Either way, it is far less then ~15+LP you would lose (depending on your MMR) if you play and lose. If they lock in before me, I'll fill their role because I can play any of the 5 roles and report them after the game regardless of whether we win or lose. And if I'm in my promos, I will ask my duo partner to dodge for me if I am playing with mine, or bite the bullet and play hoping for a miracle. It's really frustrating, but that's about all you can do.
Dodging seems to be the correct decision. Still it's frustating that there are people that are willing to take a loss, just to annoy you. When you dodge they still win (in regards they do not get punished and do not loose LP)
: Chat logs are recorded, if he confessed to intentional grief you can point that out in your report. I actually had a case like that yesterday when someone said "I troll" ... so I reported him for that and pointed out that he confessed to doing that in chat log or post-game chat.
Thank you. If I am in this situation again I will do that.
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