Pykue (EUW)
: ***
get a job and buy it yourself you pleb
: The 2019 LEC Spring Finals location revealed
: HearthDigger Yorick.... Yorick is LOVE <3 <3 <3 Nice to see that I am not the only one! (to be honest I started to play this champ because of the donkey from Winney the Pooh :D #truestory) any tips against Nasus or Kennen on top? :/
I don't play Yorick top that often, so not really. If it's blind pick, there's no way of predicting who they lock. if it's draft, just hope for the best they don't lock those. If they do, so sorry for your loss. :')
MadBaron (EUW)
: I'm still trying to get to level 5, but I am enjoying yorick, no one knows how to play against him!
I enjoy playing him jungle most out of everything, and sometimes even mid (depending on who they lock.) I've posted a link to my build guide somewhere in this thread, I highly recommend it :)
MadBaron (EUW)
: I'm so happy this thread is getting so much attention!! Praise to Yorick!!!! Also get the pentakill skin if you can afford it. It's great looking like Slash!!
I have both the Undertaker and Pentakill Yorick skin. I prefer Undertaker to be honest :P (Also, still waiting for Heartseeker Yorick rito pls)
RaptorliNo (EUNE)
: Yorick is coming to life? Ppl started playing him?{{champion:83}} or maybe none is playing him on EUNE
Nope, he's still as (un)dead as ever - I just thoroughly enjoy playing this champ, even though he's off-meta as heck
Alaxir (EUNE)
: If you're really that good with him, it's almost kinda sad that he's getting reworked...
Yep, I'm afraid they'll destroy his old feel, but what I fear most is that he'll become played often and turn into a new meta champion, kinda like Poppy. In the end I'll be able to proudly say I was level 7 before the rework though.
MOON 1v9 (EUW)
: Nice "screenshot" sir :P
you can see my ping so it's me ;) there's also ways to look it up
: my greatest achievement
update: I'm level 7
: How do you build Yorick? I used to play him all the time but I just couldn't win any lane matchups :( :)
: my greatest achievement
probably wrong board but nevermind
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: Dear Riot, regarding the Academy Ahri splashart.
to not make it too weird and just keep it normal, Ahri looks way more like a fox now. So I think the skin is really good.
: Battle of the Freljord
Obviously, if the nexus dies before the leader, rogue rules apply.
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