: Season 6 matchmaking unfair as it can be.
So u say we should play regardles of a rank in rank team for a fun if few goldies? U r out of ur mind mate. These matchups should never happened to begin with. And u get nothing frtom playing such games only frustration and grief. If this is fun for u be my guest.
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: I really don't see your point
Are you one of those premade filthy cheats? MOst probably yes hence u cant see any point at all.
: Read yourself. Tell me again premades are the problem and not you
Put me into a solo que. Problem solved. I guess u r one of those filthy premade that claim they are improving the game. I tell u something no u r not. U r just a premade low life that play with his firends if u can call them that. Now go to bed kid.
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: Strong mentality: Why its important and how it will help you improve
Sorry since season 6 is filled with premade fucks to the brim in solo que and i always play solo no mentality on this planet can take it forever. So no u will not improve unless u have a bunch of goldies to carry you. Last season i was gold this season struggle to get out of silver 3. Last week patch ruined items even more. So fuck that i am out. More power to riot and premade korean computer addicts. As a last word i will say that 98% of those korean addicts end up breaking mentally.
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