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: WAKE UP RIOT .... BALANCE THE DDAMAGE ON THE GAME AND CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree. This whole oneshotting thing has become stale. Whether the champs are op or not is not the issue. Heca, Rengar, being the most prominent and most annoying champs. You cannot avoid them, and when they touch you, youre dead. Aatrox is an example of a good champ. He hurts...but reasonable speeds. Using Flash against him, might save me. He is slow, but has high damage. The age old principle of character design. On Rengar, Kha, Heca ..theyre designed to kill you in a split second. Id rather lose a fight decidedly than not getting to play at all. A midlaner that oneshots has to at least aim something usually. Except for kass. His riftwalk is cool, but the rest of his kit is dumb. Whether you beat him or you win...its no fun. The champ is so boring.
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: chat
gotta love the technical support : )
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: Warlord's Bloodlust:An autoattack that used to give you hp back and movement speed. Fervor of Battle:You gain stacks of Fervor for every autoattack on an enemy champion. Stormraider's Surge:After dealing 30% of a champs max hp gain movement speed. Thunderlord's Decree:After three attacks a lightning strikes the enemy champion dealing AREA damage.Meaning that could hit several champs or even minions. Grasp of the undying:Unchaged Courage of the colossus:After hitting an enemy with cc you gain a shield. Though you may not increase your armor/ms as adc or get penetration,you still can do something to survive easier. Bone plating:Reduce the damage taken from the next 3 attacks. Chrylasis:Gain 50 hp.At 4 takedowns switch it with to gain ad/ap. Revitalize:Heal over time after taking damage. Nullifying Orb:If you would take damage that would reduce you below 30% max hp you first gain a magic shield. Ravenous Hunter:Spell vamp for takedowns: Taste of blood:Every X seconds,your next attack will heal you. Triumph:After a takedown,gain 20 gold and restore 12% of your missing hp. Legend:Bloodline:Life steal for takedowns.
: With all the nigh identiacl threads we read everyday about that, one would think that by now people would have learned that they should not use some very specific three-letters words while playing. They should know, too, that there's no "flaming for defense", even tho it's still, and by far, the most common excuse. But no. Apparently, they still have not learned.
what i have learned over the years that the only one that can get em to not int is me because riot doesnt do shit if they literally intentionally feed or leave or camp base. i had it so often...i never did it myself they wont get banned : ) again, i was also honor lvl 4 and it was without warning. i didnt get a chat restriction, that is not normal.
: > first %%% I assume that's the magic 3 letter word that starts with a "k"? That's probably the reason you got banned.
draven: *flames* me: %%% everyone is happy, game went on its really unfair that i only get my text when getting banned. before minute 3 i died, he already goes "dont come back to lane" then i come on lane, he pings me to not go in, so i do not go in. i ward the bush in the river, over the wall (aka without risking passing the enemies) ward is in there. i dont clear it, because that would mean sudden death. he goes clear it, gets engaged on, i do my best to save him, he dies. "omg dont engage if i ping you" then i proceed to go 6/1 on ali and hardcarry, no one else has a problem with me, i dive, i roam...everything. but this draven wont stop giving me shit. %%%% him. he should khs. some other guy said that that would be a threat...? no, it just means youre not worth living. yes i flamed, and i didnt say i did not. but again, youll have a game soon, and get a flamer way outta my league, who flames unprovoked, just because he finds it funny to get people angry. he wont get banned. i really need a text of actual flame to compare...
: You did get banned for a reason. Death threaths are hardly nothing as you put it and are always straight 14 day ban.
what death threat %%% means kill yourself, i didnt threaten him. i expressed my wish that he should remove himself from the gene pool by his own means. you cannot just make shit up for an argument... also, again...i just want you to know what got me banned. sure i flamed, but far less than the people i have *every game*. They get away with all caps spam and insults. they flame you if you dont play good enough...or in this case when youre clearly outclassing them all, but draven just has a bad day. i never flame someone for playing bad. never.
: > [{quoted}](name=50m3 6uy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZsTVNAEd,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-03T23:41:07.579+0000) > > 50m3 6uy: on a non related topic > 50m3 6uy: %%% > > 50m3 6uy: first %%% This is exactly why you went straight to a 14 day ban
after getting flamed...again and again like i said, i was only toxic to this draven that came into the game with a negative attitude and wanted to anger everyone in all honestly, i wish these people would.
