: [8.16] Akali second R cast, execute damage bug. (+ damage in tooltip is wrong)
Small Update. I managed to create some really strange situations involving the bug. For example this: https://i.imgur.com/aBZxOS2.jpg Here a low hp target gets the min damage while the full hp target in front of it gets max damage. You need to dash through the 3 targets in a pretty specific angle but it is 100% reproducable if you get the angle and distance right.
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: But my account was already fresh, I had no ranked games on S6 and I climbed to plat 5 in flex queue, I had very good MMR since I gained like 30 LP per game, I was playing mostly with high diamond players and sometimes masters. Why am I placed into silver 5 today?
Well this might be because you shouldnt have gotten 30 LP per game. > Unfortunately, for players who have climbed ranks rapidly as a result of incorrect placement and **inflated LP gains**
: My awful smurf experience so far.
Pretty sure Riot tries identify smurfs and put them together, since you actually are a smurfing you will of course play with a lot of other smurfs. Still sucks that people flame so much of course.


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