: Lol running slow on high-end machines
Having the exact same issues myself using an i5 4690k and a GTX 1080, 16GB of RAM too. Had this problem for months.
: Mine PC were managing to display over 500 fps before capping but this performance is appearantly not enough since once per few games i see significant drop of fluency. Your PC should handle 144hz one handed. I think its something with lol going crazy or your antivirus downloads new databeses. I can see no other explanation since your PC should sustain ~200 fps even in fiercest teamfight.
I've tried disabling my firewalls and antivirus when playing, I've tried lowering the settings and things like that too. Literally no idea why it's having FPS issues. I rarely even hit 50% CPU/Memory usage when the game is running, I'm not even sure if it makes my graphics card fan turn on with how little it needs to run. I guess it could potentially be Windows, but it's only league that has any problems at all so I doubt it. It's frustrating though!
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: Yasuo needs to be changed somehow
The only thing that needs nerfing about Yasuo in my opinion is his ability to build off-tank and still deal out truck loads of damage because he's at 100% crit chance. (I know they've tried to do this with the nerfs to armour pen, but that's not really the issue in my opinion). All they would need to do is give him some sort of Ashe type passive rather than the insane amounts of crit chance from it, give him 100% crit to start with... But make it so that his crit damage scales with crit items, meaning that he would need to build damage rather than tank to deal out masses of damage and if he's forced to build tanky his damage suffers as a result. Just my views on this, other than that his kit is unique and actually fairly balanced - you just have to play defensive and look for an opening to fight him. If he can get to you by dashing through the full wave you're probably out of position to be honest.


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