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: I would advice against AP marks/quints. Sejuani has an awful early clear, which is why I run AS/AD marks/quints. You can switch for hybrid pen if you want to. I don't understand why you would ever build {{item:3025}} on a champion that can already chain-slow opponents. It's useless. {{item:3110}} is better in every way. The best way to go on her is to stack quite a bit of health, since her W scales off max HP and she gets armour from her passive. So you should build {{item:3083}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3742}} Lastly: 18 in resolve is the way to go now. Grasp >>>> Thunderlords for Seju
Tout est dans le Croud Control. Le Coeur gelé donne plus d'armure, certes, mais mon but n'est pas d'être un massif tank qui prend les coups, mais de setup l'ennemi dans une position ou il ne pourra plus bouger pour une durée de 5 secondes. De plus ça te donnes des dégats. Ton Z prock sur le temps, mais aussi sur ta prochaine AA. Et 125% de dégàts en plus est toujours utile. Et pour la masteries, je prenais Thunderlords pour les 45% de CDR, inutile pour ton Z après 40%, mais très utile pour ton ulti ou ton E.
: It´s kinda sad how you say "Thunderlords OP" right after it got nerfed and is not that strong on tanks anymore.
This version of Sejuani is the tanky one, and Thunderlord right now prokes on the third auto attack / spell on an ennemy. Sejuani always des here full combo on a target for optimal damages, so thunderlords procks every time. Plus, she hasn't a high enough DPS to use Stormraider's Surge efficiently, and has no shield or heals for Windspeaker's Blessing. Thunderlord is the best choice.
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