Naranjo1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=WhatSupp Babe,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iNAqrZjL,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-06-03T17:31:28.650+0000) > > Nerf supports? If they nerf us even more, you will wait for game 2 hours because no one would want to play on this role, believe me. > Supports aren't broken. ADC alone is very easy to kill that's why good support use his abilities to protect him from assasins who can kill you in 1 second. If supports will be even worse then soon you will cry that ADC are totally useless. > > Another thing - supports like Janna or Nami don't have much damage. They aren't independent, sadly. ADC have huge damage and support have huge shields and heals. This is called balance. I know you all would like to have a chance to kill everyone on 1 hit but imagine that it's you who can be shot. > > So please, leave supports alone. We already are f**ked because of the new sighstone aka support shitem (which personally I REALLY HATE) and OP assasins who now are even called supports (Pyke). So like 700 DMG Shield that gives 50 AD + ardent cancer isn't broken. Seriously??? It was fine in S5/6 and before, but then Riot sais : Wouldnt it be a great idea to make ardent cancer broken and make a cheap item that gives 500 HP heal to the whole team and you can use it while you are dead ??? So Riot adds that. And then ADCs are broken. I think supports should be completely returned to the state they used to be in S5/6 and this patch reverted. It would end ADC meta, becasue supports are the ones who created it. And yes, I would rather wait 15 min in queue that play like this. + STOP saying that damage it the only thing that matteres and tho only thing that defines what's OP
well you dont play the supps if they dont do this dmg then queues are 10 mins long and people get autofilled into this role, constant flaming ensues
Naranjo1 (EUNE)
: Riot, thank you for killing most of the ADCs
adc's are viable and strong. late game they f you up. they buff sups because no one plays them, understandable. problem with adc's struggle to have fun, because you usually need to be pretty good to play them. most champs have a dash/sprint to use, then they go on you and just press all their buttons. if you want to survive, you have to be a dodge master. a midlaner has the opportunity to hit back. an adc doesnt...until he is lvl 16 and 3 items strong, or if he is ezreal. and thats what makes the difference. laning phase is really about hoping your sup isnt autofilled and the enemy jungler doesnt gank.
Metharius (EUW)
: you are wrong. but you are also and more importantly new so ... it's not like i expected anything different, each year it's the same.
90% of new players are alt accs league is dying
: I'm not attacking you and nor am I responding to the other guy, I'm responding to what you're saying Teemo can be viable, it's player dependent Champions are designed for their respective lane but since meta is ever changing, a champion cannot be designed for meta Skarner was busted OP meta at one point but since the items changed and JG changes, he's not that good anymore And do keep in mind, it's a video game! There's a fun aspect you have to take into consideration, do you think Fiddlesticks was designed with winning in mind? lol If all champions were designed with viability intended then you wouldn't see 50% play rate on Ezreal You wouldn't have 4 champions who can only be played top And JG wouldn't have Graves as the dominant champion But here we are in a game where ANYTHING CAN WORK It's player-dependent not champion dependent
it works like this: whatever the champion design, you can buff the stats until he is viable. there is no reason not to do it. why would you release a champ that cant get over 10% winrate. "but such a champ doesnt exist"...well guess why. every champ is designed to be fun to play, remember that thats the intention of a game. your opinion is wrong.
: Leauge in 5 simple steps!
1. queue 2. second queue ... 6. 6th queue, you finally give in after 10 minutes and pick support (actually i wrote 6. at the beginning of this line, but we all know how much riot sucks at coding) 7. champ select, autofill adc 8. flame then the game just begun 1. "tip of the game: statistics show you lose more games if you flame : )" 2. talon gets one kill, it is thus expected, per design of this game, for your mid to have no chance of recovery for the next 30 minutes 3. people reach lvl 6, oneshots start to happen, everyone gets upset 4. flame 5. surr vote spam 6. an afk 7. a rioter comes to kill your dog in the backyard 8. you lose the game or 1. its a %%%%in stomp, you have no fun, you win in 14 minutes
: > [{quoted}](name=Metharius,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kP1EcjPY,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2018-06-03T20:40:51.113+0000) > > agree ... but at least in S2 you still had freedom. here the new rune and keystone lock your playstyle and how the game should be played with specific role and such. that's why i still think s8 is the worst. if you were a tank, you would pick tank runes/masteries. if you were an adc, you would pick ad/as runes/masteries. if you were an apc, you would pick apc runes/masteries. its the same as it always used to be. If anything you now have more choice than before.
i could go either ms or armor as adc i could decide between penetration and ap between ad and as i didnt have to hit damn champs to trigger these effects
: You started in season2 but have already forgot what it used to be back in the day. ap Yi QQQ for a pentakill. ap sion 2 clicks to oneshot. spin to win trynda. nidalee with her spears with hitboxes like morgana's Q that do 50% of ur hp. In a big part, the current state of the game is "bad" just because we, the old players, got bored of league. thats it. nothing less, nothing more. I was like that too, but after taking a long break, i just play for fun, rather than for the rank like i used too. Less stress, and now it looks like the league is same as ever.
id say its the community its a 50-50 whether everyone flames or you can just play a normal game. actual normal games i cannot play anymore. everyone tries out shit, is dissappointed it doesnt work, then surr spam and flame if you dont surrender. horrible.
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: Banning Bug - Please read too understand.
posted something like that just an hour before or so sometimes i flame flamers. if you dont show them their behaviour doesnt faze you, then they will try everything in their might to provoke you, which includes feeding, going on the wrong lanes, playing solo all game giving me no chance to support them. so i put a solid flame against any flame, and it just works, or its a hopeless case. some people come with the intention to ruin the night for everyone. i never flame when someone is bad, or if the game is going bad or for any other reason. i advise people CONSTANTLY to mute flamers, so they wont get tilted. im always the one going "we can win this guys, ignore the feeder, he will get banned anyways" but the magic is: they never get banned. they come into rankeds, play a champ that got buffed which they dont understand. they see they are bad with it and immediatelly start blaming and flaming. no prob for riot. i am completely convinced that its just a matter of how much money you spend. i barely spend anything on league, because the community is just %%%%ed and this game and its owners dont deserve a cent. ive put 15 euros into this game, its not worth more.
