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inv pls. EUW: DaJunglist
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candoodle (EUW)
: Champion select mind games [pro strat]
Guaranteed 60% of the time, everytime.
SlimeBoy (EUW)
: Does somebody know a streamer who is master or challenger and plays a lot of Illaoi?
F4ntasy (EUW)
: Gold 1 support looking for adc
And if I give you {{champion:202}} ?
: I agree mate, in fact when the game reaches to the very late there is so much gold to spend sometimes and it just gets freezed right there, the only thing i do with that its just keep buying constantly more elixirs, or sometimes depending on the champion i just keep buying Guardian Angel and after the passive pops out, i sell it and buy other item, and when the Guardian Angel passive is back i sell the item and buy GA again and i keep looping like this xD Just because i have a lot of gold without any direction. I think the late game excess of gold could have some more utility and i see a possible work right there for Riot, reminding that sometimes the game never reaches to the late i know, but when it does, that situation happens.
Exactly. Or when you have too much gold you can always buy zz'rot or banner and sell it after using the active. :D
: awwww yiss
Hi this is agent Kappachino from the Kappa agency. I would like to inform you that we have detected the KPM (Kappa Per Minute) to be far below the minimum level of 100 KPM. Please fix this by typing Kappa or Kappa agents will be dispatched to donger this post.
: Armor Penetration Boots ? Would it be good or bad ?
Or add a new upgrade level. Not like the ones from recently (homeguard, captain etc) but individual ones for each boots. Maybe add unique passives (like spellblade etc) but make them expensive enough not to be upgraded straight away but rather in the lategame when you have like 2k and full build. {{item:3020}} + {{item:3057}} + 350g = new item If balanced out correctly this would add new build paths and perhaps new strategies (for example not building a sheen item in your regular build and instead getting it later in order to be able to build a different item first).
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: I agree with you on most things, but tank Fizz really needed some nerfs. Unfortunately Riot doesn't know how to address this problem. The recent nerfs are probably worse for AP Fizz than for tank Fizz. And tank Fizz is still going to be a pain in the arse after these changes.
True, tank Fizz is annoying. Imo what makes tank Fizz good is the cdr on most of the tank items. {{item:3025}} (fuck that item) + {{item:3065}} alone can already cap out your cdr together with runes or boots. After that you can either stack some more tank items or go a more bruiser-like build allowing for an offensive build whilst still being fairly tanky. But that's a problem in general. Tanks being able to cap out their cdr and being allowed to either go more aggresive or become unkillable after building it. (i.e. {{champion:36}} +{{item:3065}} +{{item:3083}} +{{item:3190}}/ 10% cdr runes = annoying af) Tbh I don't think the Fizz changes will change much for AP Fizz since it only adds 1,2s to your E cd at max cdr. The W changes are more aimed at getting him out of top lane (less %hp dmg against 3k+ hp tanks) and not nerfing his dmg against a 1800 hp ADC too much. Btw, a little something something if Tank or Assassin Fizz get's boring: {{item:1419}} + {{item:3124}} + {{item:3115}} + {{item:3153}} + {{item:3078}} 103 AD 154 AP 228% attack speed 40% CDR 69 (+30% AP) magic on-hit dmg 18 physical on-hit dmg + Guinsoos passive (effectively doubling the dmg every second hit) + Triforce passive + BOTRK active (Numbers include his max rank W active and Guinsoos Rage) It's more of a fun build since you will rarely be able to buy all those items and it leaves you really vulnerable to not buy Zhonyas. But if you do, it's so fun and rewarding to just auto-attack the whole enemy team to death {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: how to report a ddos ?
1. Prove it was a DDOS attack 2. Find out who executed it 3. If unable, report all other players for cheating 4. Hope that your future reports for actually proven reportable offenses carry any weight Or, you know - just trust that Riot's detection works. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: And this is your OPINION -.-
Wanna hear my opinion on this? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Why can Fizz dodge turret shots?
