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Lawetz (EUW)
: From which part of Korea? This comes from the village 멀리 멀리 where I lived for four years and learned Korean. Maybe you have different dialect. Please be respectful.
there's no villiage called as 멀리 멀리,,,, if you translate it it's just 'far far' villiage,,,?
Lawetz (EUW)
: Do you know what they call ARAM in Korea? They call it 랜덤 총 전쟁 which translates to Random Total War. That's what Riot is getting from its player base soon if things don't start going right. Too many changes and too much instability over these past few days.
i'm korean but no, we don't say that, that word right there you said is full of cringe not even 5 y.o korean boy is gonna use it. from where were you so sure about that? google?
Hüret (EUW)
: Pls help Nunu (40% winrate)
maybe also because when people troll they pick nunu and cleanse ghost
: That's a good idea but we already have the R timers (the green circles) and maybe its just me but isn't it better for the team if you just ask the guy with a good skill (blitz/thresh etc.) what his cdr is so you can keep count. And you still have the ping cd if needed. anyways a good idea but don't know if they use it because its good but not something we miss. (still upvoted for you <3)
yeah but my idea was that if you want the information and if the person doesn't ping it for you, you need to actually 'type' and ask how much seconds does the one have. and after ping is the way not to be having to chat, i thought it was gonna be better if you could directly check the cooldowns not waiting or asking by chat. with ultmate as well you eventually need to ask if you want to know the 'seconds' left.
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: You don't have to play ranked? You could just refuse? Also despite the fact, that you don't have the d5 label with a new account, you still are the same player and you are actually hurting match quality more than compared to, if you would just go into flexQ with your main account and let the match making give you opponents that are up to the challenge. I am sure there are a lot of things that a D5 player does better than a bronze player, even if he sucks completely with a particular champion, you know, overall game knowledge, csing, map awareness and so on.... I am not familiar with the limits of flexQ because I don't care about it, but i thought this is exactly what flexQ is for. And if not: again you could just play normals. This whole "smurfing to play with friends" just doesn't make much sense. I myself would not make a new account to play ranked with friends (which is equivalent to boosting them). But then again in principle I am also not interested to play the game competitively with friends that are way below my skill level, if anything I would try to teach them first, but certainly not in ranked. Back to topic though: the leveling up process sucks and it should be removed, but it's also kinda naive of you to make this thread acting like Riot does nothing to fight bots, just because you stumbled on the issue, that has been there all the time.
what's the point then, i did play few normal games with my friends, there still goes silvers and bronzes and golds all the time, so if i play my champ of course i stomp them, but if i play so called first time champ or unfamilir positions,(after i'm mid taliyah otp, and ex-adc player, going top and jg or supp is 100% losing at ranked) i would never say that i stomp them with my skill and more oftenly i lose. so why not having an another account only for practicing my weakest positions? eventually i can make myself better overall, also with my friends, having some goal again, even if it's lower than my current elo. what's wrong with that if my top, jg and supp skills are not on my elo level? and afterall if i get used to other positions, i can actually 'autofill' the game in my main account as well. just like i practiced taliyah with my friend's account when i was suffering as adc main, and at the end i'm taliyah mid main in my main account as well? and actually came back to diamond from plat cuz i gave up on adc at this season cuz of taliyah? what's wrong with having some group fun and group goal with my coworkers?
: they are trying to fight bot and scripters all the time, changing some stuff behind the scenes(things i dont rly understand so...), instead of only banning accounts that will easily be recreated they are trying to fight the source but people always adapt to their changes
i've heard they're doing some extra security program 'demacia' in kor server. just wanna know why are they not doing that stuffs here?
: What is stopping the bot users, that mostly rely on automated stuff, to make new accounts and keep doing it? A few of them will NOT get caught and hit level 30. But those few are enough for the botters to have the results. Whether they sell the accounts or use thm for themselves... I don't know. The game starts at level 30. The majority of the community doesn't care about bots. I don't care either. Imo they can remove the complete leveling up process because it only makes getting into the REAL game harder, it distracts you from the important aspects that matter once you reach level 30. PS: Just to make this clear, there are NO BOTS at level 30 and in ranked. In all those years i played, I didn't see a single bot, not even one, absolutely zero. Maybe ive seen one or two bots when I leveled up, but I couldn't tell the diffrence back then, because I was still overwhelmed by all the stuff that i had to learn. xD If you smurf thats kinda your problem. Doing all the leveling up BS again... why would you even do that?
i just need another account, because i found out that my coworkers plays lol, and they are around bronze ~ silver and they would like to play ranked with me, and i can tell that i'm totally trash when i don't play my main champs, which is really really few ( i'm kinda the otp player) so i thought it would be good if i have another account that i can play some champ that i'd like to learn or position. but i can never play with them (solo or flex ) cuz my elo is not fitting with them. ( i'm d5 and p2 in solo and flex)
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