: I mean I queue up often with a Teemo one trick Your isolated opinion doesn't determine how many people actually play the champion lol
dude, the other guy said no one wants teemo to get good. if that would be so, then there wouldnt be a reason to have teemo right? so whats your problem? why are you attacking *me*? im the one arguing for teemo is it necessary to explain this? sometimes i feel like the people browsing these boards are all not older than 12. "champs arent designed about being meta/viable lol" they are. there is no logical reason to argue that some champs shouldnt be viable. funny how the balancing department is specifically there to have champs at a 50% winrate. funny how buffs and nerfs are even a thing, if champs are not designed to be viable. why would you buff/nerf anything, if viability doesnt matter? come on, brain on.
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: Champions aren't designed around being meta/viable lol
if nobody wants teemo, then delete him come on, you can read, cant you?
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Shrooms bounce off so they can't be clipped with each other, not for some strategic advantage.
this is wrong back then they would just "jump" right next to each other it was specifically introduced as a mechanic to have them bounce off of each other the way they do now.
: You want teemo to be viable again? Yeah, nobody wants that horror to come back.
then delete the champ
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: but a challenger flamer will play as a challenger player. everntually carrying team. a troll..trolls. gives no benefits to team. it s hard if not impossible to win 4v6 with a free gold gifter in team
when i watch streamers i dont see that excessive flame, sorry. sometimes i think i get other teammates than yall... maybe because i dont buy enough rp.
VipiPoiss (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=50m3 6uy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QhNWT8Xl,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-03-11T15:54:35.993+0000) > > "banned too harshly" > i disagree. some people should be permitted from commenting/pinging at all. > ive not once been banned in this game. if you manage that, you deserve it. > > im supporting right now, because of exactly that issue. i was an adc main. but then i get autofilled sups that just refuse to play with you. > they pick some carry everytime, ruin your farm. then youre behind and everyone loves flaming the adc. > > especially on sundays, when the people that are unhappy with their lifes come online and want to let it out on others. Well then it's just your problem really if you cant take it. It has happened to me before that someone who should support decides to troll pick an ADC champ and they try to ruin my farming and If the team decides to flame me I just ignore them. I dont even mute them. I just read whatever shit they type at me and I laugh at them. Or if it's only the troll pick that flames me like crazy I just flame him back. Also there is a mute button for reason. But yeah, if flamers bother you so much you shouldn't play competitive games. Competitive games like CS:GO, LoL and PUBG are all full of toxic people.
trolling and flaming is not necessary. it can be stopped. the game is obviously less fun if everyone flames. why is that "just my problem"?
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Well. Muting gives mutual benefits if wveryone uses it. But actually muting prevent flame. Thats a fact. Assume i play and trade my lane constantly dieing always to opponent, what prevent me from feeding?nothing. So actually complaining about flamers is silly, since punishing system is working well if u look at board. Instead there is no way to punish trolls or feeders since they are poor players who deserve compassion.
the punishing system is working SO well, that i have 3 to 4 flamers every game. when muted, you can see them stand there and type. and if they get angry, they perform worse. if flamers just didnt get to comment/ping, that would be great.
VipiPoiss (EUNE)
: Actually flamers and afkers are the ones who get banned way too harshly right now. It's the braindead instalockers and intentional trolls who ruin everything and make players toxic. I mean hell, do you expect me to be calm when some idiot spams "mid" in champ select 20 times and instalocks Zed or Yasuo and proceeds to go 3/11? Oh and I dont even need to start with the people who have to pick support and they just go troll, because they refuse to support.
"banned too harshly" i disagree. some people should be permitted from commenting/pinging at all. ive not once been banned in this game. if you manage that, you deserve it. im supporting right now, because of exactly that issue. i was an adc main. but then i get autofilled sups that just refuse to play with you. they pick some carry everytime, ruin your farm. then youre behind and everyone loves flaming the adc. especially on sundays, when the people that are unhappy with their lifes come online and want to let it out on others.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Idk man, i don't see how it matters. Just because they got honoured doesn't mean they can't get punished.
players dont get punished for simple flaming.
: > [{quoted}](name=Raistlin,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=znEKF2kR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-09T22:35:16.169+0000) > > Yes, i have no idea why they restricted us from honoring enemy team. > In battles you help your teammates but you honor your enemies out of respect. > > Honor system should have like 5 RP rewards or so for staying not reported by others each day, it would reduce toxicity and make people invest in being nice. Not just for Respect, i have had enemies that actually gave me tips about what to buy for X champ, that is something that should be honoured....
this wouldnt help. the kids that flame you dont have issues throwing money at riot. thats why theyre not getting banned. what would help is if they can lose lp for flaming. theyll end up in bronze and there they can flame each other all day.
Boop chan (EUW)
: I’m fed up of trolls.
i bet you started flaming them already in champ select^^
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