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: You can refund stuff for free if you refund them in 1 week after purchase. The op is making up bs.
I haven't played league for 2 months, gonna have to change my account pass, frick. This is actually suspect af Edit: Maybe not 2 months, but the last game I played was a Janna urf on 22/2/19 (date), the rest I have no idea about. I don't even play Jax or Kat. Incidentally, he dropped my rank and mmr, so I might have to come back from not playing ranked for years just so I'm not doomed to be iron rank. At least the first few games are gonna be complete stomps, even if they're no fun.
MyukkiS (EUW)
: Unlimited refund token glitch?
Can confirm this is indeed a glitch that has been going on for at least 2 days. Edit: some cheapskate idiot bought my account and thought he could get away with commenting extra bs (see above) despite me not commenting on boards for 2 years. It really do be like that sometimes.
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Turmoil (EUW)
: > My favourite build on him would be: {{item:3042}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3812}} (top lane) 7 items huh? i would like that aswell
I think I forgot about the fact I added boots :S
: Ok. But look at this now. He is supposed to be good against low mobility champions, but he has no CC and is slow himself. That doesn't look like a champion who is good against anything to be honest. His only damage comes from basic attacks and his Q, which, from what you've written, has a small cast time, which means that he must stutter while shooting (something like Rumble E?). This leaves a lot of opportunity for his opponents to react and catch him. Against Darius, this guy has no chance. He is also very prone to kiting, so I imagine Teemo to be a hell match up against him. Also, his kit is definitely not for top lane because it is very terrible for trading. And his ultimate... Well it doesn't help you that much because, if we take some top laners for example (Darius, Garen, Riven, Fiora, Jax), they all do damage and represent a massive power spike. His ult only heals himself... and the enemy. Also, his kit has almost nothing to do with his lore, so yeah. What I suggest for his ultimate is that Dezel makes a pact with the targeted enemy champion making him (Dezel) unable to attack the target, and vice versa, but giving all allied champions (Dezel too) high movement speed boost towards the target. Hitting a target with a taunt would cancel the effect. That would mean that Dezel could rush in fights and neutralize ADC damage (or whoever makes the most damage), and allies could catch up to them and take them out. Also, in lane, this would mean that he could evade most of the trades, or lure the enemy champions under tower where he can use the ult, take no damage, and then taunt the enemy so that the tower can finish them. As for character appearance, what weapon does he use? Because his Q shoots something out, and I don't know what. EDIT: Also, his passive could have a Thornmail like effect, where it would reflect % of ALL damage that is directed at him, until the shield breaks. This would boost his trading power and would compliment his taunt. Also his tanking capabilities would go higher and his overall damage would go up. What it also does is that he would excel at prolonged fights because he has high regeneration, and if the enemies cannot take that shield out fast, they would take a lot of damage. This, however, might be too OP, so his shield should inherit only half of his resistances, so that he doesn't go too wild with his full tank build.
Thanks m8 I'll have to see what I can change about the abilities Maybe change the passive into what you suggested, make his ult the pact with the mobility, change the q to have no cast time and still be able to move while casting it (a bit like a mini twitch + lucian ult) and possibly keep the W and E. EDIT: Maybe have a small slow on his Q that gets stronger over more stacks
: [ Champion Idea ] : Drake - The Dragon of the Rift
This champion used to be in the game. RIP
: You wrote your passive description quite confusing. Is his shield 50% of his HP (split in half) or is it 10% of his HP as you've written in the second part of the passive. As for the rest... He is meant to be a support that looks a bit like Taric, with the shield and the heal. His Q is confusing for a support though. Does it slow? Or does it just damage? He seems to have no CC at all, which is quite bad for a support. And a taunt skillshot sounds a lot like Ahris charm. Also his ult... While you are helping yourself to get a kill on bot lane, you can also save them, or someone else on the map. It's not like Bards ult where he can control who gets hit. Don't know, sounds interesting.
His passive is his max hp (without the 10% bonus, that I removed just now thx) split in half, and he's meant to be countered by mobility (e.g Kassadin would be way better against him than Darius for example). I see him able to be played in top, mid, or support (even though he's AD, we don't have an AD support though). His Q would be very good against immobile champions that can't dodge it easily. He's meant no have very little escape but be able to punish low mobility champions. A very niche pick in lane but it would be very good in teamfights if you can use him well. So you're not forced to play him support but you can (the extra regen on allies will make up for no cc) but I would prefer playing him top against low mobility champions. You could still use the shield on minions so I guess you can use that as an advantage. My favourite build on him would be: {{item:3042}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3812}} (top lane)
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Sdars (EUW)
: Add me in game and we'll talk about it when I see you online.
Alright m8{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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5tryx (EUW)
: League was built to be a moba. But this might pay homage to back when DotA was a Warcraft mod, maybe even a dungeon creator :O
+ I think Riot could make this a new game entirely. Riot will now be "Riot Games" instead of "Riot Game".
: Dungeons in League of Legends
League was built to be a moba. But this might pay homage to back when DotA was a Warcraft mod, maybe even a dungeon creator :O
Grips (EUW)
: nice prank 10/10
Just a social experiment bro
: Free alistar skin
Just reach out to riot support and explain. Or just rely on hextech chests :P
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: What champion were you in the game? Maybe you were playing a champion that is countered by him.
Counters don't do much if you're ahead. I wasn't even in the same lane as Rumble, he was behind me in everything and yet a lvl above. I was Kass in mid lane. But that's only one instance as this happens all the time even in the same lane even when I'm ahead in lane. Counters don't do much if you're ahead and even if I don't counter them they still get higher lvls sometimes.
: was Rumble jungling?
Nah, top. He ain't no rumble in the jungle lcs wannabe
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Wazzabis (EUW)
: Do you know what tilts me the most ?
Nice video ye got there :)
chill22518 (EUNE)
: {{champion:75}}
: one champ will be very, VERY happy...{{champion:45}}
Kass was banned from URF because of his kit so I think someone like veigar would also be banned.
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: Hm, you show as lvl 18 to me. o: This is your first post so I'm assuming your profile just updated itself (requires the user to post once on the boards to trigger auto-update). :)
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