Because so can these guys... Can make themselves or others untargetable/ block turret shots/ drop aggro: {{champion:266}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:26}} Can make themselves or others invincable: {{champion:432}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:23}} And then there is this: {{item:3157}} {{item:3026}} Sorry for repeating what's already been posted but it seems some people enjoy whining too much. If you think a champ is broken or OP pick or ban him. Otherwise try to figure out what works against him. In this case for example I can guarantee you that the fact alone of being able to dodge turret shots with Fizz won't make you play him well. And to the point that "You can't let a champion get away for free like that": - either squishy (if building AP) or not much dmg (if building tank) - throw CC at him (and no, not just the one ability he can dodge) and focus him after he used his e (bait it out) - force him to use e and waste mana - buy MR or rush dmg if you spike before he does - poke/ deny farm - out-trade/ all-in him when his ult is on cd - respect his lvl 6 and play accordingly - dodge his ult (a skillshot btw) or buy {{item:3102}} - avoid playing low mobility champs against him - ping if he roams - play {{champion:8}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:131}} against him - buy {{item:3157}} if you can - don't play {{champion:41}} + {{summoner:11}} So to summarize: Fizz is not OP - he can be really strong if played right though (same goes for about 99% of all the other champs). The trade-off for having an untargetability spell is he can only use it either for dmg (other champs have higher dmg spells with lower cd) or to dodge/ escape (again, other champs have lower cd dodges/ escapes). There is quite a bit of counterplay to Fizz. And if all else fails - just ban him.
: IP party invite me
: I don't really get the advantage of AA moving when you can just rigth click an enemy champion.
It really depends on the situation. IMO anything under 1.7 attack speed is well playable by just using your mouse. However, if you have more than that it's usually easier to attack move, since you only have to click the same position twice (once with attack move, once a regular movement command) instead of moving your mouse from your target to your movement location. It also avoids that you accidentally misclick and move towards the enemy you're trying to kite.
: Nice one. Though i feel like attack move can screw you over at times by choosing the wrong target or making you move towards the enemy. Then again, manually clicking on the enemy with a normal attack command is even riskier. Oh well, good one.
Thanks man. Yeah, it's true that it's fairly unreliable with target selection. That's why I really just use it when teamfighting on a high attack-speed champ when I have to kite out the enemy cc/ initiation. After that I feel like using the mouse is much more rewarding.
: Attack click?
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: Need help (but hard help)
: Not having any real insight as Riot likes to make a secrer out of everything, but generally speaking, it looks like when you win/lose around 19-20LP, your MMR should be around the level of your current rank. If you gain more for wins/lose less for a lose, it's higher than average. And obviously the other way round, if you get less for wins and lose more for losses, your MMR is likely below average.
Thanks for the answer man. Yeah I think that is fairly accurate. Riot really should give us a little more insight on this though imo
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: Levelling account (lvl 11 atm) looking for Clubs and people to level and chill with.
Hey, I'm currently mostly playing with a friend of mine who is also levelling his smurf. We've got mid/top, adc/ jungle, sup/top covered. If you feel like you'd want to play with us drop me an invite. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Language: German/ English Age: 22+ Elo: Gold-Plat
Phyrz (EUW)
: "Broken" ADC's for Ranked/Climbing ?
Personally I love to spam Jhin nowadays. He has an amazing laning phase if you have a semi decent support and let's not even start talking about his mid/ late game. If you have a team comp with peel/ def, then GG. It's a little tricky getting a hang of him with his unique passive, reload and crit mechanic but as soon as you get a feel of his kit it's just looooads of fun. {{champion:202}} + {{item:3031}} + {{item:3094}} + {{item:3072}} + {{item:3508}} + {{item:3036}} + {{item:3139}} /{{item:3156}} = 700+ AD = 2k crit IMO he doesn't have bad matchups. You can beat all the top tier picks (e.g. Kalista, Ezreal, Lucian, Corki) if you know how to lane and trade with Jhin. His kit is amazing: You potentially have the highest single-target dmg output in the game as soon as you reach late game. You have CC (1.75s stun at max rank + a slow). You outrange any champ with your ult and w (ok, except maybe gangplank if you count that). You even get a crap ton of mobility as soon as you reach your 2 core items + swifties since your passive gives you bonus movement speed when you crit (and so does your w). The only downsides to Jhin are assassins (fu {{champion:107}} ) and prolonged 1v1 trades. Since he has a fixed attack speed it's nearly impossible to counter burst dmg or high attack speed champs (e.g. {{champion:67}} ). However if you have a team that can protect you from these threats, you'll have a fun time. TL;DR {{champion:202}} = ez penta Hope this helped!
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Normals MMR
Take this as an example: You only played your placements at the beginning of the season and you get ranked in Silver whilst having been Plat last season. In your normals however you still play with your Plat buddies and have a corresponding MMR. You'd be matched against other Silver players in normals even though your skill level is a lot higher. Works the other way around as well ofc. It's probably best how it is right now since some ppl prefer normals over ranked games.
