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: Aatrox can not resurrect (Passive bug)
Doomley (EUW)
: I haven't crossed this problem yet. Also once again, this is just something people have to get used to (making runes in champ select i mean) so they remember to lock in. It will not take long.
I know it is such a simple task to just lock in. But people tend to do other stuff while waiting for queue. And if one person in a 5 man team or the other team misses it you get punished by 5-10 minutes. And then people tend to run off to do other stuff so you might even wait longer or not bother to take a match at all. I understand that it is "easy" to do. But I still miss the auto lock feature where I could think about runes and other stuff, less problems with getting into a match as well.
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: Change Flex queue so I can play with my friends.
Well, it just some people refuse to play normals. And in flex you play as a team. So elo in solo does not matter as much. Yo got different mindset in flex and duo/solo. One guys is bronze in flex and gold in solo. So cant play with him either. And it makes it hard to play with 5 close friends.
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