: Perma bans aren't fair? Is destroying the fun for others fair?
how does flame destroy the fun for u ? ucan just mute ppl
: No, it's a punishment ment for those who continued to be toxic beyond those 3 previous warnings. Or in extreme cases those who were so toxic they got instantly permabanned. Perma bans aren't a problem, they don't need a solution.
: Greetings. I'm sorry but that would completely defy the point of a permanent ban. Permanent bans are the final measure Riot takes to remove players from the game, who do not change their behavior enough after multiple warnings. Your suggestion would hardly be a punishment for people. --- Riot has the right to keep your money. You broke the rules, and you risked your account together with all the content that is on there. Imagine going to an amusement park, and just going around, insulting other visitors. The security will throw you out if they notice your misbehavior, and you have no right to get your money back after that.
i have only got 1 ban before the perma ban i think its unfair and dumb i am now banned forever
yakamushi (EUW)
: stop ruining other peoples playing experience. you vote: Bad idea Good idea
i dont ruin the game for anyone
Master Scar (EUNE)
: that wuld just make new players hate the game
: If you are that toxic that you got permabanned, nobody wants you in the game
Infernape (EUW)
: A permanent ban is supposed to be a punishment. Keeping the things you had when you get punished defeats the reason behind the punishment completely.
no cuz u whould have to gain all the xp again
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