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TTekkers (EUW)
: {{champion:81}} Ez Quadra
{{champion:17}} + {{item:3512}} = ez penta
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Sayenna (EUW)
: Looking for serious coach for main jungler (Silver)
Hey man! First off, I could probably put the above description on my situation as well. I'm around your elo, I also main jungle (since I started playing in the beginning of season 5) and I'm also looking to improve on the topics you mentioned above. What you can't expect of me is to be able to explain all of what you want to know since I'm still learning it myself. However I think it could be fun if we try and learn from each other. Maybe I can explain to you when to counter-jungle, and you can tell me when to go for a gank instead of farming etc.. I guess this isn't exactly what you are looking for, but in case you don't find a high elo jungler to coach you, I'd be happy to help where I can. Btw, I'm German, 22yo and speak both German and English fluently. My most played jgl champs are: {{champion:421}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:104}} I've played every jungler, but obviously I can't play all of them well. This is just to illustrate that I can tell you about certain matchups and what their respective win conditions are. Anyways, feel free to contact me if you like and no hard feelings if you don't {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Bergotas (EUW)
: Searching a Silver ADC (Main Supp)
Hey man! First off, I'm a jgl main but I've been playing ADC as my sec role since quite a while now and really enjoy it. (I was S4 last season, currently unranked) My best marksmen are: {{champion:21}} - Lvl 5 {{champion:236}} - Lvl 4 {{champion:202}} - Lvl 4 {{champion:203}} - Lvl 4 As you can probably tell, my playstyle is also rather aggressive ;) Playing as a premade bot is definetely a thing I'm looking for as well. And eventhough my ambition is to eventually climb to gold this season, I prefer playing normals to improve as much as possible before going into ranked (I feel like you really don't have much freedom to try new things when playing ranked). So if your goal is to have fun and improve as a bot duo let me know. If you only want to play rankeds and play for winning we're probably not the right match. Would you let me know what languages you speak fluently and how old you are? I am 22 yo and speak both German and English fluently.
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: Looking for small, friendly clan or just some nice people to play and talk with
{{champion:99}} like this could be fun Would love to join you for a game. You never know what might come of it :) Feel free to drop me an invite: 420DaKilla skype/ curse/ ts all available
markeyto (EUNE)
: nice I think I got it but there was a build on mobafire that had him build muramana ,do you know how this compares to the above build?
basically muramana used to be a necessary item on him due to the high mana usage of his q (because you'd constantly want to poke with it). but if you go for a crit build instead (aim for something like 70%), you will regenerate mana on-hit if you have the essence reaver, rendering muramana unnecessary. (and you have a much faster build since you won't have to buy tear and stack it first)
markeyto (EUNE)
: i need advice on a certain champion
Hey mate, if you look at his ability scaling, you will see that only his w, and his ult scale with ap. his q, beeing his signature skill, scales with ad (and quite well). it depends on how you play him, but usually you would aa an enemy a couple of times before applying the w-%health-dmg by using either q or e. in this scenario building ad is definetely better than building ap. why? because ad will boost not only your aa's, but also your q and e. ap will only boost your w to a small amount and ur ult (which is on a long cd). for detailled scaling ratios check this: in my opinion the {{item:3508}} is one of the best new adc-items. its synergy with all the crit items ({{item:3094}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}}{{item:3078}} ) + its passive mana regen when critting is amazing. combine this with runaans and not only will you crit for 50% already, but you will also proc your passive w much faster. obviously your build path depends on how well you're doing and on your and the enemy's team comp, so I can't really give you THE best build. one of these however, i can recommend: Core: {{item:3508}} {{item:3085}} + Lifesteal/ QSS: {{item:3139}} / {{item:3153}} / {{item:3072}} + Offense: {{item:3031}} / {{item:3078}} / {{item:3094}} / {{item:3087}} or Defense: {{item:3026}} / {{item:3102}} + Boots: {{item:3006}} to answer whether he's a mid or adc champ you will have to decide for yourself. if you feel like you can play him well against say a {{champion:238}} or a {{champion:7}} , then go for it and play him mid. honestly though i think he's better of on botlane since he has little effective escapes or cc against these one-shot-champs or against ganks, and you would have to be very good at positioning, trading at a distance and constantly poking them down with your q. hope this helped. regards, DaKilla
Twinbo (EUW)
: Ranked Team In Need Of Players
Hi there, I'd definetely be interested in joining up. Skype: Y Language: German/ English Div: Silver IV Primary Role: Jungle Secondary Role: ADC Jungle Champs I can play fairly well: {{champion:421}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} and ADCs {{champion:18}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} If you feel that I might fit what you're looking for, feel free to add me ;) 420DaKilla
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